On Being: The Soul in Depression…

Date: May 25, 2018

01) The Soul in Depression

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“We’re fluent in the languages of psychology and medication, but the word “depression” does not do justice to this human experience. Depression is also spiritual territory. It is a shadow side of human vitality and as such teaches us about vitality. And what if depression is possible for the same reason that love is possible?”

Lionhearted (2012)…


Date: May 25, 2018

01) Lionhearted (2012)

“After a nuclear attack, the boy must become a man while his father is at war.”

If the war mongers ever obliterate this world, and most of the human species…

…one of the saddest things…is knowing that this is possibly the only way, intergenerational love could quickly become liberated…Most of the oppressors would be incinerated…and no longer there to torment aspiring lovers.

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Hillary Clinton Hypocritically Snubs Cynthia Nixon in Favor of Andrew Cuomo…


Date: May 25, 2018

01) Hillary Clinton Hypocritically Snubs Cynthia Nixon in Favor of Andrew Cuomo





Date: May 24, 2018


“Do you wanna talk about education? No, no, don’t worry, we’re not gonna ask you how you’re doing at school or whether you cleaned the dishes after dinner. It’s much more interesting to look at the education systems around the world, because in every country children are treated differently. This depends on mentality, lifestyle and even the weather of each country. But how different is education, for example, in Mexico and in the US? Let’s figure it out. Let’s ge… Oh, wait. First, a small disclaimer: all the information in this video is taken from open sources, all approaches to the education are individual, so don’t blame us if you and your family do something different. Deal? Excellent”

On Being: Nature, Joy, and Human Becoming…

Date: May 24, 2018

01) Nature, Joy, and Human Becoming

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“The sudden passionate happiness which the natural world can occasionally trigger in us,” Michael McCarthy writes, “may well be the most serious business of all.” He is a naturalist and journalist, and this is his delightful and galvanizing call — that we can stop relying on the immobilizing language of statistics and take up our joy in the natural world as our civilizational defense of it. With a perspective equally infused by science, reportage, and poetry, he reminds us that the natural world is where we evolved, where we found our metaphors and similes, and it is the resting place for our psyches.”

Staring Into Nothing – Power…

Date: May 23, 2018

01) Staring Into Nothing – Power

I kind of like this…Political rock is usually way tacky…This is not bad…It’s catchy enough, and has balls…

I decided to just share a playlist I found…there’s a review videos intermixed with the music.

I have no idea why the last three inclusions are on this playlist…They are probably best ignored.

Children’s Positive Sexual Contacts with Adults…


Date: May 23, 2018

01) Children’s Positive Sexual Contacts with Adults

“In unbiased studies which examine gentle and consensual sexual relationships between children and adults, no significant harm is found but positive results are; as a result of both the sex and the wider aspects of the relationship such as learning and emotional support.

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Date: May 23, 2018


“I want to make two things clear: I am suicidal because sometimes the situation seems hopeless; not because I am ashamed of who I am.

Also, I do appreciate the support I receive online. I do see you as human-beings who are interesting and we have formed emotional bonds but it’s just not quite as fulfilling as if our relationship was in person.

Furthermore, does anyone know if it’s possible to take the state to court for enforcing unjust laws? You know, the evidence is there to show that this is the case. If we could just come together and prove it.

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Video is for philosophical purposes. I do not condone breaking your country’s law or harming any person.

Revolutionary suicide does not mean that I and my comrades have a death wish; it means just the opposite. We have such a strong desire to live with hope and human dignity that existence without them is impossible. When reactionary forces crush us, we must move against these forces, even at the risk of death. We will have to be driven out with a stick.”
? Huey P. Newton, Revolutionary Suicide”

I’m hesitant to post this…but, this is real…this is reality…and the world should see this.

For the record…MAP is not a term we have been saddled with by the medical community…

…It’s a neutral term, which got it’s genesis probably upwards of fifteen years ago…in the BL/GL community…Some believe it can be traced back to Michael Melsheimer…a BoyLover, who was a resident [in the BL community] activist for humane mental health services for BLs and GLs…He suffered from mental health issues, himself.

“Minor Attracted” was a stigma free terminology, which covered every variation [nepiophile, pedophile, hebephile, ephebophile] of our type.

A number of us unified under the acronym MAP [originally, MAA (Minor Attracted Adult)], because we realized from experience…some BLs and GLs cannot take the psychological stress…and need the professional support…

…They should not have to suffer in silence, when they need help…

…If we can ease this for them, regardless of whether we believe everything is perfectly ideal…it is most ethical to assist them.

Don’t Commit Suicide:

Yes…Life is terrifying…

…Taking these types of stands, is terrifying…and most people will never comprehend what you endure in it…what it takes from you…the many ways it changes you…how it injures you…

…or how it ever possibly could be worth it.

…Dying is not the answer.

…We will die soon enough.

Dying to soon, will preempt the actual fight.

Dying is retreat.

He is right:

This is a common sense thing…

…These things are self evident, to any honest mind that looks and sees.

…This war should not even exist before us.

No educated sane mind, would choose for the world to be like this.

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