Stand Up for Copyright in the Digital Age…

Date: June 12, 2018

01) Stand Up for Copyright in the Digital Age

“How will this impact me?


The proposal would make sharing and accessing news online more difficult. It would force most online platforms to monitor all content you post — like YouTube videos, Facebook comments, and DeviantArt submissions.

Creator / Innovator

Everyone in Europe should have the right to remix, create parodies, and share their ideas online — all the forms of expression that make the internet wonderful. The current proposal doesn’t include an exception for everyday user generated content.

Scientist / Librarian

The proposal only allows scientific research institutions to mine text and datasets, but we think more people — like librarians, journalists, and independent scientists — should be able to access the information they need to discover innovative solutions for Europe.”

Being entirely honest…I am uncertain how, or if, this will directly impact people outside of the European Union.

Of course…given the impact that various laws have already had on the MAP community, by way of impeding MAPs within certain borders…I cannot interpret this proposed law as anything but a threat…even if I don’t live under it’s jurisdiction.

Basically…it appears to be copyright law, gone insane.

UN Blames Republicans For America’s Growing Poverty…

Date: June 12, 2018

01) UN Blames Republicans For America’s Growing Poverty

“Donald Trump is deliberately forcing millions of Americans into financial ruin, cruelly depriving them of food and other basic protections while lavishing vast riches on the super-wealthy, the United Nations monitor on poverty has warned.

A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America

Philip Alston, the UN special rapporteur who acts as a watchdog on extreme poverty around the world, has issued a withering critique of the state of America today. Trump is steering the country towards a “dramatic change of direction” that is rewarding the rich and punishing the poor by blocking access even to the most meager necessities.

“This is a systematic attack on America’s welfare program that is undermining the social safety net for those who can’t cope on their own. Once you start removing any sense of government commitment, you quickly move into cruelty,” Alston told the Guardian.”


Mixing IBLD with Incest and Zoophilia?…

IBLD Website

Date: June 12, 2018

[Our Love Frontier] [page] IBLD – Please Contribute

June 5, 2018 at 5:52 AM

Reason for Submission: Original Content for Website
Submitted For: IBLD Journal

“hello is that you can make a debate on your site besides love frontier FOR THE AUGUST 4 is the Feast of the PZI = pedophiles incestuous zoophiles WHO IS MY DREAM! creates a united sexual front! – moly”

Hi Moly! 🙂

This is not the first time someone [possibly yourself] has approached me about this.

Let me first clarify, that I will not be altering the EQF IBLD website to include zoophilia or a dedicated focus on incest.

IBLD is a very specific day of observation, for a specific community. The EQF IBLD website, I believe, captures this spirit and message quite well.

There is no logical reason, for the EQF IBLD website to undergo a fundamental change of this sort…as zoophilia and incest are not especially linked with the BoyLove community. There is a tiny bit of overlap, of course…But your common BoyLover doesn’t visit IBLD websites, to read about zoophilia and incest…The day is not about those things, anyway.

My Views on Zoophilia:

I don’t pursue zoophilia in any way, as a personal lifestyle option.

I find the topic of discussion both interesting and relevant, in that it explores the “spiritual” aspects of sex, sexual intimacy and sexual bonding, in forms of sex which can never produce offspring…and with companions so physically diverse, it holds parallels with pedophilia…in that the sexual companions are functioning from very different points of power and status…even ability to communicate…

I find zoophilia fascinating, in that it lets us explore the ways…in which humans can detect and respect the sexuality of another being.

This is why zoophilia is primarily a tertiary subject of interest to me…There is plenty to be learned from it, I believe…and some of it is relevant, to MAPs who are pedophiles.

I also believe that zoophiles are unjustly maligned, much of the time.

I believe, like any other demographic…zoophiles have every right to seize their own public identity, and fight for both their humanity, and their legal and human rights.

I’m not a zoophile…And forgive the slight pun…but “I don’t have a dog in this fight”, where it comes to the legalization of zoophilia…other than, an interest in being allowed to legally observe and study it…to have it as an issue of discussion, entirely out in the open.

I think there would be social benefit in this, and that we should fight against censorship and oppression aimed at zoophiles [so long as they are acting in accordance with the law].

Making a New Website:

I’m not up to creating a sort of “unity” website, for MAPs, zoophiles and incest advocates.

I don’t know enough about zoophiles, to do them justice…and incest advocacy isn’t that high on my agenda, right now…

…That being said…I have no personal issues with zoophilia and incest advocacy…

It’s just that this is something that is going to fall upon someone else to do.

I don’t see myself as being a rightful person, to spearhead such a project.

The Day of Healing and Renewal:

Some may recall, that we started an alternative observation on “National Coming Out Day” [October 11], called “The Day of Healing and Renewal”.

Our day of alternate observation, is for those who still cannot safely come out…and it stands as a call for reconciling the history and healing the bad blood, which divides the MAP community from the LGBT community…and inviting a new, positive and uplifting relationship moving into the future.

Aside from the fact, that it’s high time I started acknowledging this alternate observation once again…

…I am willing to share in some kind of joint observation, which includes a broader range of oppressed sexual minorities.

I like having different days of community observance…

…I just don’t see a reason, to change what is already set in place.

I invite discussion here, regarding a new observation/resource, that brings together a MAP, Incest Community and Zoophile alliance.


Social Justice Journalists Outraged Over Refusal to Censor Games…


Date: June 12, 2018

01) Social Justice Journalists Outraged Over Refusal to Censor Games

“A game that allowed you to play as an active shooter was pulled from the Steam Store and many on the left started praising Valve for doing so. But the game wasn’t pulled for being offensive, it was pulled because the developer was banned from the service.

Following this Valve clarified they would allow any game on Steam so long as it was legal and not trolling. Naturally the Social Justice left is furious over this refusal to censor legal content.

But why did Valve do it? Are they really standing up for free expression?”

I applaud Valve for this.

The reasons why you don’t give in to the “social justice” net nannies…include the fact that you’ll get an endless flow of nit pickers…who will make your life hell…

Once you compromise your stance and relent to one net nanny…you will greatly weaken your grounds on which to deny subsequent net nannies…

…You simply do not give up ground to them, at all.


Trump Scolds Trudeau For Canada Burning Down White House (They Didn’t)…


Date: June 11, 2018

01) Trump Scolds Trudeau For Canada Burning Down White House (They Didn’t)

“We are now going to explain the War of 1812 to you. Why not?
We didn’t think we’d find ourselves here, either. But on Wednesday, CNN reported that the 206-year-old war figured prominently in a discussion between President Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada on May 25. According to CNN’s unnamed sources, President Trump asked Mr. Trudeau, “Didn’t you guys burn down the White House?”

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation then confirmed the CNN report. The Times has not independently confirmed the remarks.
It’s unclear if the president was trying to make a joke during what was, reportedly, a tense call about his decision to impose steep tariffs on metals imported from Canada, Mexico and the European Union.”

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How Far YouTube Has Fallen…

Date: June 09, 2018


“The title tells it all. Maybe if you ALL watch this video, oh like, 2,000 times, they’ll keep me on!?”

Zipster is an excellent example of YouTube culture, when things were really just starting to blow up.

He’s an excellent example, of the user base which built YouTube into the juggernaut it is.

He may not be everybody’s cup of tea…but he attracted his audience of people, with whom his media resonated.

That’s what YouTube was, originally…and for many years…It’s what refugees from the mainstream media culture, came to YouTube for…It represents the true power and potential, that YouTube once had.

Now it’s just a cold tool, of the mainstream media…the same media, most of us came to YouTube to get away from…to jettison out of our lives…

You now cant even escape it…on YouTube…Unbelievable…

The YouTube partner program?…

…I remember that…It was a huge deal, when it started.

It says a lot about the time, and how much things have changed, that a channel like Zipster’s would be the first candidate to get a call.

As standards go…the original “YouTube celebrities” were small potatoes…barely significant in comparison, to what billion dollar corporations with instant name recognition can garner…

But these small, grass roots channels…are what YouTube built itself upon…

…And it says everything…that YouTube considers the early heroes of it’s own story, to be antiquated…and worthy of treating like this…

…I agree with Zipster…

…Those original, chosen channels, should be grandfathered in…They should be protected, and enshrined…

…But, if YouTube were to actually do that…it would have to be constantly reminded, and make a public admission…of just what a corporate twat it is…

Shame on YouTube.

Bret Weinstein Testifies to Congress on The Evergreen State College riots, Free Speech & Safe Spaces…

Date: June 09, 2018

01) Bret Weinstein Testifies to Congress on The Evergreen State College riots, Free Speech & Safe Spaces

“Bret Weinstein’s testimony to the House of Representatives about the free speech crisis on U.S. college campuses.

The testimony delivered by Dr. Weinstein to the members of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform explained that the crisis isn’t primarily about free speech, and won’t be limited to college campuses for long.

Excerpt from Dr. Weinstein’s testimony:

Oppression Disguised as Equity
Testimony of Bret S. Weinstein
United States House of Representatives
May 22, 2018

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the day that 50 Evergreen students–students that I had never met–disrupted my class, accusing me of racism and demanding my resignation. I tried to reason with them. I felt no fear because I knew that, whatever my failings might be, bigotry was not among them.

At that moment. I felt sure I could reach these students. I also felt a moral obligation to try. Racism, which squanders human potential, and erodes human dignity, offends me. I am also well versed in the evolutionary logic that makes racism durable. I should have had no trouble establishing common ground.

Their response surprised me, and it would take months for me to fully understand what had happened. The protestors had no apparent interest in the very dialog they seemed to invite. I was even more surprised by the protestor’s fervor in shouting down my actual students–some of whom had known me for years. The cruelty and derision reserved for students of color who spoke in my defense was particularly chilling.

If not discussion, what did they want? I was one of Evergreen’s most popular professors. I had Evergreen’s version of tenure. Did they really think they could force my resignation based on a meritless accusation?

They did think that. And they were right. What I had not counted on was their alliance with Evergreen’s new president.

Though the protestors openly humiliated him, the president of the college partnered with the mob in private, handing them concession after concession. We know this because the rioters filmed everything and proudly uploaded it. In one particularly telling video, President Bridges calmly discusses with the leaders of the protest a demand to target STEM faculty based on the empty assertion that scientists are particularly prone to bias. In that same video the president speaks of his plan for those who resist the new order: “Bring ’em in. Train ’em. And if they don’t get it, sanction ’em.” He invites his partners to hold him to it.

On the second day of unrest, the police chief called me. Rioters were stopping traffic and searching for someone, car to car. The chief believed it was me. She was worried for my safety and helpless to protect me as the president had ordered her force to “stand down.” What would have transpired if the rioters had found me? I still don’t know, and I strongly suspect they don’t either.

The protest at my class did not emerge out of the blue in May, 2017. One year earlier I stood up and spoke in opposition to a dangerous proposal, one that threatened to establish a racial hierarchy amongst faculty.

To those who have not faced something similar, this likely sounds hyperbolic. But one can now advance such policies, and almost certainly succeed in passing them, if they are properly draped in weaponized terminology. “Equity”, for example, has taken on special properties. If a person opposes an “equity” proposal, those advancing the proposal are secure in asserting that their opponent is motivated by opposition to racial equity itself: In other words, that they are racist.

My opposition to that first “equity” proposal was voiced to my colleagues, with no students present. Demands for my resignation one year later, were not the result of organic student confusion. They were payback for violating a de facto code of faculty conduct in which one’s right to speak is now dictated by adherence to an ascendant orthodoxy in which one’s race, gender and sexual orientation are paramount. The students were on a mission. They were unwitting tools of a witting movement.

This committee should take my tale as cautionary. Is there a free speech crisis on college campuses? One can certainly make that argument, but that portrayal is at least as misleading as it is informative. What is occurring on college campuses is about power and control–speech is impeded as a last resort, used when people fail to self-censor in response to a threat of crippling stigma and the destruction of their capacity to earn.

These tools are being used to unhook the values that bind us together as a nation–equal protection under the law, the presumption of innocence, a free marketplace of ideas, the concept that people should be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Yes, even that core tenet of the civil rights movement is being dismantled…

Full Hearing: