How to Survive Extreme Cold Away from Home…


Date: October 24, 2017

01) How to Survive Extreme Cold Away from Home

“The best thing you can do to help increase your chances of survival in colder weather is to realize that no matter where you are, you’re still susceptible to all types of weather.

Mother Nature is an unforgiving, humbling force to be reckoned with. This applies especially to extremely cold weather. Don’t test your luck with Mother Nature in the cold, she will win every time. The best thing you can do is prepare, and learn as much as possible should you find yourself exposed to the cold for long periods of time.”

This presents valuable information. It’s worth reading.

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Acne Home Remedies…


Date: October 24, 2017

01) Acne Home Remedies

Another tip, for the teen or oily skinned adult in your life…

Buy a bag of cotton balls, and a bottle of generic, knock off “Listerine” mouthwash [because there’s no sense in paying more for a name, when active ingredients are the same]…

Wash the effected area daily.

The antiseptic will cut the skin oil, kill the bacteria and leave the skin area clean.

This is a fairly cheap way of dealing with acne.

…It is likely to solve the problem, in most cases.


Insurance Company Won’t Cover Baby’s Brain Tumor Treatment…

Date: October 23, 2017

01) Insurance Company Won’t Cover Baby’s Brain Tumor Treatment

“Read More At:

A 9-month-old boy with an aggressive brain tumor received a letter from his family’s insurance company explaining that treating the cancer would be too expensive and therefore “not medically necessary.”

What in the heck is this family paying for, if the insurance company wont even step up and come through, in their time of dire need?…

…Isn’t this exactly the sort of thing you buy “health insurance” for?

You know what’s so sick…

…It’s that, yes…these kinds of measured judgments make every bit of sense, wherever financial profits and loss reductions must be considered…

…When it’s all run like a for profit business…It makes all the sense in the world, to let that infant die…and absolve themselves of all responsibility…

…Why does relief from human suffering, and the fight for base survival have a price tag on it?…

…Why is anybody allowed to make a profit off of it, in this specific manner?…

It seems to me…that type of “livelihood”, should almost be criminal.

The “health insurance” industry must be abolished, in the United States…Period.

Get that horrendous obstacle out of the way, of people’s ability to live!

It’s time for universal health care.

The people have a right, to instruct their government to do this.

If the insurance companies want to carry on selling their policies…let them…

…Let them compete against the free market choice with universal health care available

…Let the people decide, which path they wish to travel.

Social Justice Warriors and Forbidden Knowledge (THE SAAD TRUTH_509)…

Date: October 23, 2017

01) Social Justice Warriors and Forbidden Knowledge (THE SAAD TRUTH_509)

“I weigh in on the manner by which enemies of reason have responded to Bruce Gilley’s article titled “The Case for Colonialism.”

The College Fix article recounting the case:

Title and abstract of Gilley’s article:


CHIP $9 Computer…


Date: October 22, 2017

01) CHIP $9 Computer

“This video reviews the CHIP $9 single board computer that at the time of upload was sold by the Next Thing Co, but which is now apparently discontinued.

Weekly videos on other single board computers and a wide range of computing-related topics can be found at:

CHIP v Raspberry Pi Zero:

This is just fascinating…

It’s to bad you cant get these CHIPs anymore.

They could be quite useful, if you need a quick, inexpensive computer…or, you want something dispensable, where you can surf the net and not worry about picking up viruses and such things.

…If you can get more…this is the type of computer you could afford to lose, and not even so much care about it.


The Smiley Face Killers…


Date: October 22, 2017

01) The Smiley Face Killers – The Award Winning & Horrifying Documentary Feature Film

“In this terrifying, award winning documentary that examines the theories behind who these killers are and what drives them to commit such horrific crimes. Through in depth interviews with victims family members and experts, reenactments and behind the scenes footage – this film gives an in depth look at what motivates this murderous gang that’s accountable for over 80 murders across 13 states.”


The Sega Spartan?…


Date: October 22, 2017

01) Sega Entering The Console Market? Meet Spartan!

“A project started by fans has started to accelerate very quickly. Approaching a petition size of nearly 35,000 signatures, they are now in the midst of developing and bringing a new console to market that will target 4K gaming. They still appear to need Sega’s approval and branding, however the current situation looks promising for Sega fans.

Spartan Console Website:

What is the Sega Spartan? Nothing. Literally Nothing. | RGT 85:

NO Sega Is NOT Making A New Console! – Project Spartan Rant:

Wouldn’t it be neat?

Of the Sega systems I own…the Genesis is lovely…the Sega CD was interesting, but senseless, unsupported and uninspiring [most of the game library already existed on cartridge!]…the Saturn was nice, but unsupported and lacking in a game library…and the Dreamcast is just great!

While I did have a long head start with Sega [and Nintendo]…once Sony hit the scene, everything else became secondary…even if still well loved, wanted and valued.

I’d love to see a new Sega system…even though I’m not prepared to dump a lot of money into new consoles.

…But, as they say…Sega isn’t what we remember it to be…And that’s really sad. They are not their own business entity, anymore…They cannot make these kinds of decisions, on their own.


Mitch Jackson Podcast: Sue Scheff – Author of Shame Nation…

Date: October 22, 2017

01) Sue Scheff- Author of Shame Nation

“Sue Scheff is a nationally-recognized author, speaker, parent advocate and internet safety expert. Today, we chat with Sue about her new book, Shame Nation, with forward by MonicaLewinsky.

But first, a bit more about my friend, Sue Scheff.

After being victimized online and cyber-stalked due to her advocacy work with troubled teens, Sue won a 2006 landmark case for internet defamation and invasion of privacy. Her book, Google Bomb! How the $11.3M Verdict Changed the Way We Use the Internet (HCI, 2009), co-authored by the late John Dozier, one of the country’s leading Internet attorneys, documents that legal battle while also offering prescriptive advice. Since then, her name and voice have become synonymous with helping others who have been victims of online abuse as well as educating people of all ages about the importance of good digital citizenship and protecting their online reputation.

Today she is a much sought after expert who has been featured on major media outlets including GMA, CBS This Morning, ABC News, 20/20, The Rachel Ray Show, Dr. Phil, CNN, Anderson Cooper, CBS Nightly News, Lifetime, Fox News, CBC, BBC, Dr. Drew HLN, CNN Headline News, InSession Court TV, and noted major publications such as USA Today, AARP, Parenting Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Miami Herald, Forbes, Sun-Sentinel, Asian Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, and many more.”