A Model for World Leaders: What You Should Be Saying to MAPs…

Date: December 02, 2017

01) Canadian Prime Minister Apologizes To LGBTQ Community & Tears Up

This is a very good example, of the message of apology, remorse and dedication towards restitution, owed from society towards MAPs, and sexual groups of many more stripes than just what gets recognized in the LGBTQ.

When we reach the day, where leaders in this world are including children, teens and MAPs in these kinds of heart felt statements…we will have made tangible progress, in the true realization of human rights.

And Kyle is correct…

…There is a deep seeded problem within western culture…quite notably horrible, within the USA…which still persists, in acting as though it were correct in hounding, mocking, threatening, libeling and slurring sexual minorities…a culture proud, to be anti human rights, and inhumane on an outright vulgar level.

Just as bad…we now have unconstitutional “hate speech” laws, designed to specifically exclude the very people who are in most dire, extreme need of such protections in the entire culture. These “laws” are toothless, where they are most starkly needed.

Western cultures are not truthfully dedicated to human justice…and especially not human sexual justice.

If they were…they would have no qualms about including children, teens and MAPs, in such public apologies and addresses.

The USA can barely even muster up a public acknowledgement of gays and lesbians, in a political speech…

…It’s pathetic…It’s embarrassing…It’s disgraceful…

…It’s a sign, that the current crop of people in government needs to be replaced.

…They are not representatives of the people, when they refuse to integrily represent all of the people.

In addition…Yes…a lot of this sort of thing is lip service…

…But the USA doesn’t even have the balls, to give something as shallow as that.

How Sitcoms Handled Homos in the 70s and 80s…

Date: December 01, 2017

01) How Sitcoms Handled Homos in the 70s and 80s

“When did TV first permit joking while gay? I’ve been combing through sitcoms to figure out when queers stopped being a scary threat, and were allowed to be real people with love lives and funny punch lines. Here are just a few of my favorite early gay characters on sitcoms.”

I could probably name three movies [though no television shows] off the top of my head, where the portrayal of MAPs is at least humanizing…and attempting to give a more fleshed out, complex and diverse set of attributes to the character.

Most “MAP movies” are not clearly such…and it would take someone who has the orientation, to recognize the parallels between their life and the movie.

Of course…aside from “For a Lost Soldier” [which isn’t entirely glowing, either]…”The Woodsman” and “Mysterious Skin” are hardly the kindest portrayal of MAPs…Some MAPs detest the latter, because it’s predictably propagandist…But I think that it displays a happy relationship [a romance, even] between the boy and MAP, plus that the MAP is not violent, sets “Mysterious Skin” apart from most of the drivel out there.

Of course…the down side, is that the end suggestion is that “even in the best circumstances, it all ends in disaster”…

I have a “love hate” relationship, with “Mysterious Skin”…It’s a very complicated and challenging movie.

…And “The Woodsman”…well…”a MAP with past baggage, can still be good”…It’s a teeth gritting movie, challenging in it’s own way…the sad sight, of a MAP begging for social redemption…submissive and apologetic, for being born what he is.

…That’s not to say he has nothing to apologize for…Maybe he does…

“The Woodsman” allows him to be human, in his circumstances…Which is a lot more than can be said for most media, with a MAP character in it.

REPORT: Trump Might Not Be a Liar, Just Delusional…

Date: December 01, 2017

01) REPORT: Trump Might Not Be a Liar, Just Delusional

“Reporting from the Washington Post and New York Times suggests that Donald Trump isn’t necessarily lying when he perpetuates demonstrable falsehoods, but rather he is delusional enough to believe his claims

New Reports Suggest Trump Might Not Be a Liar at All, But Truly Delusional
From ‘Access Hollywood’ to Russia, Trump seeks to paint the rosiest picture
Trump Once Said the ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape Was Real. Now He’s Not Sure.