Performative Rage Over Pedophilia Doesn’t Protect Kids…


Date: October 18, 2020

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“For decades, I’ve worked with people in poverty, those who experience abuse and neglect, and those who perpetrate abuse. My goal has always been to help reduce future abuse and violence. Like many, I’ve experienced anger and rage at those who use sexuality to harm others. But I’ve come to learn that these feelings, while understandable, don’t help to prevent more abuse. In fact, they may make it worse.

Suddenly, it seems like we are at war with people who want to “normalize” sex with children, and social media is filled with cries for murder, execution, and cancellation of anyone associated.

Most children who experience sexual abuse are abused by people they know. Over 90% of sexual assaults against children, are committed by relatives, siblings, parents, teachers, pastors, ministers, or neighbors.

Less than half (around 40%) of sexual assaults against children are committed by pedophiles.

Pedophilia…is not, in and of itself alone, a highly significant risk factor for sexual abuse of children. I know this seems hard to believe, but research demonstrates that it is antisocial personality traits, low empathy for the victim, disinhibiting drugs and alcohol, and isolation which lead to sexual abuse of children.

Many people with pedophilic disorder never sexually abuse children.

Pedophiles appear to be born, not made, and have distinct neurological differences which correlate with these disturbed sexual desires. But when pedophiles have empathy, have an awareness of the need to follow social rules, and are sober, these people appear to have no clear risk for sexually abusive behavior.”

He seems to confuse pedophilia with pedophilic disorder, and paints the mere status of being a pedophile as “disordered”…Which, personally having lived half a century this way…I’m just going to come right out and say it…

…That is grossly wrong.

As a pedophile, I am not disordered!

I do appreciate his further comments on the immigration children, held up and sexually abused in “our” political and legal system…and how so few of the outraged and angry, ever say anything about those kids.