Mauro Gravina: Cuore Di Mamma [Mother’s Heart] (1969)…

Date: April 04, 2020

01) Mother’s Heart

“Lorenza has three young children who are victims of a media who wishes to turn out terrorists. She contends with her monstrous offspring and student revolts until she can’t take it anymore.

Lorenza, divorced from her rich husband, has three restless children. She lives listlessly and ends up in a strange relationship with her sister-in-law. In the meantime her 10-year-old eldest son, Massimo somewhat disturbed, kills the youngest son, tortures the housekeeper and eventually kills his little sister. Meanwhile she has joined a revolutionary group of objectors, who by means of violence want to rouse the proletariat from its lethargy. Her son now tries to frame his mother for the death of his brother and sister. But this time the mother reacts, causing her son’s death. At this point she starts to prepare explosives for her cause and with satisfaction blows up the factory of her bourgeois ex-husband.”

Am I the only BoyLover who finds Mauro Gravina to have been, a lovely of boy [when he was one, of course]?

Interesting movie…from what I can make of it, it’s a dark comedy drama…with content you certainly wont see in any western movies.

Jim Shooter: From Comics Superstar to Outcast…


Date: April 04, 2020

01) Jim Shooter: From Comics Superstar to Outcast

“Jim Shooter has accomplished more than most in the world of comic books. But he’s also had failure at Marvel Comics, Valiant Comics, Defiant Comics and Broadway Comics. This video tracks not only Jim Shooter’s career by tries to look at his writing and editing techniques and his personality to try to understand how he has had an equal number of successes and failures.”


Top 13 Tents – How to Choose a Tent & Tent Reviews…


Date: April 03, 2020

01) Top 13 Tents – How to Choose a Tent & Tent Reviews

“Check out our 13 tent review and let us show you how to choose a tent. This tent review video will review backpacking tent, camping tent, family tent, fishing tent, lightweight tents, affordable tents and more.”

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Trump Exploiting Coronavirus, Amazon Greed & the Next Stimulus Bill – The Common Good w Robert Reich…

Date: April 03, 2020

01) Trump Exploiting Coronavirus, Amazon Greed & the Next Stimulus Bill – The Common Good w Robert Reich

“In this episode of The Common Good, Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich discusses how Trump is leveraging the coronavirus crisis to favor his friends, boast about himself, and boost his re-election chances; how Amazon represents the worst of our harsh hyper-capitalist system; and the provisions that must be included in the next stimulus (survival) bill.

Please call the Congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and urge your members of Congress to ensure the next relief package provides $2,000 a month to every American for the duration of this crisis, and fully covers coronavirus testing and treatment with no out-of-pocket costs. They’re working on a new bill as we speak, so call now.

Lives are on the line. Let’s make sure we get this right.

Inequality Media Civic Action with Robert Reich is a digital media organization aimed at debunking right-wing lies, educating the public about inequality and imbalance of power, and breaking down solutions to the economic and structural issues plaguing our country. We provide a platform for you to learn, share your ideas, and, hopefully, mobilize your communities to make change for the common good.”

Fox Host Struggles When Her Prompter Fails…

Date: April 02, 2020

01) Fox Host Struggles When Her Prompter Fails

“Fox Host Jeanine Pirro is flailing without a prompter in this new work from home reality.

Moments after clips of the opening of Jeanine Pirro’s regular Saturday night show on Fox News were posted online, Twitter commenters were speculating that the former prosecutor may have been drinking, likely due to her demeanor and slightly disheveled look.

After her “Justice with Judge Jeanine” show was delayed due to “technical difficulties” for 15 minutes, the host appeared and apologized for the delay before she began to discuss Donald Trump’s plan to take the U.S. out of quarantine by Easter, telling viewers, “Just the other … day the president talked, or was hoping, about the possibility of reopening everything on Easter Sunday, uh, in a way where we could kind of come out of this quarantine, as loose as it may be, that we’re involved in.


Senate Trading Scandal Gets EVEN WORSE…

Date: April 02, 2020

01) Senate Trading Scandal Gets EVEN WORSE

“Your politicians are getting rich by screwing you over!

U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s most recent financial disclosures show that millions of dollars in stocks were sold on her behalf at the same time Congress was dealing with the impact of the coronavirus.