Date: March 08, 2017

01) Snagfilms: Caravaggio

“Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio lived his life as he painted it; full of intensity, sensuality and passion. But at the height of his success in the early 17th century, his violent nature and his unrelenting love for Fillide Melandroni, a prostitute with a dark past, led to his tragic downfall. This Italian biopic stars Alessio Boni as the legendary, tortured artist.”

NOTE: SnagFilms appears to be on the frits, right now…I’ve been setting on this post for at least a week. I’m posting this post, but it’s hard to say if, or when, you’ll be able to watch this movie on their website.


Am I Gay? A Root Cause Analysis To Homosexuality…

Date: March 05, 2017

01) Am I Gay? A Root Cause Analysis To Homosexuality

“Considering the presence of gay, lesbian and bisexual (LGB) people in American culture, questioning one’s sexual alignment is starting to become more common. The Workplace of Nationwide Demography uneven appraisal states there is almost 480,000 gay women and men in the UK, plus about 245,000 bisexual people. You will find many factors why you can question your Sexuality.


However being homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual is certainly no offense. The traditional idea of heterosexual relationship produces a lot of mess, doubt, and resentment.”

So much in this video, is relevant to BLs, GLs, TLs, CLs, Children and Teens.

The blurry line between art-house and pornography…


Date: March 05, 2017

01) The blurry line between art-house and pornography

“Father Sedevic, 73, whose name graces a Catholic welfare centre in Sydney, became an unlikely player in an unusual case in a Gosford courtroom on July 31 – when a magistrate was required to determine the point at which art becomes child pornography.

What made it all the more unusual is that the art in question included a Swedish film only recently, and controversially, banned in Australia, despite being more than 30 years old.


We’re now looking at these films and scrutinising them in a way that they were never looked at when they were made
– Paul Brennan


Foremost in those considerations was: how do we today regard films made 40 years ago, according to accepted standards of that time, when those standards included depicting naked children in sexually explicit scenes which are now regarded as sexually abusive and exploitative?”

Kind of a mixed bag of opinions…but an interesting article to read, from 2014.


Weakness Is Not A Virtue…

Date: February 03, 2017

01) Weakness Is Not A Virtue

“National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255”

So true…

…You run into this sort of thing a lot, as a MAP.

…People who think they can demean you, talk trash about you…accuse you of all manner of treachery…just straight up viciously attack you…

…And a lot of them think that this is okay…Some absolve themselves of all responsibility for their vulgar abuse, by claiming they were somehow abused in the past…And to compound things, there are often others who imagine these self identified victims are correct and entitled, in the way they are maliciously abusing another human being.

I don’t know what world most people live in…but in my world, approaching a stranger [on the street, online…anywhere], and viciously accusing them in a public setting…or publically humiliating them…when you don’t even know this person, or their history…this is absolutely never acceptable behavior…full stop…end of discussion.

If you were raped in the anus ten times a day, from the time you were six years old until you reached twenty three…you have my sympathies…but you have no business throwing that, or any personal rage connected to it, into my face…nor expecting me to answer for everything that’s “gone wrong” in your life…nor expecting me to be the receptacle of your abuse.

Imagining otherwise, is every bit as unacceptable…as approaching any stranger in public, and attacking them in the same way…

To those people I say…

…Don’t act as though you are somehow shocked or offended, when I respond back and demand a retraction and apology, for your vicious accusations [and lies]. When you have trespassed against me in such a vile manner…I expect and demand restitution…

I, like any other decent, upstanding person, am entitled to this, wherever I have been wronged.

…Something in your life made you feel awkward, uncertain and confused in life?…It had something to do with sex and sexuality?…

Well, guess what?…I almost certainly never had anything at all to do with it…So, don’t approach me pretending otherwise.

Here is some common sense…

If you ever encounter someone who “reminds” you of something bad, hard or awkward that happened in your past…don’t get mad or aggressive…get inquisitive…ask questions…

You’ll probably find, that the situation is not what you were initially thinking it was.