Christina Hoff Sommers on Google, GamerGate, and threats to Free Speech…

Date: August 29, 2017

01) Christina Hoff Sommers on Google, GamerGate, and threats to Free Speech

“The American Enterprise Institute scholar on Google, GamerGate, and challenges to free speech on campus and in corporate America. Click “Show more” to view all chapters. For more conversations, visit

Christina Hoff Sommers is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and host of the popular online series, The Factual Feminist. In this Conversation, Sommers reflects on the Google memo and argues that the suppression of free speech at universities now is spilling over into other parts of American life. Sommers also returns to the subject of GamerGate,the backlash against political correctness by video game enthusiasts, and describes how that movement has fared in an era of online trolling in American politics. Highlighting the decline in free speech on one hand and norms of civility on the other, Sommers calls for an alliance of fair-minded liberals and conservativesto restore civic education and respect for the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights.”

Progressives Delivering ‘Draft Bernie’ Petition to Sanders Himself…

Date: August 29, 2017

01) Progressives Delivering ‘Draft Bernie’ Petition to Sanders Himself

“The Draft Bernie organization is ramping up their effort to encourage Bernie Sanders to lead a new People’s Party. At the upcoming People’s Convergence Conference, #DraftBernie Founder Nick Brana along with Jimmy Dore and Tim Black will be hand delivering 50,000 signatures to Sanders in an effort to convince him to attend a town hall with Dr. Cornel West, wherein activists will pitch the idea to Bernie himself.

Progressives Delivering “Draft Bernie” Petition to Bernie Sanders:

David Smalley – Eating Our Own: How You Can Save the Movement…


Date: August 29, 2017

01) David Smalley – Eating Our Own: How You Can Save the Movement

“At the 2017 Gateway to Reason Conference
in St. Louis, David Smalley (host of Dogma Debate)
gave his perspective on the challenges and often
public divisions among atheist activists, and in regard
to online interactions as a whole.

It’s a perspective…uploaded and presented here as a
conversation starter, as so many are fervently seeking
fairer, more tempered, and more civil exchanges
and interactions between people.

Agree. Disagree. Offer a better perspective or solution. Continue the discussion.

Regardless, it’s my hope that we’ll commit ourselves to – whenever possible – building the bridges that will help unite us in the larger fight against superstition. – Seth Andrews”

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Ella Whelan: Safe Spaces Actually Harm the Protected (This is Why!)…

Date: August 29, 2017

01) Ella Whelan: Safe Spaces Actually Harm the Protected (This is Why!)

“Ella Whelan is is assistant editor at Spiked. Spiked is a British Internet magazine focusing on politics, culture and society from a broadly libertarian perspective and focuses on issues of freedom and state control, science and technology, culture, education and literature.
This talk is about safe spaces and why they are weakening.”

Full interview:

Mitch McConnell Gives Up On Hiding His Trump Hatred…

Date: August 29, 2017

01) Mitch McConnell Gives Up On Hiding His Trump Hatred

“The relationship between President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, has disintegrated to the point that they have not spoken to each other in weeks, and Mr. McConnell has privately expressed uncertainty that Mr. Trump will be able to salvage his administration after a series of summer crises.

What was once an uneasy governing alliance has curdled into a feud of mutual resentment and sometimes outright hostility, complicated by the position of Mr. McConnell’s wife, Elaine L. Chao, in Mr. Trump’s cabinet, according to more than a dozen people briefed on their imperiled partnership. Angry phone calls and private badmouthing have devolved into open conflict, with the president threatening to oppose Republican senators who cross him, and Mr. McConnell mobilizing to their defense.”