creating sickness – recovering from religion…


Date: July 03, 2017

01) creating sickness – recovering from religion

“For those affected, try this site:

One of the things I most despise about religious ideologies is the way they implant ideas in the minds of folks that can plague their imagination — like the idea of being judged by a ‘supreme’ being. This video is dedicated to those recovering from religion.”

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SuperAdobe: Eco-Dome…


Date: July 03, 2017

01) Eco-Dome – Nader Khalili Lecture Series

Brief version. Longer version below.

“This film shows how a pile of earth, dug out from the building site, is turned into a small house called Eco- Dome (moon cocoon model), using the Superadobe technology. It documents how professionals and students from many countries training at Cal-Earth Institute built this structure. It is intended for use with materials and tools developed for instruction during the apprenticeship retreat at Cal-Earth. Superadobe technology was first presented by the architect to NASA for lunar habitats, and can build single or clustered homes on earth which are resistant to fire, floods, wind storms and earthquakes.”

02) CalEarth

“We believe shelter is a human right and every person can build a home.”

“SuperAdobe is a safe and accessible building method developed at CalEarth.

It combines ancient building techniques with basic architectural principles, and the results are earthquake, fire, and flood resistant structures that can range from a one-person pod to a fully modernized home. Using sandbags, barbed wire and the earth beneath your feet, SuperAdobe is a truly affordable and sustainable way to build homes anywhere on the planet.”

03) Support CalEarth

Eco Dome, Building a Small Home:

Step-By-Step Earthbag Building:

The Eco-Dome (Cal-Earth):

20150919 FF Cal-Earth Inst 164737:

I discovered Cal-Earth Eco-Domes, over ten years ago…and instantly became enamored with the concept.

I wanted to build one of these…and still do.

What sets this apart from so much of what is being peddled today…is that the Eco-Dome is a truly humanitarian effort, to provide durable homes for people who have little money.

Reportedly…at the time I first discovered this effort, you could purchase all the raw materials for one dome, for about two thousand dollars…Of course, the hired and specialized [IE: the structure is covered with concrete, and must be fire cured.] work will drive the price up…I’d probably want electricity and running water in it, also…but if you can have an inhabitable home for under five grand [even ten grand], that is phenomenal.

To clarify…I’m just throwing those guesses out there…I don’t have any current estimates on building one of these, today…But it was designed to be very low cost…as well as quick and easy to build.

As it were…Nader Khalili died, either a bit before I discovered his Eco-Dome…or a short time after…and the official website fell into abandonment and disrepair…So, I shelved this, hoping further developments would come in the future.

Apparently, it does still live on.

I never forgot about this…and the Eco-Dome is the original concept, that inspired me to create the Nature and Technology sub-blog…It represents the best, of what this series is supposed to be about.


Douglas Murray on Tommy Robinson (and the Establishment)…

Date: July 02, 2017

01) Douglas Murray on Tommy Robinson (and the Establishment)

“Douglas Murray’s speciality is in intelligently pointing out the blindingly obvious to all the bone headed careerists within politics, academia and the media. If nothing else the inability of the established classes to deal with this issue has revealed how incapable and unremarkable they are.”

Gatekeeper / Abraxas…


Date: July 02, 2017

01) Gatekeeper

The MAP community has lost a very old friend.

Gatekeeper, aka Abraxas, was a BoyLover and Girl-Lover, who frequented both BoyChat and GirlChat. He was a pioneer of sorts, in that he was an original co-host of the MAP podcast, Pedologues…Though he left the show early on, he came back for one other episode, late in the series.

I have a lot of respect for Abraxas…He weathered a lot of abuse, on a number of fronts…He was a fighter for us MAPs…and a credit to our community.

He always wished the BL and GL communities would put aside their differences and feuds, and stand united.

I never knew him on a personal level…but I always looked upon him with friendship.

He will be missed.

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