Is sex a social construct like gender? Nope…

Date: February 13, 2017

01) Is sex a social construct like gender? Nope.

“Here, then, we have someone trying to distort the biological evidence in service of an ideological agenda. While I’m in sympathy with that agenda, I’m not sympathetic to the claim that sex itself is a social construct. Were that true, we’d have to revise hundreds of years of biology, and not just in humans. What we should do is accept the facts of biology, as well as the fact that some people feel that they’re not members of their biological sex, and then construct our social mores based on these facts—without distorting the biology.”

Very informative article.

The New Rage in #PizzaGate: ‘Breaking News’ of ‘Imminent Arrests’…

Date: February 11, 2017

01) Breaking Arrests Imminent In PizzaGate Scandal Names Named!

I’m not saying all the things mentioned below appear in this guys video…Most don’t…but they are trends I’m noticing amongst these sorts.

Notice how he’s speaking so “matter of fact” knowledgably, about so many things that cannot even be verified…”It’s all so, so true…But it’s just covered up so absolutely”, you see?…

…Like most…he is bankrupt on substantiation…and heavy on story telling.

Also notice how the only people “reporting” on all of this…are the same group of people who’ve been cluelessly pushing this narrative, all along…The majority of the public just isn’t buying it…Most of us seem to realize, that it just isn’t adding up to anything credible.

If you want to find and know truth…you must be vigilant and leery of these sorts…Never follow the blind and foolish.

So…Okay…Let’s do this…

…These videos seem to have started around February 6th and 7th…And they claim that “next week” it’s all going down…So, let’s hold them to their words…and let’s wait to see what happens during the week of February 12 through February 18th.

We shall see what comes of this.

I will believe these reports of “imminent arrests”, when we actually start seeing them…Not a second before.

Allegedly, some anonymous FBI agent has gone to 4chan [or one of those sorts of websites], and dropped a lot of information for the conspiracy theorists to propagate…regarding a continuously unsubstantiated “pedophile ring”, and it’s investigation…Allegedly, several dozen arrests are coming…”next week”…

Oh…and Elijah Woods comments are still being bantered around, despite that he recanted them shortly after making them…And by the way…how does a guy who was absolutely kept away from something all of his life, suddenly become “an insider” with critical knowledge?…How does that figure out, anyway?…Has anybody put any thought into that question, at all?…

My theory…is that a bit of [sometimes shady] hanky-panky does go on, with casting couches even for the kids…or even just amongst the actors…And that people, including Elijah, take this and run with it…and the story grows taller and taller…till eventually, they’re claiming massive fractions of the entire industry are culpably involved…And they expect us to believe, incredulously, that not only has this been covered up despite it’s vastness [and that it is impossible to do such]…but, even the people who disapprove and who are outraged, are unwilling to expose it…and hence, unwilling to stop it…

It’s all fine and well, that Elijah’s mother thought to protect him…Are we really to assume, that she said “to hell with the other children”?

A lot of these videos that are popping up, are made by people who are displaying the signs of being religious ideologues…Their videos are still void of substance and proof…They’re often just reading things that have already been previously published on the internet…Some of them are simultaneously parading pictures in front of you…some of them edited to make them look disparaging…And I see nothing but propaganda, from people who continue to have nothing in the way of proof…They just keep reasserting, and reaffirming each other.

…And a lot of references to Corey Feldman and Corey Haim…As though all the dirty and lurid rumors have been released…so, now everybody is an expert on it.

If you actually dig deeper into the Haim situation…and you are of an honest mind…you are likely to come away with the impression, that Corey enthusiastically took part in homosexual sex with Charlie Sheen [when they were both teens]…even bragging about it, after the fact…But quickly got shamed, over having the experience.

Maybe, things unintentionally fanned out for Corey…And maybe in the aftermath, the negativity and shaming got to him…so much that, now that it was over, he was starting to regret it?

Sometimes…when you cannot have something, nor it’s perks, anymore…your attitude can start to change towards it, because of internalized conflict and anger over the loss.

You know…in some ways…the elements of this, and how even uninvolved people are reacting to it…brings to my mind the Disney and Tommy Kirk situation.

Tommy was homosexual, and with a fifteen year old boy…And Disney got rid of him, fast…

I don’t know if it involved him, or not…But there was also speculation surrounding a few of the early boy Mouseketeers…who were getting a bit too sexually friendly with each other…who disappeared from “the Mickey Mouse Club” show, shortly thereafter.

Back then…they kept it more hushed…mostly for the image of the company…

…A lot of these ideologues, today, would look at these kinds of homosexual attractions and relationships amongst the kids…and behave as though it were all part of “the massive pedophile ring, which is Hollywood”…Not even understanding the nuance…nor that a lot of these kids are in those situations, literally on behalf of their own personal interests…

Maybe they were homosexual, themselves…Maybe they just wanted to know what homosexual sex was like…But they willingly engaged, because they were liking something about it.

And sure…amongst kids there can be physical size differences, when taking into account varied growth spurts…And maybe there are a few years difference in age…

…That hardly makes it part of a “pedophile rape” scandal.

Sex amongst kids, just naturally happens…

…The reason we hear so much about the Haims and the Kirks, is because they are so deeply in the public eye…and a lot of times, their sex lives intertwine with their career lives.

Jonathan Haidt analyzes Runaway Political Correctness & Social Justice Religion on Campus…

Date: February 11, 2017

01) Jonathan Haidt analyzes Runaway Political Correctness & Social Justice Religion on Campus

“An excerpt of Jonathan Haidt’s appearance on the Waking Up with Sam Harris podcast. He discusses the alarming rise of a vindictive, authoritarian kind of political correctness, different from previous generations. Plus the emergence of the social justice movement as a type of secular religion.”

I’ve always had a bad gut feeling about the tactics and atmosphere of chaos, which these illiberal people and their groups have employed and created…Because it’s antisocial, abusive and dishonest…It’s refusing to share a dialogue, with anybody except whomever already agrees with them…and it’s refusing to allow people to co-exist, peacefully.

It’s founded on a bedrock of distortion…and a lack of social common sense…It’s like they never learned, when you step outside into the world…you do have to navigate challenges you encounter…You can’t just tell someone else to make it all go away, because you are disturbed by something…or because you don’t understand it…

To no small degree…that is what goodwill dialogue exists for…This is why we strive to first understand the motives and intentions of someone…And good social sense strives towards empathy, and finding common ground. The most successful diplomats understand…there are always nuances…and there is always a negotiation needed, to bring contradicting sides into a peaceful relationship.

There will always be contradiction…We cannot snuff out, those we disagree with.

…And yet…that is exactly what it looks like this movement on colleges and universities, is set on attempting to do.

It irritated me for many years…But I wasn’t really sure how serious to take it, or what “my” right or necessity in challenging it would be…I mean…we were talking about young, idealistic people, making lots of noise on learning campuses…Historic wisdom tells us, that it’s all isolated to campus matters…and eventually, these young people will enter “the real world”, and they’ll mature more…learn how to navigate the world…and they’ll leave the noisy, chaotic protest mentality behind…

…Then something happened, which really made me take note…This insanity started spilling off of the campuses…and out into the common social and political sphere…having very destructive influences, which impact upon all of us…

Things like the twice over “Black Lives Matter” debacle, of hijacking Bernie Sanders presidential campaign events…behaving deplorable, and utterly clueless…literally creating a ton of bad will, with the general public…and disrupting an important campaign, from one of their own social champions.

Of course…there is also what is going on in Canada, with the passing of law to force people to recognize individual “gender identity”…and making it some sort of a “hate crime”, to refuse addressing people by “their pronouns”.

To say this has gotten out of hand, would be a gross understatement.

We are talking about a group of people, who are socially, emotionally and knowledgably stunted…instead having these necessary survival skills replaced by ideologue identity politics…And they have rapidly entered the arena of legal change.

…Their early steps out of the gate have been predictably disastrous…Because what they are doing is incompetent…It’s behavior, thought and policy designed to make people destroy other people.

This is why what they are doing is so dangerous…and it cannot be ignored, anymore.

Social Justice/Freedom of Speech: Bill C16 Debate Queen’s Law School…

Date: February 09, 2017

01) Social Justice/Freedom of Speech: Bill C16 Debate Queen’s Law School

“On Jan 21st 2017 I was invited by the Runnymede Society, a law student group, to debate Bill C16, a Canadian Federal bill that adds gender identity and gender expression to the list of protected groups in Canada, and makes discrimination in those categories a form of hate speech. Professor Bruce Pardy ( spoke in support of the law and its accompanying policies. SPOILER ALERT: The Runnymede society approached six different law school professors, trying to find someone who would debate me, without success. Professor Pardy played devil’s advocate.”

Pet Shop Boys…


Date: February 09, 2017

It’s Alright:

Was It Worth It?:


Always On My Mind :

It’s a Sin:

[Jean Michel Jarre & Pet Shop Boys – 2016] Brick England:

“It’s a Sin” was my emotional theme song, for most of my early life…and I just absolutely loved it, when it was originally playing on the radio.

The others are my favorite PSB tracks…and they include a very surprise collaboration track from 2016…They’ve put out some nice stuff, over the last couple of decades…but I never thought I’d see the day return, where they legitimately had strong hit material…It’s a crime that this one didn’t get any publicity…or air play.

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Germaine Greer’s Keynote Address on Rage…

Date: February 08, 2017

01) Germaine Greer’s Keynote Address on Rage. Melb Writers Festival

“In her opening night keynote address at the Melbourne Writers Festival, Professor Germaine Greer delivers a stirring speech on the topic of rage. With characteristic intellectual…”

Part 2:

Wonderful…Well worth the time to watch.