What Does It Mean to Die?…


Date: March 15, 2018

01) What Does It Mean to Die?

“In 1992, Shewmon was asked to consult on the case of a fourteen-year-old boy who, after falling off the hood of a moving car, had been declared brain-dead. The boy’s family was religious and insisted that he remain on a ventilator. His physicians, certain that his heart would soon fail, acceded to his parents’ request. He survived for sixty-three days and began puberty. “This case flew in the face of everything I had been taught regarding the universality and imminence of somatic demise in brain death,” Shewmon later wrote. “It forced me to rethink the whole thing.”

Shewmon began researching similar cases, and found a hundred and seventy-five people, many of whom were children or teen-agers, who lived for months or years after they were legally dead. The longest survivor was a boy who had been declared dead after contracting meningitis, when he was four. His heart beat for twenty more years, during which time he grew proportionally and recovered from minor wounds and infections, even though he had no identifiable brain structure and the outside of his brain had calcified. In 1997, in a paper called “Recovery from ‘Brain Death’: A Neurologist’s Apologia,” Shewmon disavowed his earlier views. He acknowledged that “dissenters from the ‘brain death’ concept are typically dismissed condescendingly as simpletons, religious zealots or pro-life fanatics,” and announced that he was joining their ranks.

Shewmon’s research on what he calls “chronic survival” after brain death helped prompt a new President’s council on bioethics, in 2008, to revisit the definition of death. The council’s report referred to Shewmon’s research thirty-eight times. Although it ultimately reaffirmed the validity of brain death, it abandoned the biological and philosophical justification presented by the 1981 President’s Commission—that a functioning brain was necessary for the body to operate as an “integrated whole.” Instead, the report said that the destruction of the brain was equivalent to death because it meant that a human being was no longer able to “engage in commerce with the surrounding world,” which is “what an organism ‘does’ and what distinguishes every organism from nonliving things.”

In a personal note appended to the end of the report, the chairman of the council, Edmund Pellegrino, expressed regret regarding the lack of empirical precision. He wrote that attempts to articulate the boundaries of death “end in some form of circular reasoning—defining death in terms of life and life in terms of death without a true ‘definition’ of one or the other.”

Very long article…covering a lot…

…This is both amazing, and unnerving.


Stephen Hawking…


Date: March 14, 2018

01) Stephen Hawking: Visionary physicist dies aged 76

“World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76.

He died peacefully at his home in Cambridge in the early hours of Wednesday, his family said.

The British scientist was famed for his work with black holes and relativity, and wrote several popular science books including A Brief History of Time.”

“It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.” – Stephen Hawking

“My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all.” – Stephen Hawking

“Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.” – Stephen Hawking

“One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don’t throw it away.” – Stephen Hawking

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Falsely accused Belfast man slams vigilante paedophile hunters…


Date: March 14, 2018

01) Falsely accused Belfast man slams vigilante paedophile hunters

“A Belfast law graduate has called for new legislation to curb vigilante paedophile hunters after he was wrongly identified as a sexual predator and falsely accused of grooming children.

The Queen’s University graduate was left confused following a sudden influx of friend requests on social media, before it became apparent that he shared the same name as one of the vigilante group’s targets.

A barrage of profane abuse soon followed.

The wrongly-identified man voiced his “vehement” opposition to those presenting themselves as “protectors of the community” and branded their online activities as an incitement of “citizen led violence”. He warned that online outrage quickly morphs into calls for “justice outside the law” from members of the public and accused those in the group of falsely claiming that their chief concern is children’s welfare.

“These groups, in their quest to publicly shame individuals, are self-serving attention seeking bullies and thugs more concerned with tabloid and online social media titillation than they are with the protection and safeguarding of children,” he wrote on Facebook.

The unsuspecting target of online hate made clear he was not defending anyone who commits sexual offences, but rather their right to due process, and said there is no point trying to reason with his critics.

“Unfortunately it doesn’t matter what you say, you’ll never convince these types of people that what they are doing is wrong,” he said. The innocent victim is now calling for legislation to curtail vigilante groups who he warned could accuse anyone and have the potential to destroy lives.”

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Nancy Pelosi Endorses Anti-Abortion & Anti-Gay Democrat Dan Lipinski…

Date: March 12, 2018

01) Nancy Pelosi Endorses Anti-Abortion & Anti-Gay Democrat Dan Lipinski

“What do you call a socially conservative Democrat? A Republican. But effectively being a Republican and consistently voting with them doesn’t matter to House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who decided to endorse one of the most conservative Democrats in Congress: Dan Lipinski. She chose to endorse him over a true progressive like Marie Newman, who’s also running in the same district.


Top Rated Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets You Didnt Know Existed…


Date: March 11, 2018

01) Top Rated Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets You Didnt Know Existed

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Be aware…most of this is Kickstarter stuff…There may not be a lot of people and organizations to vouch for the integrity of these products, or the people behind them…I don’t know.

Usually…I avoid sharing things here, which are obvious commercials for a product, produced by the manufacturer to display the product in the most positive light possible…Because there’s always a danger of bias, and unrealistic expectations.

Thing is…I love what I’m seeing here…especially with the solar grill and oven.