Waking Up with Sam Harris #117 — Networks, Power, and Chaos with Niall Ferguson…

Date: February 23, 2018

01) Waking Up with Sam Harris #117 — Networks, Power, and Chaos with Niall Ferguson

“In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Niall Ferguson about his new book “The Square and the Tower.” They discuss his career as a writer, networks and hierarchies, how history gets written, the similarity between the 16th century and the 21st, the role of social media in the 2016 Presidential election, the influence of advertising on the public sphere, Trump, the Russian investigation, Islamic extremism, counterfactuals, what would have happened if Clinton had won the presidency, immigration in Europe, conspiracy theories, capitalism, globalization, communism, wealth inequality, universal basic income, Henry Kissinger, the prospect of a US war with China, cyberwar, and other topics. You support the Waking Up podcast at SamHarris.org/subscribe.”

Tom Holland ‘De-Radicalising Muhammad’…


Date: February 23, 2018

01) Tom Holland ‘De-Radicalising Muhammad’

“Tom Holland delivers the ‘Christopher Hitchens Lecture’ from Hay Festival 2015.”

I dare say…Tom Holland is the most interesting, instructive and constructive scholar on Islam, that I have thus far encountered.


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Ajit Pai Now Being Investigated for Corruption by His OWN Agency…

Date: February 23, 2018

01) Ajit Pai Now Being Investigated for Corruption by His OWN Agency

“After months of flaunting his close relationship with companies like Verizon and Sinclair Broadcasting, the FCC is finally doing something that should have been done a long time ago: they’re investigating their own chairman, Ajit Pai. We know he’s guilty, it’s just a matter of whether or not he’s been able to successfully hide evidence of his corruption.


Why Our Flawed Justice System Breeds ‘Shadow’ Vigilantes…

Date: February 22, 2018

01) Why Our Flawed Justice System Breeds ‘Shadow’ Vigilantes

“What do Three Strikes laws, mandatory-minimums for drug offenders, the Stop Snitching campaign, and private police have in common? According to Paul H. Robinson, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, they are all expressions of a “shadow” vigilantism that has spread in the contemporary U.S.—usually in response to perceived failures in the justice system.

The forthcoming Shadow Vigilantes: How Distrust in the Justice System Breeds a New Kind of Lawlessness, which Robinson co-authored with Sarah, M. Robinson, a former sergeant in the US Army and social worker, explores how the impulse to take the law into their own hands has been a feature of Americans’ behavior since the Revolution.

In a conversation with TCR’s Julia Pagnamenta, Robinson explains why the history of vigilantism is more nuanced than the traditional view which defines vigilantes as groups like the KKK and white supremacists, and why vigilantism will continue to operate when disenfranchised individuals in society feel that the system is ignoring their concerns.”

This is worth reading…

…I sometimes wonder, why there is not more vigilantism on behalf of MAPs…

…It’s not as though we aren’t being inhumanely raped by a system and culture, which practices predation upon us…and shows little interest in changing.

I’m left to believe, we have super human self control.

Republican Fired After Calling Victims Actors…

Date: February 22, 2018

01) Republican Fired After Calling Victims Actors

“Republican aide Benjamin Kelly was fired after asserting the victims of the Parkland school shooting were paid actors.”

Parkland Crisis Actor Conspiracy Theory DEBUNKED:

“A YouTube spokesperson sent us the following statement:

“This video should never have appeared in Trending. Because the video contained footage from an authoritative news source, our system misclassified it. As soon as we became aware of the video, we removed it from Trending and from YouTube for violating our policies. We are working to improve our systems moving forward.”

The original story follows below:

It’s a vile conspiracy theory we might expect from the host of Inforwars Alex Jones, but right now it is the number one trending video on YouTube.

The conspiracy theory is that some of the students who are speaking out against the lax gun control laws that enabled the mass shooting that killed 17 of their peers at a Parkland, Florida high school last week are not who they say they are. They are “crisis actors,” paid performers funded by familiar boogeymen like George Soros to vilify gun ownership and dismantle the Second Amendment.

This is not true, but it’s what the most popular video on YouTube, which at the time of writing has 174,000 views, suggests. In the video, David Hogg, one of the more outspoken Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students who has made several television appearances since the shooting, is seen in a CBS 2 Los Angeles news report. The report details the events of a video Hogg took and that went viral in 2017. It shows one of Hogg’s friends, another teenager, confronting an overzealous lifeguard. Here’s the video on CBS’s YouTube page, and Hogg’s original upload.

The only description on the video is “DAVID HOGG THE ACTOR….” and many of the comments go on to accuse Hogg of being an actor “bought and paid by CNN and George Soros.” Mike m, the YouTube user who uploaded this trending video also uploaded a video titled “David Hogg Can’t Remember His Lines When Interviewed for Florida school shooting.” The description to that video reads: “Ask yourself why is he practicing his lines…??? ???” This user also uploaded videos that cover familiar conspiracy theories like chemtrails and UFOs.”

Thoughts on Veganism (Narrated)…


Date: February 20, 2018

Note: This did not make it into the recording…

Something I left out of this, but I feel deserves mentioning…is that I’ve had at least one acquaintance go vegan…And he remained vegan, for somewhere around two years…before transitioning into more of a vegetarian [eating chicken and fish].

Some people develop conditions due to deficiencies in their eating, when they go vegan…This is just a fact of life…

…While many vegans will argue, that you can get everything you need through a vegan diet…fact is, it’s not as simple and easy as many claim…In fact, of the people I’ve found online while contemplating a vegan life…the ones who left it, commented on how hard it was to get all the nutrition their body needed through a vegan diet…that it’s harder than a normal diet…and you need supplements [which is a maze to navigate, in it’s own right].

It’s fair to recognize, that not everybody’s body has exactly the same needs…and going vegan may not work out so well, for every single person on this planet.

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.

I have certain principles, where it comes to the rights of living things…or, my ethics as relates to their rights, and how I want to be as a human being…

One of those principles, is to never cause needless suffering.

…Another one of those principles, is to leave untouched what is not interfering with [or impeding] me…

…A third principle, is that all living things are part of the food chain…but we should not take more than we need…

I don’t go walking around, looking for random small animals and insects to stomp on…I think such a wasteful, cruel activity, would qualify as evil.

…That does not mean I am fundamentally opposed to hunting, trapping, fishing or farming…

Whatever the farming industry may have grown into, today [which is it’s own discussion and, yes, there is much wrong with it]…I don’t believe that classic animal farming, is fundamentally wrong.

It is not a pretty endeavor…but I am not against raising animals for food.

I don’t eat a whole lot of meat, myself…This is primarily because of the cost of most meat…I can’t afford to buy a lot of it…What I do buy, is generally on the level of bologna and hot dogs…sometimes I get a burger, when I go out…If I have the funds saved up, I may get sea food.

I’m not going to apologize for this…nor feel bad…It’s brought me a great deal of joy in life, eating the foods I love to eat…meat has been no small part of that.


You patron the markets you have access too…and I mean that both by locality, and financially…

We don’t have a vibrant vegan market, around these parts…Yes, I know…a lot of ordinary market foods [ie: vegetables] are “vegan by default”…But what I mean, is that you cant find a lot of options for the imitation meats, or the “anything else” that’s made without “animal products” in them.

In addition to this, the vegan products are expensive…in a life where I am not in a position to spend that kind of money…

Now…I look upon vegan cooking, as being kind of exotic…I like the philosophy…I respect people who choose to live that way…Much of the vegan cooking I’ve seen, looks amazing…I’ve put more than a tiny bit of thought into going vegan, myself…and I’ve dabbled in vegan foods…

My vegan dabbling:

…I like almond milk…I quite enjoy chocolate almond milk…but for four dollars a quart?…

…I went through a phase, where I was buying vegan “cheese”…made with vegetables…I have to admit…sliced up on a cracker, it was good…It didn’t honestly melt like real cheese, as the package claimed…but, it was alright…Again…at around four dollars for a small block of it, when you could get the same volume of real cheese for more like a dollar fifty…I eventually quit buying it.

Fake meat…I really got into buying these fake beef strips…I enjoyed eating them, too…Pretty expensive for the amount you were getting, but I could make a few meals out of them…After about a year, the store stopped carrying them…Apparently, the demand was not there.

More recently…I gave in and tried some of those vegan cookies, you find in convenience stores, and in “nutrition supplement” isles…And you know…if the product is at least up front and honest about what it is, I’m generally very forgiving…But this time…I don’t appreciate something talking itself up so high, that it essentially claims “you wont tell the difference between this, and a real cookie”…just to pop a piece of it in your mouth, and discover all the dry, stale-like bleh!…And I paid how much for this thing?…I could have gotten a bunch of good cookies, for the price of just one of these.

Vegan options are sparse…inconsistently available…expensive, pricing them out of my range…and sometimes, they’re not a good eating experience…

The food supply which is here:

Every time I cross the deli at my local grocery store, there are rotisserie chickens in the hot section…

They will be prepared…they will be bought…There will be more shipped in…Whatever doesn’t get sold, will be written off…maybe taken home by the people who work at the store…or thrown out…

…but there will be a new supply of rotisserie chickens, almost constantly available…

If I don’t buy a chicken…somebody else will…if nobody gets it…it goes to waste…

…I’d rather buy the chicken [which is already dead, anyway], than see it go to waste…

In addition…that avenue of food is going to continue, whether I take part in it or not…

I don’t stomp on small animals…but:

…I do have plenty of mouse traps in the house…and I’ve killed loads of mice.

I had a hamster as a boy…and I generally enjoyed rodents…It took me many years to move from that mental state, to where I am today…

…I’m sick to death of food being gotten into…things being chewed up, or having a nest built inside of them…important things being peed and pooped all over…

…I’m happy to leave mice alone, while they are living outside, going about their business outside…But once they start invading my home?…they’ve committed a capital offense…

Over the years…I’ve gotten tired of cleaning up the bloody messes and mouse corpses, compliments of the classic mouse traps…I’ve purchased live traps…several of them, in fact…

I do not, however, subscribe to the notion…that just because you have a live trap, means you have to have a live release…

The reality of mice during the winter [because that’s when they are the biggest problem] in this region…is that, if they’ve moved into the house…that means they’re not living out somewhere in a den they’ve prepared for themselves…Kicking them out of the house once the temperature is so low, the ground is frozen solid, and there’s no place for them to honestly go…is just sentencing them to a frozen death…or being picked off by other animals…or they are just going to come right back into the house…or find somebody else’s house to infest…

The objective in catching a mouse, is to eliminate the mouse…and safeguard everything that mouse might contaminate or destroy…

…I don’t care about the well being of the mouse…

By happy accident…I washed a few of these live traps with bleach water…And now, whenever mice go inside…they get asphyxiated…and I don’t have to deal with causing their death.

I consider it unfortunate…I’d rather it not be this way…but I have no guilt, about any of this.

If mice threaten the health of this home…they are fair game to kill.

In close:

I subscribe to the philosophy, held by my Native American ancestors…

…We don’t kill for no reason…We don’t kill for cruelty…

…We take only what we need…We manage and respect it…

…But we are part of the animal kingdom, and a higher part of the food chain…and there is no reason, why we should be expected to feel shame over this…This is how we have evolved.

If the day comes…when they can economically produce real meat, without having to kill an animal…I am all for the advancement…Make it low cost, and I’ll be very happy…

…But so long as meat eating animals are on this planet…animals are going to continue to be eaten…humans employing the least cruel methods…

…I feel far worse for those animals that die, getting torn apart by a pack of coyotes.


“Pedophile Hunters” Don’t Like Being Scrutinized; Go Criminal Hostile and Get Charged…


Date: February 20, 2018

01) Three men arrested after Kevin Magee BBC paedophile investigation

“Three men have been arrested in connection with an altercation involving BBC journalist Kevin Magee in Belfast.

The reporter was challenged by ‘paedophile hunters’…

…reportedly unhappy after the reporter made approaches to people connected with paedophile hunter groups for a piece he was working on.

On Tuesday morning, a PSNI spokeswoman said: “Three men, aged 28, 32 and 34, have been charged with a number of offences, including attempted intimidation, common assault, false imprisonment and disorderly behaviour.”

02) Trio in court on paedophile hunter charges

“Three men have appeared in court facing a total of 56 charges in relation to so-called paedophile hunting groups.

Among the charges they face are assault, unlawful imprisonment and intimidation. All three were released on bail.

They were banned from using any social media platforms, dating apps or mobile phones with internet access.

They were also told to stay away from anyone associated with paedophile hunter groups.

The men – George Keenan, from Glenwood Court, Dunmurry, Richard Curtis, of Albert Road, Carrickfergus, and Tim Heron, of Cloverhill Vale in Bangor – will appear in court again on 17 April.

A police sergeant told Belfast Magistrates’ Court: “We don’t believe that they have been assisting police because they have been told continuously to desist from this activity.

“They have chosen to carry on and detain individuals and carry out their own investigations.”

…The trio are accused of attempting unlawfully by force, threats or menaces to cause BBC journalist Kevin Magee to refrain from broadcasting an interview on television, as well as disorderly behaviour.”

This would be entirely consistent, with the nature I have habitually witnessed in these self proclaimed “pedophile hunter” type of people. They are always abusive, nasty, arrogant people, who refuse to learn a single damned thing that doesn’t fit into their own bigotries…and they refuse to abide by laws, and standards of civility.

They are nothing but cut throat sociopaths, channeling their sadism at social scapegoats.

There needs to be a lot more arrests and charges of this nature.

Some of these people are so awful…they become a threat towards people, who aren’t even pedophiles…

…They’re just social bullies, who want to do whatever they please…and they don’t want anyone challenging them about any of it.

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M.A. Voice: Issue 31 – February 20, 2018…


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Date: February 20, 2018

01) Yure: Notes on “Childhood Sexual Experiences and Adult Health Sequelae Among Gay and Bisexual Men”.

02) Filip30: article – no more nudity in Danish Childcare Instit
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03) Hikari: Positive Memories

04) holocaust21:The Age Of Consent is an Act of Savage Violence

05) Storyville The Genius And The Boys

“a fascinating film documenting the life of Daniel Carleton Gajdusek, a New Yorker, who conducted extraordinarily tenacious medical research within cannibalistic tribal communities that led directly to the discovery of the prion and thus a Nobel prize for him, his lifelong minor attraction that led to him adopting more than fifty boys, and the inevitable accusation of child abuse that led to his downfall. This story carries with it an echo of the despicable ‘social justice’ meted out to Alan Turing once it was discovered that he had transgressed the sexual mores of his day.” – feinmann0

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