Protesting the Make America Straight Again Conference…

Date: June 27, 2019

01) Protesting the Make America Straight Again Conference

“The Make America Straight Again Conference held by the New Independent Fundamental Baptists (NIFB) – a hate group that advocates for the death of LGBT members was in Orlando, Florida last weekend. Their conference was held during pride month on the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. This is a recap of our peaceful protest of the NIFB’s MASA conference.

Pastor Steven Anderson, Tommy McMurtry, Patrick Boyle, Bruce Mejia and Roger Jimenez were a few of the homophobic pastors advocating for the death of gay people. We stood in firm opposition, countering their message of hate with one of love.

My video leading up to the protest:

What is a Nervous Breakdown? – Is it a mental disorder?…


Date: June 27, 2019

01) What is a Nervous Breakdown? – Is it a mental disorder?

“This video answers the question: What is a nervous breakdown? Does the construct of a nervous breakdown have diagnostic value? The term nervous breakdown is used in the popular culture and is considered a colloquial. Most mental health counselors do not interpret the term as having any diagnostic value, however, a study looking at this term found that it does align with several technical terms and mental disorders used by clinicians.

Rapport, L. J., Todd, R. M., Lumley, M. A., & Fisicaro, S. A. (1998). The Diagnostic Meaning of “Nervous Breakdown” Among Lay Populations. Journal of Personality Assessment, 71(2), 242.”


Paedophiles should not be prosecuted for watching child porn and should be put on ‘diversion courses’ instead, new report says…

Date: June 25, 2019

01) Paedophiles should not be prosecuted for watching child porn and should be put on ‘diversion courses’ instead, new report says

“Proposal by think-tank Justice recommends softer treatment for offenders

The idea is backed by the new Victims’ Commissioner Dame Vera Baird

But critics warn the process could be exploited and says some offenders need tougher treatment to steer them away from re-offending

Paedophiles caught viewing child sex abuse images should not be prosecuted, a controversial report has recommended.

Under the plan, police would be told to let thousands of offenders who look at indecent photographs and films of youngsters online off the hook by sending them to workshops instead of being taken to court.

Offenders would be placed on ‘diversion courses’ – similar to drink-driving awareness programmes.”

Half in the Bag: Child’s Play (2019)…


Date: June 25, 2019

01) Half in the Bag: Child’s Play (2019)

“Mike and Jay saw the new Chucky movie. The reboot. Not the other new Chucky movie that only came out a couple of years ago. It’s a different Chucky now. But there’s a new Chucky TV series coming out next year as well. That’s going to be the original Chucky. The Chucky they’re talking about in this video is the new Chucky. There’s two Chuckys. For some reason.”

There’s been a curious resurgence in the “Child’s Play” series, over the last three or four years…

They put out “Revenge of Chucky”…and then “Cult of Chucky”…neither of which I’ve seen…and I presume they didn’t do all that well…

…I wasn’t expecting a reboot…

…It just seems like…”What for?”…

I’m interested in seeing all the ones I’ve not seen yet, though…including this new one…and at this point, it looks like there’s more that I have not seen, than the ones I have seen.

I’ve seen the first two…parts of the third…and “Seed of Chucky” [which I absolutely loved]…never seen any of the others.

On the side…they mention “The Boy”…a movie I really liked…I’ll have to find something, and maybe even write something, about that movie…

I have a thing for creepy doll movies…I love them.

The “Child’s Play” series is really comedy, however…It’s barely even horror.

I do like the way Chucky looks in this reboot.

Child’s Play:


‘I Couldn’t Continue On’: A Former Jehovah’s Witness On Leaving The Faith…

Date: June 24, 2019

01) ‘I Couldn’t Continue On’: A Former Jehovah’s Witness On Leaving The Faith

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“Growing up as a third-generation Jehovah’s Witness, there were certain things Amber Scorah did not question.

When, as a teenager, the community shunned her and prevented her from participating in her father’s funeral, she accepted it as appropriate punishment for having sex with her boyfriend. Rather than pulling away at that time, Scorah doubled down.

“When my father died, it just gave me more impetus to want to go back to the faith,” Scorah says, “because I knew that the only way I would see him again was if I were a Jehovah’s Witness who survived Armageddon, because after Armageddon, the faithful would be resurrected to Earth, in our beliefs.”

Scorah went on to marry an elder in the church, and she and her husband traveled to China as missionaries. But gradually, doubt set in.

“The more I got to know and learn about Chinese culture … the more I realized their culture had thousands of years of rich wisdom and cultural tradition and history,” she says. “And here I was, across the table, coming here, this person from the West telling them to throw all that away in favor of this a-hundred-or-so-year-old new American religion.”

Melissa Chen: Can’t ignore the elephant in the room that is Amos Yee…


Date: June 24, 2019

01) Can’t ignore the elephant in the room that is Amos Yee [December 10, 2018]

“Can’t ignore the elephant in the room that is Amos Yee. Apologies for hastily-made video in the airport lounge.

My statement:”

This is a woman who fought to get Amos Yee out of Singapore, when he was being persecuted for voicing his views.

…Allegedly, Melissa is a professional free speech [and human rights?] activist…

…And yet…when the speech is concerning “pedophiles” and “pedophilia”…Melissa is not so much of a champion for speech…

In fact…it seems the people who want to push back against pedophile hysteria are “okay to throw to the wolves”…if we are taking Melissa at her word…and, well…she can tell you in her own words.

…Amos was pushing back against the pedophile hysteria, after all.

I am glad I kept Amos at a distance…I don’t have any bad experiences with him…I barely have any experiences with him, at all…but I’m too cautious, to go running into any type of relationship with someone that rambunctious…and I wanted to see if/how he would establish himself, first…I wanted for time to vett him.

It raised a great deal of concern, when the claim surfaced that Amos was outing NOMAP’s…

…Regardless of what you think of NOMAP’s…that sort of behavior is not something I take any positive view on…

It’s one of the unforgivable sins, in fact.

We as a community, exist by delicate balance…and we cannot be violating the very principles which keep us safe and functioning…Nobody can just move in, and decide they are going to impose this sort of thing on the wider community…and I will never side with anyone who does such a thing.

That is a different issue from the subject of this post, however.

We fight…because even the “free speech and human rights champions”, have largely turned their backs on us…

…They are derelict, where it comes to the free speech and human rights of MAP’s.

If they are supposedly the line of defense we are expected to rely upon…

…then we are absolutely screwed.

We are forced to be our own defense…often times, standing alone.

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