dares2speakTV: a GSDL Historical Journey 2014…

Date: August 26, 2016

01) aGSDLHistoricalJourney2014

“Published on Feb 22, 2015

This approximately 3-minute video goes quickly over a history of organized tries to challenge domestic warfare meted upon a socially-misrepresented scapegoat. Know this: Right down to the “legal terms” used, our side of the truth is kept obfuscated and mystified! You are being manipulated to make war upon YOUR OWN best interests, just as several institutional analysts, including Noam Chomsky, John Stockwell, and other principled whistle-blowers expose. Persons whose hearts move them in the direction of SOLIDARITY with young people are having their side of the truth systematically mis-represented! Know the pattern or be tooled!”

Principle, Pragmatism, and Cults ? An Essay…

Date: August 21, 2016

01) Principle, Pragmatism, and Cults ? An Essay

“I [uzalu] wrote this essay on a whim, and the focus changed several times as I was writing it. I think I said a lot of things I wanted to say about ‘modern cults’, but could probably structure it all better. Consider this my first draft of the theory which incorporates all of these concepts.”

Antipedophobe Aktion: First they came for…

Date: August 22, 2016

01) First they came for…

“Studies mentioned in the video:




Since the word “illegal” is used in this video to refer to undocumented immigrants here is an explanation why the term should be avoided: http://civilliberty.about.com/od/immigrantsrights/qt/illegal_undoc.htm


Date: August 18, 2016

I chose to bring this here [like many other issues, which are not explicitly my own], because it’s something going on in the world which is part of the human condition…as is the social conflict surrounding it.

Being someone who has lived a life being demonized for my pedophilia and homosexuality…I often do find other social conflicts involving demonized minorities to be of interest…I’m interested in what we can learn, and what we can take away from it…and how society can become better, more decent and humane.

While I think that transgenderism has the potential for ill if it’s appropriated by the attention seeking sorts…I don’t really have a whole lot of answers about this issue, which is why I’m observing and largely staying quiet about it.

From a historical perspective…many people have already traveled this path, when acceptance of it was not the social trend. The transition can be extremely radical…and that is not something done on a lark. I think it would be preposterous, for anyone to think there is nothing to this.

True…given people’s relatively easy access to resources these days, and that people follow trends…it may cheapen the experience, or render it more shallow, in many cases…when people proclaim themselves to be transgendered…After all, this has become a popular issue…and people go through exploratory phases in their lives…and now that anybody is free to explore this possibility…well…

Consider this…

…We know that the default biological state of the human body is female…It has to be exposed to certain hormones, in order to alter this and make a male body…So, transition from one sex to the other, is already a natural hallmark of the human species, right from our biological start.

A mothers body is inconsistent at providing these hormones, from one pregnancy to the next…and the more pregnancies she has, the less ability her body has to produce an offspring which is chemically a clear “male” or “female”….It may trigger certain physical changes…but it fails to produce a “complete transition” [for lack of a better term], in other regards.

We are all some balance of male and female hormones…It has been generally understood for decades, that the balance between these hormones varies widely amongst human beings.

Is it strange watching people do the “gender bender” thing?…Maybe, for some…

…But I think it is dead wrong, to look at this through a dogmatic lens.

What We Don’t Know About Europe’s Muslim Kids and Why We Should Care [Deeyah Khan]…


Date: August 15, 2016

01) What We Don’t Know About Europe’s Muslim Kids and Why We Should Care [Deeyah Khan]

“Aged 17, Deeyah fled from Norway confused, lost and torn between cultures. Unlike some young Muslims she picked up a camera instead of a gun. She now uses her camera (and her superpower) to shed light on the clash of cultures between Muslim parents who prioritise honour and their children’s desire for freedom. She argues that we need to understand what is happening to fight the pull to extremism.”


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