Ep. 152: EMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM – “We Were Sitting Ducks” (feat. Congressman Dan Kildee, D-Flint)…

Date: January 08, 2021

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“Flint, Michigan Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee has been friends with Michael Moore since they were both teenagers. Throughout the terrorist attack on the Capitol yesterday, he was in frequent contact with Michael about what was transpiring. He joins Michael on Rumble to describe how it felt to not know if he would live or die as he was trapped inside the House chamber, why Members of Congress told family and staff to not show up at the Capitol yesterday, how law enforcement failed to protect them, and why Trump must be removed so he doesn’t do more damage in his final 13 days in office. Rep. Kildee also described walking through the damaged and ransacked Capitol building, his disgust with his House and Senate colleagues for aiding and abetting the terror attack, and how white men with American and Confederate flags can literally get away with treason.

“I just felt that we were fucked. We were sitting ducks.” – Rep. Kildee

Here’s the video Rep. Kildee filmed from the House Gallery during the terror attack:


NWL Electric – January 07, 2021…


Date: January 07, 2021

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Match 1: Link & Purple Rain VS Mel Chen & Jack Hammer – 99%

Match 2: Atreyu & Falkor VS LOVE & HATE – 76%

Main Event:

Match 3: Banana Mask VS Power Bob – 57%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Link & Purple Rain Loss: Mel Chen & Jack Hammer
Win: LOVE & HATE Loss: Atreyu & Falkor
Main Event Match: Power Bob Defeats Banana Mask

Show Referee: Neon Leon

Location: Green Eden

Mel Chen has turned baby face.

Banana Mask got attacked after the match by Booty Breaker, who vowed to “end” Banana Mask for good. This was the second unprovoked attack!


BEST RANKED MATCH: Link & Purple Rain VS Mel Chen & Jack Hammer – 99%