Camille Paglia: Provocations…


Date: November 25, 2018

01) Camille Paglia: Provocations

“Much has changed since Camille Paglia burst onto the scene with her best-selling Sexual Personae, but her laser-sharp insight, matchless wit, and fearless commentary continue to be ahead of the curve—not only capturing the tone of the moment, but often anticipating it. Ever an intellectual firebrand, Paglia will share her always provocative takes on religion, the rise of the right, the state of LGBTQ activism, presidents past and present, and more, in her newest book, Provocations—a collection of essays, articles, columns, and interviews drawn from the full span of her wide-ranging and important career as a public intellectual.

This program is generously underwritten by Ellen Stone Belic and presented in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

This program was recorded on October 30, 2018.”

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Pete Boghossian – On the Grievance Studies Project…

Date: November 25, 2018

01) My Chat with Pete Boghossian – On the Grievance Studies Project (THE SAAD TRUTH_788)

“We discuss Pete’s recent collaboration with James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose seeking to highlight the rot in some “academic” disciplines.

Pete’s Twitter handle: @peterboghossian

YouTube channel documenting the project:

Google Drive with papers and reviewer comments:

Areo magazine article:

Recent Joe Rogan interview:

Waking Up with Sam Harris – #143 – The Keys to the Mind (with Derren Brown)…

Date: November 24, 2018

01) Waking Up with Sam Harris – #143 – The Keys to the Mind (with Derren Brown)

“In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Derren Brown about his work as a “psychological illusionist.” They discuss the power of hypnosis, the power of expectations, the usefulness of Stoic philosophy, and other topics.

Derren Brown began his UK television career in December 2000 with a series of specials called Mind Control. In the UK his name is now pretty much synonymous with the art of psychological manipulation. Amongst a varied and notorious TV career, Derren has played Russian Roulette live, convinced middle-managers to commit armed robbery, led the nation in a séance, stuck viewers at home to their sofas, successfully predicted the National Lottery, motivated a shy man to land a packed passenger plane at 30,000 feet, hypnotised a man to assassinate Stephen Fry, and created a zombie apocalypse for an unsuspecting participant after seemingly ending the world. He has also written several best-selling books and – a first in the history of magic – has toured with eight sell-out one-man stage shows. The shows have garnered a record-breaking five Olivier Award nominations for Best Entertainment, and won twice. This means Derren has had the largest number of nominations and wins for one-person shows in the history of the Awards. His 2017 US debut show SECRET won the New York Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical experience and is planning a Broadway return in 2019. His Latest book is Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine.


Police warning to activist groups as ‘paedophile hunter’ sent to prison…


Date: November 23, 2018

01) Police warning to activist groups as ‘paedophile hunter’ sent to prison

“Police have welcomed a custodial sentence handed down to a so-called paedophile hunter in CraigavonCaolan Murray, 25, of Mark Court, Lurgan, was sentenced to seven months in prison and was given a three-year restraining order at Craigavon Magistrates Court on Wednesday after being found guilty of common assault, possession of an offensive weapon, a cross bow, and disorderly behaviour in connection with an attack on a man in the Lurgan area on February 22.The incident followed a confrontation by an online child sexual abuse activist group on February 18.

Senior investigating Officer with PSNI’s Public protection branch, Detective Inspector Pamela Colville said: “To date there have been no prosecutions regarding any evidence captured by any of these online child sexual abuse activist groups.”


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Establishment Media SHOCKED That Ocasio-Cortez Supports Primaries…

Date: November 22, 2018

01) Establishment Media SHOCKED That Ocasio-Cortez Supports Primaries

“Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Saturday threw her weight behind a new national campaign to mount primaries against incumbent Democrats deemed to be ideologically and demographically out of step with their districts.

The incoming star congresswoman from New York again put the Democratic establishment on notice that she and activist groups on the left aren’t content with a Democratic-controlled House: They are determined to move the party to the left…