Making Sense with Sam Harris #162 – Medical Intelligence (with Eric Topol)…


Date: July 06, 2019

01) Making Sense with Sam Harris #162 – Medical Intelligence (with Eric Topol)

“In this episode of the Making Sense podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Eric Topol about the way artificial intelligence can improve medicine. They talk about soaring medical costs and declining health outcomes in the U.S., the problems of too little and too much medicine, the culture of medicine, the travesty of electronic health records, the current status of AI in medicine, the promise of further breakthroughs, possible downsides of relying on AI in medicine, and other topics.

Eric Topol, MD, is a world-renowned cardiologist, Executive Vice-President of Scripps Research, the founder of a new medical school and one of the top ten most cited medical researchers. He is the author of The Patient Will See You Now, The Creative Destruction of Medicine, and Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again.


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CIVIL WAR 2?? Here’s the truth about America’s future…

Date: July 06, 2019

01) CIVIL WAR 2?? Here’s the truth about America’s future

“In this video, intelligence analyst and Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran Samuel Culper breaks down what’s likely in store for America and what it will look like.


We have to differentiate “civil war” which is an armed conflict between ORGANIZED groups over control over a government, and “low intensity conflict” which is a war among people or the state.

A civil war with organized groups, i.e. armies, is unlikely. A “low intensity conflict” is already happening. So don’t @ me telling me how stupid I am for not believing a “civil war” is going to break out. We’re talking about violence primarily among the People — left/right, urban, rural, etc. — not a war over control for Washington D.C.”

I tend to think…whatever violence comes charging out of the gates…

…it’s going to be at the hands of the psychopaths, who’ve been itching for years to murder “the other people”.

Even a lot of the trash talkers who habitually threaten violence, are not going to actually engage in violent combat which kills, or can get them killed.

It’s going to be the idiots, who actively want to murder other people…Those murderous psychopaths may run rampant, for a time…Many people will have to defend themselves, from that unhinged group of people.

Most people aren’t going to want any part of it.

Pedophilia will NEVER go away…


Date: July 05, 2019

01) Pedophilia will NEVER go away

“I used an absolute to grab your attention as artists use lies to uncover the truth while politicians and self-serving individuals use lies to cover up the truth.

In this video I speak about several aspects of human sexuality, specifically pedophilia. I was going to wait for permission from a band to use their music in the background of this video, but I decided that would take too long. Perhaps I will use it in another video or re-upload this one if I’m granted permission.

Watching the live-steam of The Atheist Experience channel today it became apparent that I need to do more outreach to hurting, lost and suffering people on my own. While The Atheist Experience’s Matt Dillahunty gives the correct critical explanation of the visceral sensation of pedophilia, he directs callers suffering from the societal affects of being pedophilic to resources that provide zero help when it comes to managing being a pedophile. Also, I was unable to superchat a message of support to a caller and was banned from the general chat. That’s some secular shit right there.

I have learned from experience that, thus far, any actual relief from life as a pedophile comes from (nonsecular) fellowship with other people who experience the same attraction and hardships. As I have stated before, this is why I have started this channel.

Thank you

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Introduction, Abridged Autobiography & Pedophilia…


Date: July 04, 2019

01) Introduction, Abridged Autobiography & Pedophilia

“Hello and welcome to my first official YouTube video! Get comfortable and tuned in. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I understand I take great risk in bearing my heart and soul. These are my experiences. This is my life. This video is uncut and off-the-cuff.

I desire to provide true, necessary and good information to better inform others about a visceral facet of the human experience.

If you were moved by this video, please consider emptying your bank account on my Patreon linked below.

Read a few of my undergrad research papers on at the link below. READ THEM


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