Album: Songs of the Winter Château: Yule in Strings – The Mt. Gillis Bard Does Yule…

The Expressions Forum [Xmas]

Date: November 20, 2016

Songs of the Winter Château: Yule in Strings – The Mt. Gillis Bard Does Yule [51:22]

01) Sing We Noel [Spanish Guitar]

02) The Huron Carol [acoustic guitar]

03) Sweet Chiming Bells [acoustic guitar]

04) Sussex Carol [guitar]

05) Stay With Us [acoustic guitar]

06) I Saw Three Ships [Spanish Guitar]

07) The Snow Lay On The Ground [spanish guitar]

08) Pat a Pan [guitar]

09) Jingle Bells [acoustic guitar]

10) The Christmas Song [acoustic guitar]

11) I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day [Spanish Guitar]

12) Deck the Halls [acoustic guitar]

13) Here Comes Santa Clause [acoustic guitar]

14) White Christmas [acoustic guitar]

15) Carol of the Birds [guitar]

16) Veni Veni [acoustic guitar]

17) Still Still Still [guitar]

18) Wesford Carol [acoustic guitar]

19) Rockin Around The Christmas Tree [spanish guitar]

20) The Coventry Carol [acoustic guitar]

21) Oh Christmas Tree [acoustig guitar]

22) There’s A Song In The Air [Spanish Guitar]

23) The Friendly Beasts [Spanish Guitar]

24) Let It Snow [acoustic guitar]

25) O Sanctissima [acoustic guitar]

26) See Amid The Winters Snow [acoustic guitar]

27) Christmas Canon [acoustic guitar]

I honestly wanted this to be the fourth album [and potentially divided into two or three albums], but “Songs of the Winter Château: Book III” remains in it’s infancy…and I had all these alternate guitar tracks on hand.

At this late in the game, I’m not going to be able to crank out an entirely new holiday album.

It’s been a hard year…I’ll try to get back to work on Book III, and release it in 2017…Potentially, I may aim for a shorter album…and maybe you’ll get a Book IV and Book V because of this. Book III is, essentially, supposed to be the final piano holiday album.

On the whole, Yule in Strings is a nice album…Maybe I should have pruned a few tracks away…but, there’s nothing here that is especially hard to listen to.

Happy Holidays!

Steve Diamond


John Rees-Evans displays astounding ignorance & barbarity regarding paedophilia…


Date: November 19, 2016

01) John Rees-Evans displays astounding ignorance & barbarity regarding paedophilia

“John Rees-Evans wins ~Moronic Barbarian of the Year~ award for implying that paedophiles are prepubescent children, and that they should be executed. If you don’t want to be misinterpreted, START BEING FACTUAL AND STOP TALKING CRAP! It is utterly cruel to carry on with this wilful ignorance – it hurts everyone, not just paedophiles.

Original video:

It’s not often you hear the Daily Mail defining a paedophile as “someone attracted to children”, but I guess it suited them in this case.

“Mr Rees-Evans said he supported the death penalty for child killers and child sex offenders but insisted on giving his own definition for paedophilia, describing it as ‘someone who is pre-pubescent’
‘I would have the death penalty for somebody [who is sexually attracted to a child] who is evidently pre-pubescent.’ ”

I’d like to thank One Life for not including live depictions of infant circumcision.

I am totally with you in principle, on the issue of ending forced circumcision…I just don’t want to feature the act, itself, all over this blog…which is why I’ve been reluctant to post your videos here.

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YCDTOTV CJOH’s ep 1 Premiere of YCDTOTV 1979…


Date: November 18, 2016

01) YCDTOTV CJOH’s ep 1 Premiere of YCDTOTV 1979

“Here’s a full episode of You Can’t Do That on Television. Long believed lost to posterity: This is the first ever broadcast of the low budget live to air local kid’s TV .”

During my early days at BoyChat, I remember Happy Camper starting a threat about You Cant Do That On Television…And it was a fun thread to read and participate in. It was kind of funny, for how many BoyChatters of the time this was a commonality…So many of us had, and shared, memories of the show.

My experience with YCDTOTV, was only during the year of 1984…But there were some truly cute boys on that show, at that time.

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Jordan Peterson and Freedom of Speech – TFF Episode 52…

Date: November 18, 2016

01) Jordan Peterson and Freedom of Speech – TFF Episode 52

“The Fiamengo File, weekly on Studio Brulé.

In Episode 52 Professor Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa argues that we are on the brink of losing Freedom of Speech in Canada and that all Canadians need to stand in support of University of Toronto professor Jordan B. Peterson.”

Jonathan Haidt – The Tyranny of Social Justice Warriors…

Date: November 16, 2016

01) Jonathan Haidt – The Tyranny of Social Justice Warriors

“From the Tom Woods Show, Jonathan Haidt (Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University’s Stern School of Business) explains the philosophy of intolerance demonstrated by social justice warriors.”

Important insight…

What is described here…is so dead on accurate, to the sort of tyrannical mindset which MAPs face.

I continue to contend, that MAPs have been under the assault and tyranny of these exact type of fanatics, who think in this exact type of way…and who attack in the same type of ways…

…The things which distinguish our circumstance with these people…are that it’s become the norm, from a long and chronic history [so few people challenge them, no matter how obviously absurd and vicious they become]…they’ve managed to worm their influence and threat, into a much deeper level of social control, and social consequence…

…and they’ve been limited [by choice or cultural force] to a focused target…

…So, they’ve not been an equal type of public nuisance, towards the larger public.

This new generation seems to believe itself unrestrained in that way…and they seem to attack just about everybody, and often in the most ludicrous, indefensible ways…

…The larger public is seeing this…and because the issues somehow trespass against them, they’re recognizing these spectacles as dangerous…a social train wreck waiting to happen…It alarms and angers them…just like it alarms and angers us MAPs, when it’s happening to us…

…The general public, on some level, realizes that mindset and those tactics are invalid, dangerous, unethical…and they all around suck.

Mother kicks child out for voting Trump…


Date: November 17, 2016

01) Mother kicks child out for voting Trump

“You have the option to pick who you choose, what you disagree or agree on and everyone should tolerate it (no matter what it is) until they have arguments. This video boils my blood to the max, hope this case at least has some justice added on to it. and this is an example of a barbaric society.”

Additional Info:

Allegedly, there’s a flagging campaign going on, taking down videos that contain the original video…And I can only find a few videos from either religious people, or someone from a different sort of extreme. I’ll post the most informative one, and ignore the short sermon…I just wanted something to give this case more context.

A seven year old boy votes for Trump in a mock vote at school…and his mother “kicks him out of the house” for it…She’s under investigation for this.

To be fair…it is likely she did not actually intend to throw him out of the house, and she was tormenting him as some screwed up notion of “tough love”…It’s still completely messed up, what she did.

…It brought up memories from an incident in my own boyhood.

It’s staggering what people will do to their own children…and often for the stupidest reasons.

Realistically…you don’t need to love every aspect about your own children, or want them around you all the time…but these kinds of extreme hostility and abuses towards your own children?…

…I just don’t understand how these people rationalize, at all…That’s insanity.

Pivoting a little…

I want to give a brief response to a comment left to Omnipolitics16’s video…


I don’t even know how many times I’ve seen some version of this contemptuous style of comment…

The inevitable implication here…is that “you [as a MAP] are so bad, that you have no right to have or express a good moral code”…

Inexplicably…because you are oriented a certain way…”you don’t get to have common, human emotions”…and if you express something “normal” people would likely agree with, “you’re just lying, and trying to manipulate them”…

…Or, in other words…they object to MAPs, revealing that they are fully human…and have anything good about them.

What this “DELETE the obsolete” person is doing, is perpetuating the dehumanization of MAPs.

There is nothing off or wrong about it, when a MAP expresses moral outrage over the maltreatment of a child…

This may come as a news flash to some people…but countless MAPs have been doing this, all of their lives…

…I am also one of them.

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President Trump: How & Why…

Date: November 17, 2016

01) President Trump: How & Why…

“Pie thinks he knows who is to blame for the rise of Trump…and you’re not going to like it!”

I largely agree with this. The only caveat, is that people are now starting to discuss how Trump’s words [poorly thought out and expressed, as they usually are], were taken out of context and spun.

Claiming that being rich and powerful makes many women open towards letting you “grab their pussy” may be somewhat creepy…but does it make you a “sexual predator”?…It also seems that the “raped thirteen year old girl” dropped her charges against Trump.

Much of his “racism” amounted to promising to enforce existing immigration laws…and stupid, Jeb Bush-esq wording [IE: “all sex offenders in prison are pedophiles”?]…If Trump is such a racist, then why is he married to a person of a different race? Let’s be real…He was talking about the Mexicans who slip across the boarder, rape and assault people [in the context of a discussion on immigration policy]…He wasn’t talking about the entirety of Mexico…The guy engages his mouth, before he fully engages his brain.

I predict Trump is going to be like a second coming of George W., for comedians…and social commentators…And yes, even a blind man can see this coming.

Neither Trump nor Clinton had any path to my own vote, mind you.

With all of Hillary’s serious baggage that got fluffed off by the media…I just find it incredulous that they latched onto the dumbest things to spin about Trump…The brazen slant was just sickening…and insulting.

All we had in this freak show, was a pig in pearls versus a pig in a mud puddle…I’ll leave it up to you, to decide which candidate was which.

…My apologies for insulting the species of pigs…They are nowhere near that corrupt.