Chatango’s Attacker is Getting His Just Deserts…

Date: December 19, 2016

01) FBI Arrests Customer of Xtreme Stresser DDoS-for-Hire Service

“The FBI arrested this past week Sean Krishanmakoto Sharma, 26, from La Canada, California, for launching DDoS attacks against Chatango, an online chat service.

According to court documents, Sharma, who is a USC graduate, purchased DDoS firepower from Xtreme Stresser, an online DDoS-for-hire service.

He used this service to attack Chatango and brought down the company’s services on different occasions for a two-month period, between November 6, 2014 and January 20, 2015.”

I used to use Chatango, until the DDoS attacks started.

After Google bought and killed Meebo, Chatango was the only thing I could find, that was reasonably similar…

…Then that idiot forced me into a third long search, to find another service I could find acceptable.

It’s good to see he is getting his just deserts, for interrupting my flow and wasting my time.

‘Victims Groups’ Who Cant Stand that Pedophiles Have a Voice and Rights…


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Date: December 19, 2016

01) Government child sex abuse inquiry to interview paedophiles as victims hit out at ‘insulting’ decision

“The review states: “In addition we will carry out qualitative research with convicted sexual offenders to understand how child sexual exploitation networks are formed and sustained.”

But victims’s groups said it was outrageous that paedophiles would be ‘consulted’ by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) and said it was evidence that Prof Jay, an eminent social worker, was attempting to ‘theorise’ crimes committed over decades by predatory abusers.

Raymond Stevenson, founder of the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association, who was the victim of abuse in a children’s home in south London, said: “This is pathetic. You will not learn anything from speaking to paedophiles. They just lie anyway. It is a waste of public money.”

His group withdrew support from the IICSA over concerns about Prof jay and the length of time the inquiry has been taking. Andi Lavery, who runs White Flowers Alba, a group of victims abused in the Catholic Church, said: “Interviewing paedophiles is wrong. It is demeaning. It is turning this into an experiment and it makes us survivors feel like laboratory rats. I am not being treated like a human being by Jay. They are using us as research.”

This article really underscores not only the dangers, but the backward thinking, of fanaticism in “victims rights” groups.

Truth be told…these interviews are likely to be far more insulting and dehumanizing to the pedophiles taking part in them…They are the ones being dissected…

…And it’s all being done, for the benefit of “stopping abuse” within a certain social narrative…A narrative which ruptures it’s own spine, bending over backwards to cater to these endlessly complaining “victims rights” groups.

These groups do not have the right to strip other people of their voice, nor of their human rights…Yet, given the current trends…you’d think this ruthless goal was part of their very own charters.

There is an old and famous quote, which goes like this…

“He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

…And these kinds of “victims groups”, have become an embodiment of this quote…They’ve become the aggression and abuse they claim to hate.

Condemning research done with their interests, and alleged end goals, in mind?…What better example of disingenuousness could they offer the world?

This tantrum of theirs is total absurdity.


M.A. Voice: Issue 16 – December 19, 2016…


Articles and content from Minor Attracted People [MAPs], presented in no particular order and without preference or discrimination. These are diverse viewpoints.

Note: All BoyChat links will include their corresponding TOR URL to use in the TOR Browser, as well as their normal BoyChat URL. TOR2WEB is being used as a stop gap, in combating malicious attacks against BoyChat and it’s community.

Date: December 19, 2016

01) ‘Virtuous pedophile’ who admits being attracted to children but has never abused anyone is trying to encourage others in his situation to come forward

Todd Nickerson interview

02) Baldur: Article: Calling bullshit on dumb S.O. laws
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1488926.htm
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Two Federal Courts Call BS on Banning Sex Offenders From ‘Child Safety Zones’

03) LordTeognis: These times are difficult…
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1489071.htm
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04) man of one way: Remember our heroes
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05) The Overlord: Time To Expose The Hunters, Once Again – Secrecy Is Toxic (Part 1d)

Editors Comment:

To the people who have maliciously attacked BoyChat…

…It would be satisfying to discover, that all of you will be sued and criminally prosecuted…and that you will spend time in prison for this…But we all know how this rigged game is played…And we all know that is not going to happen in this era. Consider yourselves lucky, that you are not going to get what you deserve.

As to your flimflam about a certain idiot woman being “doxed” on BoyChat, and your supposed White Knighting on her behalf…

…The individual in question, is a sociopath who has gone well out of her way, chronically and over a long period of time, to stalk, harass, threaten, dehumanize, censor and endanger MAPs, who were doing nothing beyond using online social resources in scrupulously legal ways.

After the very real impact of this sociopath’s behavior, some MAPs have started documenting and publishing her behaviors, in response to them.

This is a perfectly reasonable and justified action.

That a few of these were posted at BoyChat is also reasonable, on account that some of us MAPs also frequent BoyChat, and find this information to be relevant.

This is a person who has threatened me, personally…As such, I am entitled to know who she is…I am also entitled to share this information, with anyone else I witness being threatened by her.

This situation is a prime example, of why I absolutely loathe you sorts…

One, or more, of you decides to create some insurmountable conflict with our community…Any kind of response comes back from us, and you start acting like we are doing something horrible to you…

…No…This is all your doing…This is all on your heads…You have no victims amongst you, in regards to this.

The answer to entirely avoiding these kinds of situations, is common decency and respect…

…Learn it!

One good thing did come of this, however…

…I’m now much better set up, to ride through any DDoS attacks on BoyChat, without missing a beat…That is objectively good.

We are becoming more resilient, as a community…learning and spreading various alternate ways of accessing BoyChat…So, go swallow that pill.

If you’re a Minor Attracted Person [MAP] who would like your content featured in the next issue, please use the form below to pass along the necessary information.

You may also submit content created by other MAPs. Any form of legal content [written, audio, video, artistic, academic, personal expression, etc.] will be considered for inclusion.

All submissions made via this form are private.


Other Issues

Dear @Eil_in_Lib …

Date: December 18, 2016

On November 19th, 2016, you insulted me in a very public manner, for having done nothing more than share another MAPs media on my blog.

Since your Twitter account is already shut down, I presume you are a troll and it got terminated.

Despite that I explained the situation to you, you lacked the decency to apologize to me…Therefor, I wrote the following.

Let it serve as a message to all, who are inclined to behave in the noxious manner you have.

I do my best to idiot proof what I do online, to prevent others from putting their foot into their own mouth…

You, however…are one of those highly special cases, that seem beyond help.

You read a tweet from my account…an account on which I clearly state in spoken audio, that I do not endorse everything I tweet or retweet…

…That’s strike one…

Due to the nature of the tweet in question, I know that you had to visit my blog to view the video…At my blog, I have an audio recording right in plain sight, titled “no blanket endorsements”…where I explain the exact same thing as above…You continued on obliviously…

…That’s strike two…

You read the post in question, out of a series I designed for highlighting other people’s media…It’s very much like my M.A. Voice series, where I make it clear that I am merely featuring other people’s content…It should go without saying [not that I haven’t said it], that I don’t endorse every single thing about what shows up in the M.A. TV series…That you could not seem to comprehend this?…

…That’s strike three…

You start off on a nasty foot, with “Gobsmacked by your level of tosh.”, which appears to be an ad hominem…If I’m interpreting this right, then you’re calling me stupid…You continue on with “Your argument is about the way he WORDED his reply???”, which is a complete strawman [Do not put words I’ve never said, into my mouth!]…and follow with a #facepalm hashtag, to make sure your unjustified demeaning of me had a wide audience…

…That’s strike four…

I told you directly, no less than twice, that the media and post title were not of my making…I was merely sharing them with my audience…You ignored this, entirely…

…That’s strike five…

You’re only response was “And do you realise that a view/argument can be stated in a comment? “his barbarity…”…A retort which says absolutely nothing, except for the fact that you don’t understand what nuance or context is.

…That’s strike six…

Your retort makes no sense…Of course I realize a view and argument “can” be made in a comment…That does not make the view or comment MINE…Given that you were attacking me, personally, and trying to hold me responsible for the content creators words, we both know that you were approaching me, with fundamental misunderstandings about what was objectively happening.

Your bullheaded attempt at hanging onto your stubborn assertion, is a non sequitur…It completely sidesteps the objective facts, and abruptly shifts from your original, smug attack…to something even more distorted and vague.

…Yet, you don’t seem to have the integrity to own up to it, and make peace…like any decent, mature person would do.

Since you likely don’t know what ad hominem or non sequitur mean…

Ad hominem is when you react or argue against a person, instead of a position they hold…With the bigger jerks, this usually takes the form of personal insults.

…And I’d like to take a moment to observe, that you offered absolutely nothing in response to the substance of the media in question…instead only insulting me on a personal level…all the while, displaying that the message of that media went straight over your head.

Non sequitur is when one tries to make a statement or conclusion, which does not logically follow from a previous statement or argument…And given the facts that are coming to light, you totally pulled a non sequitur.

Strawman…Ad hominem…Non sequiturs…Anyone who employs these tactics, has nothing of relevance to say…And you hit all three of these, right out of the gate.

Shall I explain what nuance and context mean, also?…You clearly have no concept of those, either.


…You are an absolute train wreck of “tosh”.

Expanding The Government’s Hacking Powers, Under The Radar…

Date: December 18, 2016

01) Expanding The Government’s Hacking Powers, Under The Radar

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“Changes to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure broaden the government’s hacking ability by removing restrictions on search warrants. The amended Rule 41 allows judges to issue search warrants that let the government hack into computers and devices outside the judge’s jurisdiction, and it allows bulk hacking of multiple computers at once.

First, Brooke speaks with Rainey Reitman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who explains how the changes came about and what concerns her organization has about them — as well as what EFF is bracing for under the incoming Trump administration.

Then, Brooke speaks with Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), who tried and failed to get the Senate to hold a hearing on the Rule 41 changes. He explains why he thinks they go too far and why so many of his colleagues were unwilling to even consider debating them.”

Children Have No Sense of Sexuality? (Narrated)…


Date: December 18, 2016

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.

What do people mean, when they claim children have no personal sense of sexuality?

…In addition, how do they make this determination?…How do they know this?…How do they determine it is a true assessment?

You would not say this in a culture that does not hide or inhibit sex from children, because it does not hold true in those types of cultures…But even in strict prohibition cultures like ours…how do you split that hair between weak sexual interest, and the logical outcomes of external sexual suppression?

Remembering back to my own childhood…either privately or with other children…we didn’t do anything of a sexual nature out in the open, because we had it impressed upon us by the culture we lived in, that we would be seriously punished for outwardly showing or expressing such things…but it was there in a very concrete way.

If you cannot even safely talk about it as a child, or even adolescent in many cases…of course, it creates a kind of silence…or a censored kind of blind spot in the human experience…which makes it easy to avoid, ignore…or even insert other ideas into the vague, mental void that’s been created by this suppression.

The thing to realize here…is that this is a socially constructed dishonesty.

It’s primarily kept standing and in effect…because the majority of us are too scared of the consequences, of rebelling against this state of affairs.

Children have sexual awareness…They may not have a deep intellectual, or biological, understanding of it…But the state of spontaneous sexual arousal is something, which even small children experience…They respond to visual, vocal and physical stimulation…just like adults.

You may not think this to be an optimal setting for sexual relations…But it certainly defies the notion that children are asexual, or that they lack all sexual awareness.

Generally speaking…when children engage in sexually aggressive or reckless ways…it’s because culture has imposed upon them a broad sexual ignorance and prohibition…It’s failed to give them a good role model, concerning their developing sexuality. You get kids being horny, who have no education or guidance in human sexuality…what do you expect to happen?

A little story:

Now…I don’t put this forward as if it were the embodiment of BoyLove…But it’s an honest observation of kids being kids…and it’s another element of my own lifelong observations, which have helped me see through much of the fog imposed upon human sexuality…

…But, my aunt babysat three children…one of whom was a seven year old boy…My younger male cousin was not very kind to him…but they went through this phase where things turned down a sexual path…To my knowledge, they were never physically touching.

What I did witness [more than once], was an interest in my cousin for seeing the younger boy with his genitals exposed…and a willingness [I’d honestly call eager] of the younger boy to comply…It was as though my cousins act of telling him to do something, was a liberating excuse for the younger boy to do something he was overall enjoying…He had an “out” if he got caught, because the bully was making him do it…but he wasn’t distressed by doing any of it…and even once went out of his way, to suggest that my cousin order him to pull down his pants in front of everybody else in the room…

There was some type of sexual dynamic happening there, under the surface…and I think they both were experiencing it, on some level.

One incident that stands out, however…is when the younger boy was in our room with his pants and underwear around his ankles…and my cousin showed him a picture of a naked woman in a pornographic magazine, with her legs spread wide open…

…He likely had no understanding of the mechanics of sexual activity…yet his small penis sprung to an erect status…

Right before our eyes…without being touched or told anything…this seven year old boy’s body prepared itself for the act of sex, within a matter of seconds.

Personally…I have various recollections of spontaneous erections as a young boy, from unexpectedly seeing the genitals of other people [typically other children, but sometimes women]…So, his physical reaction was consistent, with my own experiences with sexual stimulation at a young age…

…This was one of various parallels to my own childhood experience, that I have witnessed…It’s help make me aware that I am not alone, in this regard.

You cannot say that children of that age are asexual…It’s more accurate to say they are sexually inexperienced.

As a side note:

I’ve spent years feeling like I should apologize, over my lack of intervention in 99% of what my cousin did to this kid…He was terrible to that boy…A time or two, it really crossed the line…

What I describe above…is possibly the only time I ever saw these two recognizably on the same page…in some sort of collusion…Probably because it was finally something, that the younger boy was liking…He was getting a new, exciting experience he got nowhere else…and he was visibly taking to it…not just with his erections, but with his tone and mannerisms.

…And I confess…

…He seemed so out of reach to me, at that point in my life…like it couldn’t possibly work out…

…But that young boy has entered my fantasies many times, in the years since we fell out of contact…

I think he would have been a natural explorer…

…I think…had I the nerve to float the idea to him…I could have probably sucked his rather cute penis…perhaps many times.

…And it could have been beautiful.

Should I have made the suggestion?…

…Honestly…it may be “safest” that I did not…

…But it may have also deprived this boy of a kind, human connection, in a setting where he most needed such a thing.

Ultimately…I am sorry I was so spineless, and incapable of even saying something…

…At worst, he likely would have just declined…and that would have been the end of it.

In addition…I probably could have done a lot with my cousin, also…if only I’d been interested in him, that way…

…I wish I had been.

My life has been degraded by various lost opportunities, to share something beautifully human with another.

…It seems…these days I spend a lot more of my life mourning what was lost in my life…than time spent being happy I “stayed safe”…


Dear @Sargon_of_Akkad …

Date: December 16, 2016

01) The Reality of Child Trafficking Rings

“International child sex trafficking rings are real and they reach to the highest levels of government, business and entertainment.”

Yes, Sargon…lots of stories and accusations abound. Some true, some not.

I take a hardline stance against things like #pizzagate not for want of true victims being silent…

…but because people’s “hearts being in the right place” is not good enough, where such extreme accusations are thrown about.

I’m done with the self entitlement culture which imagines the ends justify the means…

I’m against #pizzagate for the exact same reasons I am staunchly against women who make false rape charges against men.

…And just because some powerful people have gotten away with things in the past, it doesn’t absolve those making up stories.

If I sound at all detached…or cold…Know that I’ve spent a lifetime being subjected to these kinds of “pedophile” horror stories…and all the public vitriol and self hate, that comes with them…After so long, you start recognizing the bullshit inherent in the fallout of these spectacles…In your decades of self reflection and searching…you start seeing the holes in these stories, much more clearly.

No…pushing back, is not the same thing as denying a voice to true victims…and shame on you, for even suggesting such a thing…

…It is precisely because of an almost total lack of common sense resistance to this type of propaganda and hysterics, that we have gotten to a point of such brazen propaganda and hysterics, which is capable of producing pizzagate.

It’s fanaticism:

If I put together a list of the varied, underhanded ways in which the MAP community has been relentlessly attacked…I’d be going on and on, for a very long time.

I can cite an awful lot, just from my nearly two decades online.

Multiple times…outsiders have planted messages on our community boards violating our guidelines, just so they could take screen captures, and claim this [ie: requesting illegal material] is normal behavior on our boards…A few have ended up in mainstream media reports.

…The same thing often happens at the hands of an unknown outsider, just prior to denial of service attacks…They plant their own requests [ie: to meet an underage person for sex], show it to their buddies, and use it as an excuse to attack our boards.

The mainstream media has glorified this one sociopath, in specific…with a long history of cherry picking and outright distorting the words of BoyLovers and Girl-Lovers…I’ve personally been targeted by this sociopath [amongst several others]…who was being treated as if she were some sort of hero, and treated as if she were “in danger for confronting us”…A complete load of concocted bullshit…

People like to drag our community symbols into all sorts of scandals, even when our symbols are not associated with those scandals…and it goes unchallenged that they are doing this.

The media has been outright deplorable and ruthless, towards MAPs…as have numerous public forums and resources…They typically spread and foster the dehumanization of MAPs, while simultaneously barring us from using their forums…Or they create such a hostile environment, that a MAP would be crazy to imagine anything good could come from appearing on their platform.

YouTube…Many years before Sargon of Akkad was known by anyone on YouTube, I [Steve Diamond] had a thriving and active YouTube account…It released nowhere near the volume of media as Sargon does, but YouTube was a much different landscape back then…If nothing else, I produced and released honest media that discussed socially complex issues…Then a sociopath started stealing and altering my content, trying to hijack my identity…and distort my underlying message…My channel got blindsided, by a broad deletion of my channel and his “clones”…This same sociopath spent time trying to taunt and torment me, when he imagined he knew what my identity was…That experience is quite the conversation piece.

I’ve poured myself into serious blogging projects [not unlike what you see on this blog] for a year…even upwards of two years, just to have them callously deleted by some creep on the administration, who sympathizes with these sociopaths…I have yet to be given any answers, as to what terms of service I allegedly violated…They appear unable to actually answer this.

I’m not the only MAP who’s been out here, facing these extreme indignities and abuses…I’ve witnessed similar things happen to numerous MAPs…on lots of different platforms…And I’ve been most intensely involved in this scene, for the last decade…So, I do have time, experience, collective investigation and long term perspective behind me.

When MAPs like myself take a hardline approach towards things like pizzagate…it is about pushing back against all of this chronic horse shit, which MAPs are ruthlessly subjected too…That sort of thing is rotten…and we are not accepting it, anymore.

We demand integrity in media, and in public forums!

Nothing about that inhibits the victims voice…

…In fact, it’s these shysters who are flooding the media with false and shady “information”, who are cheapening the victims voice…They’re dragging it’s integrity down.

…And how can I forget to mention “The Rind Report” scandal [here is an additional link], and all the fallout of that?…The media and U.S. congress had a field day with that…A meta analysis study, that categorized “child sex abuse survivors” into self reported categories of trauma…and given the insanely broad legal definitions of “child sex abuse”, the report found that…Duh!…kids who were in situations they chose to be in, normally were not traumatized…In addition, kids who had isolated mild trespasses forced against them, often put it behind them and were just fine…In other words, we are talking about things which are rationally to be expected.

Imagine that…common sense assessment, and honest reporting…and it massively pissed off the special interest groups, who don’t want these statistics causing their house of cards to collapse.

In reality…we find that the people suffering real trauma [ie: the people from the genuinely messed up, violent situations], are in the well pronounced minority [yet they are given the prominent voice, which defines the entire group]…Everybody else, is just dragged along and monopolized into the typical “child sex abuse” narrative…Their cases are used to inflate the numbers.

The research was condemned, for not coming to the politically correct conclusion…Universities lost their government funding, and most lost all spine to conduct this type of research…Already begun research [which a lot of us took part in, at substantial risk to ourselves] got derailed and indefinitely shelved…research that would have been landmark, and would have provided us with a substantial body of information by now.

We could have had serious inroads, in understanding [and communicating with] the larger MAP demographic…and potentially even outreach organizations in the field, for community support and guiding MAPs who were losing their way…

…But…no…the fanatics decided for us, that it was all a stunt to “normalize having sex with children” [an unfounded slogan these fanatics like to cling to, for purposes of spooking the public]…Or so they claimed…

…Truth be told, they cannot tolerate studies which expose the manipulation of these statistics…especially on such a grotesque scale…because these special interests will lose all credibility…people will know, they are manipulating and lying.

Oh…and “the Rind study” was repeated twice over, since it originally happened…And both studies arrived at the same conclusion…They just more quietly slipped under the radar, of the religious zealots who started the first firestorm.

The actions of these zealots [which includes Laura Schlessinger], did terrible damage to an important and necessary field of research.

None of this is personal opinion…It is established history.

[I’d like to recommend the book Censoring Sex Research (2013), to anyone genuinely interested in just how badly hostage this field of research has become. It is painstakingly explained here, by actual experts on the field.]

About the sociopaths:

Some people get the idea that I am lashing back at people who’ve had a hand in hurting me in the past, whenever I refer to them as a sociopath…

Truth is…I do not use this word loosely…and I don’t refer to most people, with such a term…

If you could see a parade of the specific people I’ve encountered, and talked about over the years…and you clearly visualized the sheer depths of their character and behavior…there is no way you could avoid realizing, that these individuals are malicious sociopaths.

They’ve found another human being, who they can publically torment and abuse…and they wont be judged for it…And if you see these people in their true nature…you understand, that is exactly what they are going after…it is what attracts them to chronically coming back [for years, in some cases], stalking and abusing MAPs.

I’m not going to list off, all the grotesque trespasses these people have committed against MAPs…

…But no educated, honest person is going to look at what they have done…and fail to realize that it is text book sociopathic behavior.

…They get a pass from most people, solely because their chosen target is part of a socially unprotected class.

…But they are sociopaths, by true definition…Their sheer tenacity and cruelty, testifies to this point of fact.

It’s not animosity or anger that makes me call these people sociopaths…It’s stark, honest assessment.

As a closing note…

…I have yet to be affected by one of these sociopaths, where it did not ultimately turn out that they have serious skeletons in their own closet…Some cases are straight up warped and incredulous…

These people are clearly, way overcompensating for something they hide in their own lives…

…It no longer shocks me when it’s exposed…that the people who’ve committed the worst evils against our community, turn out to be violent abusers [even of children] with a criminal record…and sexually deviant freaks who get off on violence and rape…

Please do note…I’ve not had to make up either one of those descriptions…Both of them are factual history, from real life cases we have faced.

In close:

All along…every step of the way…I have fully admitted that my philosophical views on human sexuality, and how it could fit into modern culture, are not the dominant social view…I’ve fully admitted, that human sexuality has it’s complexities and pitfalls…And I’ve tried to make it crystal clear, that I believe we still need to have these kinds of discussions even about taboo sex…because human sexuality is not going to go away…It’s still going to be here, and we are still going to have to face it, no matter how taboo or unwanted, in the minds of some.

…How we deal with human sexuality as a culture, has been a flaming disaster…a human tragedy, to be honest…

…It’s the unwillingness to talk about it and be reasonable, which has kept us trapped in this disastrous rut.

I don’t believe I have at all been objectively immoral, unethical, wrong or scummy, in my pursuit of this dialogue…nor in pursuit of broader understanding, on issues of human sexuality…or just the human condition, for that matter…

…In fact…this has been a hard, dangerous [at times, grueling] path to travel.

…I don’t want to be called a hero…but it would be nice, if people at least acknowledged that what I am doing is noble and honest…a rare honesty, you don’t encounter just anywhere.

Looking at the group of people who’ve attacked and hounded me [and other MAPs like me] over the decades…I mean…the degree of dishonesty and manipulation…the absolute hypocrisy…

…It’s like…Jesus Fucking Christ…These people imagine themselves to be better than me?…

…They think they are a better quality of human being, than I am?…and that they have any place to stand in judgment of me?…

…That they have some right, duty and responsibility to target and hurt me [or MAPs like me], because I stand out here and honestly talk about the world as it exists?

Everything I am discussing here…it’s all at the crux, of what has me so personally outraged and angry, over something like pizzagate.

…There is a long, long, tired history behind these kinds of ongoing, social media assaults on MAPs…and a lot of us are sick to death of it.

P.S. As was pointed out by another user of Twitter…your sources for this video are dubious.

P.S.S. I am not personally offended by your thoughts here…But, implying those of us who push back against this blatant propaganda are “pieces of shit”, and suggesting that we are in any way inhibiting the voices of victims [as if that were even possible], is crossing a line of integrity.

…This issue benefits from receiving a balanced, fact based perspective, from people who’ve actually been living their lives in the center of it…Which is the reason why I offered my own.