MWF Prime Time – May 13, 2020…


Date: May 13, 2020

01) LINK

Match 1: Nada Blank & Void Blank VS Sin Thea & Her Slave – 71%

Match 2: Ring-a-Ling VS Steve Diamond – 77%

Special Match: 4 Way Dance

Match 3: Yure Tinothey LionCrow VS Chambers VS King Fabio – 90%

Main Event:

Match 4: Ganymede VS Zeus – 90%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Nada Blank & Void Blank Loss: Sin Thea & Her Slave
Win: Steve Diamond Loss: Ring-a-Ling
Special Match: [TYPE] Chambers forces Yure to submit
Main Event Match: Zeus Defeats Ganymede

Show Referee: Even Stephen

Location: Old Delta

Sin Thea and her slave [known as “Slave”], lost their debut match against jobbers.

BEST RANKED MATCH: Draw between the Main Event and 4 Way Dance – 90%


Bernie Sanders Fighting For Monthly Payments To Americans…

Date: May 12, 2020

01) Bernie Sanders Fighting For Monthly Payments To Americans

“Bernie is fighting for more stimulus money for Americans.

A trio of Democratic senators are pitching a big idea: pay most American families thousands of dollars each month until the coronavirus’s economic crisis subsides.

On Friday, Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Ed Markey (D-Mass.) will release their Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act. It would dramatically expand upon the $1,200 sent to Americans as part of March’s gargantuan coronavirus response bill.