5 Amazing TINY HOUSE Projects…


Date: March 16, 2018

01) 5 Amazing TINY HOUSE Projects

“Five great tiny/modular/folding/off grid/affordable/movable housing solutions. For more information follow the links below.

0:07 Hex House –

3:15 Ten Fold Engineering –

4:55 Ecocapsule –

6:53 NOMAD Micro Homes –

9:43 MADI Home –


Why Are Dead People Trolling Bernie Sanders On Twitter?…

Date: March 16, 2018

01) Why Are Dead People Trolling Bernie Sanders On Twitter?

“When Russians at the Internet Research Agency interfered in U.S. politics, they created false online personas and fake political groups to amplify divisive messages that already had a homegrown American audience. It’s not too far from what some U.S. political consultants are doing themselves.

Take Sally Albright, a Democratic Party communications consultant who backed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Unsurprisingly, Albright is vocally opposed to President Donald Trump and a big supporter of the resistance to his administration. She is also one of the loudest, most divisive voices attacking Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Clinton’s onetime Democratic primary opponent, and his left-wing supporters.

Well after the primary, Albright continues to claim that Sanders is a fraud, a liar, racist and corrupt, among many other things. In one instance she declared that the policy idea of free college, as promoted by Sanders, was racist. This provoked Sanders supporters to argue back


Primary school head teacher sacked for failing to disclose friendship with paedophile…


Date: March 15, 2018

01) Primary school head teacher sacked for failing to disclose friendship with paedophile

Thanks to feinmann0 for this find.

“A head teacher at a British primary school has been sacked after she failed to disclose her friendship with a convicted paedophile.

Ms Reilly was suspended and later sacked when the local authority found about the pair’s undisclosed friendship.

Her claims of unfair dismissal and sex discrimination were rejected, and the Supreme Court have now dismissed her final appeal against that verdict.

The disciplinary panel that sacked Ms Reilly was particularly concerned by her refusal to accept that her relationship may have posed a risk to pupils, the Supreme Court was told.”

This is appalling!

This is manifesting like a holocaust more and more, with each passing…day?…

Now they deprive you of gainful employment, because you associate with a known “pedophile”?

…..TAP-Net Website | Sub-Blog Archive

Everything from Nothing…


Date: March 15, 2018

01) Everything from Nothing

“Here is a link to the whole playlist. goo.gl/nSZC85

I still keep seeing the same old already-refuted claims all over social media. What’s it take to make these arguments die? I’m tired of repeating myself. So I’m making a series of short videos dealing with the PRATTs that we always see repeated every week from every creationist out there.”

PRATT list:

Atheist_Media_SB_ArchiveAtheist Media Links

Bernie Sanders Blasts the DCCC’s “Appalling” Attack on Progressives…

Date: March 15, 2018

01) Bernie Sanders Blasts the DCCC’s “Appalling” Attack on Progressives

“The DCCC has demanded that progressives abstain from attacking their primary opponents; but hypocritically enough, they’ve been attacking progressives they don’t like. Lately, their attacks on one candidate—Laura Moser—have become so brazen, this prompted grassroots organizations to call on them to stop, and lead to a public denouncement from Bernie Sanders, who called their attacks “appalling.”

DCCC Demands Unity:

The Democratic Party Now Publicly Attacking Progressives:

Candidate Asks Why DCCC is Attacking Her:

How the DCCC is Trying to Stop Momentum for Single-Payer:

DCCC Advises Candidates Not to Discuss Gun Control:

Grassroots Activists Petition the DCCC to Stop Attacking Progressives:

Bernie Sanders Calls Out the DCC: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/…

Clueless Betsy DeVos Can’t Answer Basic Questions About Her OWN Policies…

Date: March 15, 2018

01) Clueless Betsy DeVos Can’t Answer Basic Questions About Her OWN Policies

“In a recent interview, billionaire Bet$y put her cluelessness on full display, when she couldn’t answer basic questions about the policies she’s enacted as Education Secretary. She also attempted to argue that cutting funding for underperforming schools will encourage them to do better, even though this isn’t working currently in her own home state. In this segment we’ll discuss the cringeworthy interview where she embarrassed herself.”

This is what happens, when wealthy people are allowed to buy government positions…and implement their personal religious belief agendas.

Betsy is a shill of the religious right…She is there to serve the religious right, and force their agenda down everybody else’s throat.

This is not what government “of the people” is supposed to be.

Cory Booker Defends Criticism Against Betsy DeVos [2017]:

Pornhüb Bans Convincing ‘Deepfake’ AI Videos…

Date: March 15, 2018

01) Pornhüb Bans Convincing ‘Deepfake’ AI Videos

“Technology, since it has been around, has been a double-edged sword, and as technology becomes more advanced, so does its potential for use, and abuse. And the abuse shows up in numerous, nefarious ways, deepfake videos being only the latest trend to hit the world.

For those who don’t know, the world hit by deepfake videos (or just deepfakes) is the often-sleazy one of pornography. Using artificial intelligence or machine-learning technology, the face of an adult performer is replaced with the face of another person, who could be a celebrity (as is usually the case) or an acquaintance or an ex. The video so produced, with a face that doesn’t actually belong on the body below it but still looks convincingly real, is called deepfake…


The question of this interfering with job and career opportunities, is an issue of bigotry.

Perhaps it is time to pass legislation, legally protecting sex workers from this type of discrimination?

…Oh…wait…we still have to repeal draconian laws, which torment and oppress sex workers in most places…we are still stuck in the dark ages, with regards to this…

This too shall pass, I think.

The numbers of educated, informed and open minded [who have no personal issue with this sort of thing], are growing towards that tipping point.

So many who have carried that torch of bigotry, are old and dying off…They can’t hold power over society forever.

A new day is coming.

The masturbation point is relevant here, yes. In your minds eye, you can envision anything you like…but what happens when your minds eye becomes sharable?

I also had a similar thought, about what happens when this sort of thing becomes common place…and it “loses it’s teeth”, so to speak…Will anyone even care, anymore?

Economic Update: Winds of Economic Change…

Date: March 15, 2018

01) Economic Update: Winds of Economic Change

“Economic Update: Winds of Economic Change [S7 E10]
THIS WEEK’S TOPICS (w/timestamps):
00:59 – Updates on the West Virginia teachers strike;
04:17 – Trump’s detrimental tariffs;
11:21 – how and why Germany is exploring free public transportation;
15:52 – announcements;
18:26 – the UK living standards crash from 2005 to 2015;
26:50 – wealthy universities in the U.S. continue to get richer and how debtor’s prison is making a comeback in the U.S.
28:48 – SPECIAL GUEST: Interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad as they discuss the breakdown of the traditional family, its causes and its consequences.”

Sanders & Warren Call Out Democrats that Voted to Deregulate Wall Street…

Date: March 14, 2018

01) Sanders & Warren Call Out Democrats that Voted to Deregulate Wall Street

“After 16 Democrats and one Democrat-leaning independent went along with Senate Republicans to proceed on a bill that aims to deregulate Wall Street, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren finally took the gloves off and called them out publicly.