The real motivations behind the growing YouTube advertiser boycott…

Date: April 06, 2017

01) The real motivations behind the growing YouTube advertiser boycott

“More than 250 brands have reportedly pulled their spend from Google’s services after a newspaper investigation found their ads appearing next to extremist content on YouTube.

Business Insider spoke to more than a dozen ad executives who suggested the boycott smacks of “opportunism” and a chance to gleefully bash the biggest player in the online ad industry.

Some executives believe advertisers and agencies are hopeful Google’s pain over the issue will continue so they can use it as leverage in their negotiations with the online ad giant. Others said the boycott shows just how little many people understand about the way online advertising works.”

This is an uncommonly informative news article. It goes much deeper, than what most people are presently talking about.

Why Free Speech (even Hate Speech) is the best friend of the Oppressed – Jonathan Rauch…


Date: April 06, 2017

01) Why Free Speech (even Hate Speech) is the best friend of the Oppressed – Jonathan Rauch

“Jonathan Rauch makes a passionate argument in favor of free speech, and tells an inspiring story of Frank Kameny using his free speech to overcome bigotry and discrimination.

Excerpted from the 20th anniversary of Kindly Inquisitors, co-sponsored by Reason & the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)
New York City, October 15, 2013

Watch the full video here:

They’re talking about MAP issues, also.

This is a good, unique dialogue.

Criticism of ideas is vital, when confronting the people and hostile atmosphere, consumed by false beliefs about MAPs.

It’s interesting that the motives and views of Franklin Kameny, began, and were stated, much as my own…

…I am also a member of a sexual minority, who is a veteran of a foreign war…I am amongst those who served in defense of the USA…and I became disabled, for it…

…I have been asking for decades, how it is…that I can be sent off to fight tyranny on a different continent, against a different government…just to come home and spend the rest of my life facing multiple levels, of relentless tyranny in my own country…at the hands of “my own” government…and “my own” people.

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GameStop Closing Up to 225 Stores Worldwide – #CUPodcast…


Date: April 05, 2017

01) GameStop Closing Up to 225 Stores Worldwide – #CUPodcast

“GameStop will be closing lots of stores due to decline in sales.”

They bought out their direct competition [IE: EB Games, and others]…and now, they’re dying.

I think…people don’t have the spare cash for this kind of thing…

…I also think it was a mistake, to do away with the older used games section…as in PS1 and PS2 titles…old Nintendo titles…old Sega titles…

There’s not so much incentive to go into their stores, anymore…when it’s all the expensive, new games that get pushed.

I don’t even own a current system.

…But, I guess, one up side, is that PS3 games are now cheap…especially when purchased used.

I wish we could have a good, independent, used game store in the area again.


Duran Duran…


Date: April 04, 2017

Come Undone:

What Are the Chances:

The Chaffeur:

Save a Prayer (Remastered 2003 Version):

New Moon On Monday [Video]:

The Wild Boys:

Duran Duran was another huge band, back when I got hit by the music bug.

New Moon on Monday is the first song of theirs I ever remember hearing…and loving. I guess that would have been somewhere around when I was ten or eleven.

The Wild Boys was a great video, in a time when MTV was new…I remember this strange video with a lot of fondness…and I love the song.

Save a Prayer…probably my all time favorite Duran Duran song.

What are the Chances, proves that they can still rise to the occasion, even today…Love that song.

Of course…I love Hungry Like the Wolf…but I wanted to focus on a few of the lesser prominent hits.

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“Heart Progress” – An Official EQF Statement…


Date: April 03, 2017

01) Anonymous security alert – does Pedo-luring allow ISIS an inroad to attacking its online foe?

The EQ Foundation has taken a patient and reserved approach, in estimating the validity of the group calling itself “Heart Progress”.

During this time, there has been no direct linking to “Heart Progress” resources, on Our Love Frontier.

It has been expected all along, that the true motives of “Heart Progress” would eventually come out in time…whether they be honest, or otherwise.

I believe a conclusion can be made now, in light of more recent events.

On a personal note:

Of course, there had been a thing or two that seemed off, and some things appeared to be outright baiting.

It was also unclear, exactly who was officially identifying themselves with “Heart Progress”, and who may have merely been an obvious troll [IE: Frank B. Cousins] that just happened to become active around the same time as “Heart Progress” started up…Which led to further confusion, as to whether “Heart Progress” was being trolled…a common, malicious tactic, we’ve seen countless times.

“Heart Progress” got shut down on both Twitter and Google Groups, quickly…which initially quite annoyed me…because I wanted to keep an eye on them…and if they were banned, obviously I could not.

If nothing else, the “Heart Progress” Google Groups page could provide an additional source of news stories…Which is always of valid interest to me, regardless of the people sharing it.

A few additional things that struck me about “Heart Progress”:

One of their stated causes, was to “ban all violent video games”, ignoring all recent research which debunked the social myth, that playing violent video games makes one violent.

This felt like an attempt at riling up gamers.

Another was their claim to be completely intolerant of drugs, including marijuana, if I recall correctly.

This felt like an attempt at riling up the pro-marijuana groups.

During their time on Twitter:

I have done a small amount of interacting with a few of them. The messages in the direct tweets I was responding to, were reasonable enough to give comment to.

At no point in time, did I ever promote “Heart Progress events”, or causes, despite that some hysterical loony on Twitter has been claiming otherwise.

I am neither ashamed, nor embarrassed, by these Twitter interactions. I will not be apologizing for any of it…And no level headed person should even consider it sane, to stand in judgment of me for them.

You don’t like it?…Boo Hoo!…Get over it.

It’s Twitter, for crying out loud…Don’t be such a simpleton.

For the record:

I consider #BreedOutTheHate to be preposterous…

…And I didn’t even know anything about the alleged public gathering associated with it, when I responded to a tweet containing that hashtag.

From this point forward:

I will no longer be responding to tweets, from people identifying as part of “Heart Progress”…Nor will I be retweeting anything from their Twitter accounts.

No “Heart Progress” resource will ever get a link in the EQF Community Links page.

I will not blog about “Heart Progress”.

I have removed them from my main Twitter list for exclusive MAPs [and MAP relevant news], and moved them to a Twitter list for probable trolls…So I won’t encounter them, when looking for content from legitimate MAPs.


This statement is being offered for fellow MAPs, and genuine followers of this blog…

…The hysterical loonies subscribing to ideas like “PizzaGate”, “PedoGate”, and other such nonsense, who’ve been attempting to falsely tie me in with “Heart Progress” can go take a flying leap.

No behavior I have engaged in regarding “Heart Progress”, has been substantially different from any of my previous behavior on Twitter, since I opened my Twitter account in 2009. We just have pests who are trying to make something out of it, that it never was.

For all I know, the people behind “Heart Progress” are friends with these pests, who conveniently happen to be there, to “expose and attack” anyone in the general vicinity.

…In other words, it’s plausible they are all in the same group, playing both sides of the coin…and constructing a false situation to attack.

It’s always been known that “Heart Progress” may be trolls, meaning harm towards MAPs.

It now appears reasonable to conclude, that “Heart Progress” is a fraud, just like “CLover Gender”.


Anonymous security alert – does Pedo-luring allow ISIS an inroad to attacking its online foe?…


Date: April 03, 2017

01) PasteBin

By Bernie Najarian.

Anonymous security alert – does Pedo-luring allow ISIS an inroad to attacking its online foe?

The lawful pedophile activist community online – not to be confused with illegal exploitation groups mostly found on the dark web – has long been divided into two subgroups. There are the ‘virtuous pedophiles’ a.k.a. ‘virpeds,’ who firmly believe all sex with children is wrong, case closed. And there are the traditional youth-libertarians, who have been active as a group since the 1960s and who want to lower the age of consent, or in some way alter the concept of ‘age of consent.’ Each of these groups has had members active online for at least five years, sometimes far more. There are many well known names and pseudonyms like Tom O’Carroll, David Riegel, and Eric Tazelaar (libertarian) and Todd Nickerson, Ethan Edwards and Nick Devin (virped). Only three of those six names are real names, rather than pseudonyms.

In January, 2017, two new groups arose to join the age of consent and pedophilia debates, each of them using apparent real names and photos. All of them claimed not to be pedophiles. The smaller and more exotic group called itself ‘Clovergender;’ it claimed to represent people who were adults but who, as a gender identity akin to male/female transgenderism, identified as children. They were against pedophilic sex, they said, but they thought that since they identified as children, they should be able to play with children and even develop innocent special love relationships with them. This idea, naturally, triggered many people, who saw pedophile wolves trying to put on child sheep’s clothing.

The larger group called itself ‘Heart Progress’ and claimed to be altruistic, normal heterosexuals and homosexuals, none of them pedophiles, who thought that ‘pedosexuals,’ like homosexuals, should be able to have consensual sex with the child partners who found them agreeable. If this weren’t triggering enough, Heart Progress members made pro-Muslim statements that were intensely inflammatory to the current xenophobic Trump/Wilders/Farage/Le Pen right wing. ‘Peter Berstein,’ for example, tweeted “#AbovetheHate – Sometimes when history slows down, you need to progress, and that’s what we do here. It’s like updating Firefox, we need to update society. #PedosexualandProud #IslamisGreat #WelcomeRefugees #Feminism.” The really inflammatory bit on that tweet was the accompanying image, which showed a tiny doll-like toddler girl of two or three dressed in a fancy Muslim wedding dress, with the meme-logo “What my husband and I do in bed is nobody’s business.” Appearing at the bottom of the image were the hashtags #ShariaForAmerica and #WomensMarch.” (The last was a reference to prominent role of the allegedly Sharia-tolerant Palestinian-American Linda Sarsour as a national co-chair of the 2017 Women’s March).

OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! Far more triggers in there than in a 1960s cowboy movie.

‘Clive Martin’ of Heart Progress chimed in elsewhere with “4 – 6 is a perfect age (of consent). The Mideast is particularly progressive with their consent laws.” Note the key Trumpian-trigger word ‘progressive’ in there. Other members of the group made similar statements, while calling upon all to rise ‘Above the Hate.’

Joining in with the Heart Progress group was someone represented by a seedy looking, bearded male photo, ‘Frank B. Cousins.’ This person’s Twitter accounts are regularly suspended but always have the trigger word ‘NAMBLA’ in them. He sends comments to pedo-haters like “Does it really matter whether a child has any understanding of sex? It’s just another source of pleasure” and “Is your pathetic emotions hurt (sic) because you can’t get a small boy to ram his tight ass? It’s time for society to normalize pedophilia.” still has an active website, and there is no ‘Frank B. Cousins’ mentioned there. Crude comments, such as anything about ‘ramming’ a small boy’s ass, are completely absent; indeed, ‘small boys’ were never the focus of the mostly teen-loving NAMBLA group.

The Heart Progress and Clovergender associations, examined by anyone who’s rational, must come under strong suspicion as trolls rather than genuine advocates. And, indeed, there are several testimonies online from 4chan participants that both campaigns were designed as deliberate trolling. See, for example, There are counter-claims that the debunkings are fake, but the one unavoidable reality is that none of the people involved were ever heard of before 2017. The two campaigns give every appearance of being right-wing trolling, even though they rile up all right-wing people. Their extremity and inflammatory content are pitched to discredit transgendered people, ‘liberals,’ ‘the left’ (who, hypothetically, would be suckered to ‘normalize’ such deviations) and, of course, pedophiles. What could be a more perfect anti-liberal tactic than to rage-rouse with some fake pedophiles and child-gendered people demanding liberal tolerance and acceptance? Add in some cries for Sharia law to take over America, and you have a perfect recipe for getting out every right-wing pitchfork and pistol in America.

This troll assault on liberalism, if we can conclude that that is most likely what it is, was planned to be launched on Jan 1, 2017. All the web identities in both groups popped up right around that time. Interestingly, there was one earlier Daily Mail article from 2015 about a father of seven children who had left his wife to live ‘transgendered’ as a six-year-old girl in another family This story may have provided the prototype for the Clovergender escapade. Triggeringly, by the way, ‘Clover’ stands for ‘child lover.’

The Heart Progress and Clovergender campaigns are troll paradise, because the real liberal left, for the most part, is just as outraged by the troweled-on pro-pedosex and pro-crypto-pedo campaigns as the right is. The Anonymous movement, which was long part of the liberal-left but then morphed to become partly right-wing during the Russo-trolling Trump election campaign, has been especially active in trying to shut down the Twitter accounts and other web holdings of the two neo-groups.

On April 1 -which might be a clue to some people – Heart Progress claimed that they had planned a public rally in Delores Park, in the Mission District of San Francisco (i.e., close to the home of liberal liberation) to “Breed Out the Hate.” They were going to not only support pedosex and lowering the age of consent to four, but also, they were going to attack white privilege by encouraging all white people to breed with other races to eliminate their racism-prone white genomes. Triggerty trigger trigger. The Anons, led by an addled, fantasy-prone right-wing woman running the @OpPedoHunter and @2Adefender_ accounts, called out all their troops as well as the FBI and the ICE to rush to the park to combat the pedos on April Fool morning. Right. When some Deplorable sympathizers, like Pamela Tierney (@pamelaval) did show up and found no pedosex advocates in view, the Heart Progress people claimed they had been there all along. They announced they were going to follow up with a Bubble Flash Mob on Sunday, April 2, to involve as many children as possible in blowing soap bubbles with the kindly pedosex liberationists. “Look for the man in the top hat,” they instructed.

When that plan didn’t yield any carnage, since no pedosexers could be found by vigilantes in the park on April 2, the Heart Progress tweeters claimed they had suspended their plan to attend because some had received death threats.

The lunatic vs. lunatic noisemaking between Heart Progress, Clovergender, Anonymous and the Army of Deplorables has completely overwhelmed rational discussion of pedophilia, virtuous or lawful, that had been going on on Twitter. The Virtuous Pedophiles agenda, which had been all the outrage among Anonymous and Deplorables alike, was suddenly of low importance now that some ‘real’ pedophile advocates had been found. Heart Progress, whoever they were, had nearly blown the longstanding Twitter spokespeople of the minor-attracted community out of the water. To put a sparkler on this gaudy cake, the top virped account, that of the energetic and persuasive @enderphile1, was suspended sometime late on April 2. The lunatics had completely taken over the Tweetsylum.

Exposure to Twitter trains you to see falsity and potential hidden agendas, and the Heart Progress debacle suddenly seems to point toward a very active, real, but still hidden possibility.

Anonymous is intensely vulnerable to physical attack.

One factor that distinguishes Anonymous today from the pedo-hunting Anonymous that first came to minor-attracted attention in 2012 is that this one has become dedicated to fighting ISIS online. The impecunious Twitter isn’t remotely able to keep up with finding the thousands of pro-ISIS accounts that get registered there, and they are completely dependent on the Anonymous-led #OpISIS campaign to knock the Islamo-medievalists down via reporting of problem accounts. ISIS, like Anonymous, is completely dependent on the internet for recruiting, since it depends on attracting a rare strain of flaky people from within the Muslim community worldwide. Specifically, it targets young girls who want to have a marital life before they reach the western age of consent, and, most importantly, disgruntled, sociopathically hyperaggressive 20’s-early 30s males who haven’t found inspiration in the rubble of the post-industrial economy and who yearn for a mission they can identify with. Anonymous, in knocking out tens of thousands of social media accounts, as well as ISIS websites, has become one of the most effective enemies of ISIS.

It isn’t easy to take on an online enemy whose identities mostly remain unknown. Anonymous members, however, can be induced to gather physically under certain circumstances. To begin with, they established a practice a few years ago of having masked, mass demonstrations in many cities around the world under the rubric of ‘Million Mask March.’ This custom used to be connected to the Occupy movement and to be targeted against the wealthy 1%; now, it is as much connected to the Trump movement and targeted against imagined liberal governmental conspiracies. Masked people all look similar to one another, and typical terrorist suicide bombers mixing in with other unidentifiable people at a masked march could make a drastic dent, both physically and psychologically, against one of ISIS’s most effective foes.

The other way that Anonymous people can be induced to gather is by having them respond on the ground to an instance of outrage. As @OpPedoHunter said to ‘Ernst Steiner,’ one of the main honchos of Heart Progress, “Ernst, stop now before an army of Anons are unleashed on your ass. If you want trouble, you’ll get it. Promise.” Anonymous has always had a two-pronged military strategy in attacking its targets – purely cybernautical bombardment, hacking and DDOSing from the internet, and local vigilantism, based on raising up howling vigilante mobs locally around points of outrage. Anyone who can effectively create a focal point of Anonymous outrage, therefore, can bring in a drove of potential physical targets. A place ‘discovered’ to be the home of Ernst Steiner, for example, could raise up a significant crowd if it was in a well-chosen location.

The ‘Breed Out the Hate’ pseudo-demonstration, therefore, may have been a prototype in using anti-pedophile rage to attract the Anonymous mob to a geographic location. This demo was only announced a couple of weeks in advance, but it was a success, to a large extent, even though it didn’t actually happen on the ground. You can’t bring in enraged Anons by announcing an ISIS demonstration in California – the federales and local police would also attend. Police apparently paid no attention to the Heart Progress announcement, treating it as a jape. The coast is now clear for an organization that truly supports Sharia law in America, and medieval Islamic junior marriage traditions, to announce a bigger event well in advance, and let the outraged Anons buy the plane tickets and hotel accommodations that would give the subsequent explosion the best possible bang for its buck.

Anonymous needs to be aware that it is in a severely jeopardized security situation when it comes to any on-the-ground gathering. The long-standing online frustrations of ISIS propagandists who have had 150+ serial Twitter accounts suspended can be avenged. Many, though not all, of the Anons who have beset ISIS online have published the most insulting possible tweets about Allah and Mohammed, and have shown deep love for the stereotype that ISIS members, if not all Muslims, sexually molest goats and sheep. Mohammed is routinely called a pedophile for marrying Aisha, one of his best known wives, when she was nine years old. To bag some Anons and like-minded Deplorables by luring them with anti-pedophile rage would be sweet victory indeed for the ISIS boys.

Anonymous made a classic military error in taking on two completely independently motivated enemies simultaneously – ISIS and lawful minor-attracted people. This was done mainly because most of them are self-absorbed, reflexive moralists who lack the wherewithal to strategize. Also, the Maoist-anarchist structure of Anonymous, disclaiming all leadership, means that the lowest common strategic denominator of the mob tends to rule. Outrage verging on hysteria is boss. The distraction of pedophiles has thus become an Achilles heel for the masked mob militia, and given ISIS’s capacity for surprise, it may become a very costly one.

One hopes that publication of this security alert will cause some of these self-robotized moralists to come to their senses. The fact is that, as dictatorial, self-centered and censorious as Anonymous members are, we need them alive now until ISIS is finished off. They may be anti-democratic; many may be personally vicious and hard-of-thinking; nonetheless, they are an improvement on the Caliphate. The enemy of my enemy is my (hold nose) friend.

Let’s try to end this conflict off without having to pick up a lot of mask fragments.