Pedophiles inside Everyone (Full Documentary 2016)…


Date: September 08, 2016

01) Pedophiles inside Everyone (Full Documentary 2016)

I’m not so sure I buy into all of this…But it’s interesting, and has much good, compelling information.

…I don’t see why they had to place a serial rape story in the middle of all of this…

…Yes, children sometimes get raped in this world…but that is not the hallmark of being a pedophile…Are we going to get any nice, fun and positive accounts to counterbalance this?

…Apparently not…and that inflicts a distorting presence, on this documentary…It’s as if they put it in there, because they felt obligated to have the rape horror stories…It’s how the pedophile documentary model exists.

…We need to do something, to change that.

…There is also a lot of use, of terminologies which carry a very negative connotation…Again, this is a practice which creates distortion.


Hillary Clinton…


Date: September 07, 2016

01) Paul Krugman’s Latest Clinton Defense Reaches New Low

02) Julian Assange: ‘We Have Released Thousands of Cables Where Clinton Herself Has Used a ‘C’ in Brackets’

Why is this woman still considered to be a viable candidate, for U.S. president?

We need massive house cleaning in U.S. politics…And Hillary is a prime example, of what needs to be expunged.

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“HANDS OFF MY CULTURE!” – The Myth of Cultural Appropriation…

Date: September 05, 2016

01) “HANDS OFF MY CULTURE!” – The Myth of Cultural Appropriation

“Long story short, I think what people need to keep in mind is that offence is taken, not given. Just because you might be offended by something, it doesn’t mean it’s inherently offensive to everyone. Segregating cultures will never lead to more unity in society, which is what we really need right now.”

I’m astonished that anybody takes the concept of cultural appropriation serious…It’s like an outlandish joke, which the people making the most noise about, are inexplicably not in on.

YouTube Responds To Backlash After Crackdown On Controversial Content…

Date: September 04, 2016

01) YouTube Responds To Backlash After Crackdown On Controversial Content

“Youtube has denied they changed their policy on advertising after the Youtuber Philip De Franco claimed the website was “censoring” Youtubers by not permitting adverts on certain content they deemed inappropriate…”

I’m just finding the noise of this latest YouTube controversy concerning, that’s all.

Despite what was done to my most active YouTube channel [2008]…I don’t wish for YouTube to do anything, that would cause it to crash and burn…I still use the website way too much, to ever want to see it go away.