He Is Jewish, But Being Santa Is His Calling…


Date: December 08, 2018

01) He Is Jewish, But Being Santa Is His Calling

“Rick Rosenthal has been a year-round Santa for nearly seven years — maybe no surprise given his jolly demeanor and bushy white beard. What sets this Santa apart is something entirely different: his Orthodox Jewish faith.

Rosenthal has traveled the world for Santa events and has participated in television commercials, parades, trade shows, tree lightings and parties. He even runs a school for aspiring Santas. In a recent interview with StoryCorps, he sits down with his old friend and mentee Adam Roseman to talk about how he discovered his unexpected calling.

“Being Santa really does make you a better person because he talks to children, gives them respect; he looks them in the eyes and listens,” Rosenthal says. “And he treats them all the same, whether they are 4 or 94.”

“We don’t live in a black and white world,” Rosenthal says. “The world is filled full of beautiful colors. Unfortunately, there are some people who are black and white. As Santa, you have to love people, and you just have to do whatever you can to make their lives better so that they can see the colors of the world.”


Shoe0nHead: The Tumblr Pedo Invasion…


Date: December 08, 2018

01) The Tumblr Pedo Invasion

“~these kiddy diddlers are very anti-diddling kids~”

I’m sure I could say something about the video…but, I don’t desire watching it again…and frankly, it’s ill informed…and falls back on cliché talking points…strawmen, and such…

I am just so damn tired…of these people…often really young people, who deem themselves instant authority figures upon arrival, and commence to vomiting out bile and slander…

…These people are not about constructive dialogue…In fact, their mode of behavior, is parasitic and poisonous in nature…

…They are an excellent example, of exactly what is wrong with this world…and in many ways, I hate the internet for giving rise to this style of abusive, narcissistic human being…

…people who use the internet to cut others down…as opposed to using their talents for the constructive and the positive.

It’s easy and cheap to do what Shoe0nHead has done here…and it’s also disgraceful, and indefensible.

Leave your own comments about the video, if you care to…

…I’m more intrigued at the spill over in the comments section, where MAPs have somehow been accused of trespassing against a community of kids on YouTube…who refer to their online hobby as MAPs…

We don’t allow outsiders to represent us…because they come up with the most zany things, completely out of left field…Stuff you’ve never even heard of…yet, somehow…it’s still “our fault”…

I believe…this same person has been popping up in threads on Twitter, expressing the same message…threads that were started by people, who are losing their minds over their discovery of the MAP acronym.

02) Multi Animator Projects: Multi Animator Projects

“MAPs have seen a rise in popularity starting from 2012, before then MAPs were very scarce and instead their popularity was replaced with that of MEPs (Multi Editor Projects). MEPs, like MAPs are a joint collaborative effort to create one final video, however instead of using animation created by the individual it feature’s footage from TV shows, anime and sometimes even still images seen in comics or manga. MAPs slowly began to start popping up around 2010 but despite being made with animations they were still referred to as MEPs. The first true MAP was hosted by animator, LadyTeelia. She was the first person to coin the term “MAP” as the animation MEPs were made by animators, not editors; the name caught on quickly and has been used ever since.”

“Minor Attracted Person” was being used well prior to 2010…We were having these discussions with mental health professionals [and amongst ourselves], in 2007/2008…

The term “MAP” has been recognized by mental health professionals, and in various forms of media.

It’s existed [and has been in use] for at least a decade…though, it’s history can be traced back possibly to as much as twenty years ago. The term was used by one of the foundational members of B4U-ACT [Michael Melsheimer], several years before the formation of B4U-ACT.

My point being…Minor Attracted Person [MAP] is a very well established term, with a long, long history in our community.

…Just because you are unaware of this acronym, and it’s historic usage by our community…does not mean that we decided to descend upon the MAP Animator community, and “steal” the acronym of their online hobby.

…Frankly…that’s just ludicrous…

…And yet, I notice there are people there in the comments section, completely willing to spin such a ridiculous story…out of absolutely nothing.

I vaguely recall MEPs on YouTube…though I had no idea they’d evolved into MAPs…

…Speaking of which…it may shock some of these individuals, that some of us MAPs were actually on YouTube well before 2010, using the acronym MAP…

Reality is…we almost certainly were the first ones on YouTube, using the MAP acronym…

The biggest problem we face on YouTube is censorship…Which has no doubt played a role, in why you’re oblivious to the existence of our community…or it’s history on various platforms, including YouTube.

“Minor Attracted Person” is a very old term, in our community…

…It truly is amazing, watching total strangers try to construct the argument…that we “are stealing an established acronym away from kids”…when it is overwhelmingly likely, that none of us have even heard of the MAP Animators.

Multi Animator Projects:


‘Nick’ unmasked: Man whose ‘fake’ claims of VIP abuse sparked £2.5m police probe is named and pictured for the first time…

About This Series

Date: December 07, 2018

01) ‘Nick’ unmasked: Man whose ‘fake’ claims of VIP abuse sparked £2.5m police probe is named and pictured for the first time

Thanks to feinmann0!

“‘Nick’ unmasked: man whose ‘fake’ claims of VIP abuse sparked £2.5m police probe is named and pictured for the first time. For four years the press has been barred from disclosing real name of Carl Beech, but his identity was revealed yesterday after a judge lifted the reporting restriction. His allegations sparked the the £2.5million Westminster VIP paedophile probe.

He had previously accused former Conservative prime minister Edward Heath, Tory ex-home secretary Leon Brittan and the former head of the armed forces, Field Marshal Lord Bramall, of being part of a VIP child sex ring.

He also claimed some of the men, including ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor, were involved in the murders of three boys. Since 2014, when he first went public with his allegations of VIP child sex abuse and murder, he had only been known by the pseudonym ‘Nick’.”

Not only should Beech be facing trial, but the Crown Prosecution Service and the law enforcement agencies upholding the credibility and truth of Beech’s story, should be too.

This is what Lord Bramall and his wife were subjected to as part of Operation Midland back in 2015 … thanks to Beech:

It will be interesting to see what happens with Carl…He needs to face severe consequences for these heinous actions.

I’ve been a critic of these accusations, since shortly after they surfaced…They never struck me as credible…

…A good rule of thumb…if the assertions are extreme, hyperbolic and improbable…then they require scrutiny, most of all.

…Good Gwad…all the people who were jumping onto this bandwagon, willy nilly…because they had a pre-existing notion that “satanic pedophile sex cults prominently exist”…It was insane, the stuff I was trudging through on Twitter…

…Some of the bozos who were targeting this very blog, were deep into this conspiracy theory…and talking about it, as though they had first hand knowledge…and knew it to be established fact…

…These were people looking for anything, to “validate” their existing beliefs…

…And many of them are so badly off their rocker…that attempting to infuse a bit of level headed common sense into the dialogue, would get you targeted and branded as “part of the satanic pedophile ring”…or some similar idiotic nonsense…

So…here we are…years later…the “witnesses” have been exposed as complete frauds [at no surprise to those of us, who’ve seen similar cases rise and collapse over the decades]…It’s all crumbled down to a bunch of idiots…a few who maliciously lie and smear…and a bunch of idiots who cannot competently vet out an [in my opinion] obviously ludicrous story of fiction…and a whole slew of idiots, who spread and talk about these lies and failures of “the justice system”, as if some actual “satanic pedophile sex cult” was being uncovered and revealed…dragging innocent people through the mud, all along the way…

…To these idiots I say…take a bow…

…You’ve just performed the very exact reasons, why I stay [and tell people to stay] reserved, where it comes to making any conclusions about these sorts of public accusations [and resulting investigations]…

People like Carl, who maliciously lie their asses off for any number of reasons [including financial gain], are a far, far more common occurrence in these cases, than most people even understand.

I never bring this fact up to get in digs at CSA victims…It’s cold, hard reality…of which I demand to see curtailed…Which is why I stand up in opposition to it.

I wonder how many of the people pushing this false scandal, are still holding onto the notion that it is real?…

Speaking as someone who has taken the harder, critical stance on this…I can tell you, that I’m not right about everything…but generally, when my gut instinct kicks in, I’m pretty accurate in judging these things…

Blind faith in the claims of nameless, faceless accusers with fantastical claims, will never replace being informed, having common sense…and having a strong intuition.

This case stunk of incredulity, right from the start…

…What I find alarming…is how this escaped so many people…And how those people so quickly flowed right into the story, without any critical resistance.


Atheist Christmas Coloring Book…


Date: December 07, 2018

01) Atheist Christmas Coloring Book

“The Atheist Christmas Coloring Book is a creative way for children of all ages to learn about the rational roots of Christmas in pictures and rhyme.

A secular Christmas coloring book for atheists, humanists, agnostics, and even grumpy Scrooge.

Whimsical art and insightful poetry allow families to understand the origins of Christmas, and see that many legends went in to creating it. Old traditions and new provide unlimited opportunities for freethinkers to enjoy the season.

Solstice, Yule, Saturnalia, Hanukkah, and other traditions were blended centuries ago to form Christmas, and embellished with fairy tales and fables into the rich secular modern celebration we have today.”

You can click on either of two links on this webpage…one leads to an amazon sales page…the other to a free PDF version…which you can download and print out.

This is really cool.


Pat Califia: The aftermath of the great kiddy-porn panic of ’77…


Date: December 06, 2018

01) The aftermath of the great kiddy-porn panic of ’77

“How would you feel if you could be sentenced to spend twenty years in prison for owning a nude photograph of your lover and another twenty years for actually having sex with her or him? If your partner is a minor, you could easily receive such a sentence under new kiddy-porn laws and old age-of-consent legislation. It is a federal offense to produce, own, or distribute sexually explicit material if the subject is sixteen or younger. Thirty-five states enacted similar legislation in 1977 and 1978. The penalties for “statutory rape” (sex between a legal adult and a minor) are grim. Convicted pedophiles may do more time for having sex with minors than they would for manslaughter. Once incarcerated, they have a difficult time securing probation or parole, and other prisoners harass, beat, and even kill inmates who are known to be “child molesters.”

The kiddy-porn laws were passed during a flurry of public outrage over violent child abuse and the sexual exploitation of children, but they have done nothing to diminish the brutal treatment of young people. Children and teenagers are still being sexually abused, beaten, and sometimes put to death by their adult custodians. Young people are still the property of their parents (or, if the parents are not appropriately conservative, the state). They are the poorest group in our society. A minor who attempts to become self-supporting faces discrimination in jobs, housing, and every other area of her or his life. Minors have no control over their educations, their places of residence, or their religious beliefs. They are routinely denied the full protection of the Bill of Rights and thus are subject to searches, curfews, and other indignities that would be illegal if applied to any other group. The laws that make it illegal for minors to work in the sex industry or have adult lovers also make it unlikely that a young woman or man will be able to escape from an abusive family. So, under the guise of protecting children, the great kiddy-porn panic has intensified their oppression.

These laws are being used against segments of our society which are far more vulnerable than the porn business. For instance, artists often do not have the resources or the experience to successfully defend themselves against vice charges, and they may have suspect politics or unconventional lifestyles, making them ideal targets for censorship and harassment. Photographer Jacqueline Livingston’s 1980 Village Voice interview was illustrated with erotic photographs she had taken of her son, Sam. These illustrations prompted the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children to insist on a meeting with staff members of the Voice to discuss “kiddy porn” in their newspaper. Livingston was accused of child abuse, investigated by the Tompkins County Department of Social Services, and only narrowly missed losing custody of her son.”

Go read this…

I would repost the entire article here…but, I’m uncertain if it’s been published under the Creative Commons license, or not.

I know a lot of stuff that ends up on wikis is published under Creative Commons [kind of like Public Domain, but not exactly]…yet I see no attached designation.


An Honest Look At George H.W. Bush…

Date: December 06, 2018

01) An Honest Look At George H.W. Bush



They should just dump him into a deep hole…and build an outhouse on top of it…

…I think that’s the most fitting destination, for Herbert Walker Bush.

The Flushed Poo Award

Feminists Are Offending Themselves Over The Word “Womxn”…

Date: December 05, 2018

01) Feminists Are Offending Themselves Over The Word “Womxn”

“Feminists Are Offending Themselves Over The Word “Womxn.” Various groups have decided that the word is more inclusive and should be adopted yet many people within Feminism feel that ‘woman’ is sufficient to include all women anyway and its resulting in an untenable backlash.

H&M was criticized and a museum apologized over using the word but now people are claiming it isn’t offensive so what do you do?

If you try to support social justice eventually you’ll be criticized for being problematic and “womxn” shows us that no matter what you do there is no appeasing the social justice crowd because there are no rules.”