Sixth Circuit United States Court of Appeals: “there is no fundamental right to vote for local officials”…

Date: September 13, 2016

01) In light of federal appeals decision, do Michiganders have right to vote for local leaders?

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“A federal appeals court has upheld Michigan’s emergency manager law.

The Sixth Circuit United States Court of Appeals says the law does not violate voting rights, and it does not racially discriminate.

The court’s opinion says there is no fundamental right to vote for local officials. It also says the state has a legitimate interest in fixing financially struggling local governments.

In light of Monday’s ruling, where does Michigan go from here?

Wayne State University law professor Peter Hammer will be part of a panel exploring that question tomorrow at a forum put on by the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University.

Hammer joined us today to talk about the ruling.”

This is related to the Flint water crisis, where numerous children and adults were being poisoned…and the state government which had seized oversight of this issue, refused to do anything about it.

dares2speakTV: Descendants of Bigots Rap with Zine Covers Illus…


Date: September 12, 2016

01) DescendantsofBigotsRapwithZineCoversIllus

“Published on Mar 11, 2015

This is a spoken word rap that was spoken in public at numerous “poetry readings” over quite a few years in the 1990s. This movie includes art by myself, from various issues of a self-published zine I did back then, also.”

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Speaking from the other side of the fence…


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Date: September 12, 2016

01) Fuming mad about a public act of indecency!!

I have to tell you…if watching two men making out gets you this riled up, you obviously don’t have to many real problems going on in your world…Because your response is utterly silly…It is immaturity.

Oh…I agree, that people should do their sexual activities in appropriate places…But does this honestly rise to the level, of where you’ve elevated all of this in your own thoughts?

You’re telling us more about your own narrow tolerance, than anything else.

…And you’re just tormenting yourself, by not letting go of that.

Those of you who are [at least presumably] heterosexual…so few of you even realize, how the world bends over backwards to cater to you…And you just take it for granted, that this is the way the world is…or worse…this is the way the world is supposed to be.

…Meanwhile, you live lives oblivious…to what this social behavior does to other people…and the myriad of negative ways, that it comes out on society.

Thinking back across my own life…I’ve literally never had the chance to openly express my own sexuality…except in text, or recordings, online…maybe the rare participation in research studies…I’ve never been allowed to openly embrace my sexuality, out in public…nor to be seen as good, for it…or as belonging…

…So few people seem to comprehend, what this does to a person on a fundamental level…and the many ways that it alienates them from society.

But…since you’re presumably not like me in this way…you lack the insight and empathy…You don’t know what this existence is like.

A lot of us “perverts” have had to live a life…drowning in sexual exposure…so much, that you can’t really even get away from it…But it’s the politically correct sexuality…and not ours…never ours.

…Heterosexuality is overbearing…while we cannot even be allowed to simply be.

I’m not offended by heterosexuality…nor base homosexuality…

…But they have come to represent in my mind, more of a mockery towards what people like myself have been denied…the ability to just exist…to know ourselves…to embrace ourselves, fully…to find personal peace, as a sexual human being…to love another human being.

…fundamental things, which are necessary for most people to experience…at least once in life.

As consequence…I don’t want it shoved in my face, at every step through life’s journey…Nor do I want heterosexuals [and homosexuals] who cant figure out I’m a pedophile, trying to pick me up and take me home for sex…All of which has happened to me, more than once…

It’s like people of the politically correct sexuality, believe they have a right to your body…to your sexual attention, and excitement…

…And they find it unthinkable…that they are being the aggressors…

…Aggression…always the aggressors…

…”Don’t you dare show us you’re a pedophile, pedophile!”…

…”What do you mean you don’t want me?!”…

…”Why aren’t you married, and making babies by now?”…

…By this point in my life…I think I should just about get an honorary masters degree, in being subjected to sexual aggression…

…It’s what makes me so empathetic, towards others…especially as relates to their sexuality…

I know how badly this overbearing sucks…and how damaging it is…

…I don’t want any part of it.


Zach Sweers: The most bizarre predator I’ve seen…


Date: September 11, 2016

01) The most bizarre predator I’ve seen

“This video retrospects a guy I talked with online who is now in prison, in part for trying to have sex with who he thought to be an underage girl. The police found more on him though…”

A grocery list of things a MAP should not be doing online…Plus, Zach shares with us a bit of his own psychology…as someone who’s been feeding off of this kind of thing, for a handful of years now.

…I’ve been watching these sorts for some time…many years…It’s led me to the conclusion, that while many are sincere in their moral outrage…one thing they cannot seem to hide, is their internal “thrill of the hunt”…their relishing, of being able to do this to another human being…and love for exercising this level of control and devastation, over another human being.

Having personally been approached by a handful of these sorts of people [over the past two decades]…my experience is that they tend to have a very deep seeded malice…and get off on the dehumanization of MAPs…They get off, on being able to hurt, torment and destroy other people…while telling themselves it’s okay to do this to “the right type of people”.

There is no practical reason why Zach had to make and upload this video…as the guy in question has a very strong chance of dying in prison…

…It just comes off like a gratuitous show of power, against someone who is incapable of responding to Zach…or suing him.

…And, no…I am not defending the actions of the guy in this video…What he did was reckless and stupid…It only serves to deal a black eye, to MAPs in general…And if he was playing a bunch of other teens…then good riddance to him…That is no way to pursue those kinds of relations.

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Album: Live for Love…


Date: September 09, 2016

Live for Love [24:07]

01) Hazy Shade of Winter [spanish guitar]

02) Andys Song [strings]

03) Beth

04) Cheers [acoustic guitar]

05) Concealer

06) Babe [Brass]

07) Athair (acoustic guitar)

Album twelve…and a pretty good collection.

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