Lindsey Graham IMPLICATED In Trump’s Ukraine Mess…

Date: January 30, 2020

01) Lindsey Graham IMPLICATED In Trump’s Ukraine Mess

“It looks like Lindsey Graham has ties to Rudy Giuliani’s crimes.

In late 2018, Rudy Giuliani said he delivered an unusual missive to Sen. Lindsey Graham, according to the lawyer of one of his ex-associates: a letter calling for sanctions on a host of Ukrainian government officials, including one widely viewed in the West as a brave reformer and another who helmed the company where Hunter Biden was a board member.

Joseph Bondy, the attorney for Lev Parnas, an indicted Florida businessman involved in the U.S.-Ukraine saga, told The Daily Beast that Giuliani showed his client the letter and told him he delivered it to Sen. Graham (the letter misspelled the South Carolina Republican’s first name as “Lingsey”). Bondy said Giuliani also showed Parnas a second, similar letter addressed to Sigal Mandelker, who at the time was a top official at the Treasury Department.


Joe Biden’s LIES About Involvement In Civil Rights Movement…

Date: January 30, 2020

01) Joe Biden’s LIES About Involvement In Civil Rights Movement

“Joe Biden is lying about his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.

In 1987, when Joe Biden was running for President for the very first time, his campaign got swallowed up in a swarm of lies that Joe Biden told about himself all over the country. First, Biden was caught plagiarizing a famous speech from British Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock – including parts of the speech that came straight from Kinnock’s personal life that simply were not true for Joe Biden. Then, he plagiarized yet another speech from the late Robert Kennedy and another from JFK and another from Hubert Humphrey. You have to understand – this was pre-Internet, pre-social media, and something in Joe Biden’s mind made him think he could get away with it. He didn’t. And it ultimately tanked his campaign.


LEAK: Trump TERRIFIED of Running Against Bernie Sanders…

Date: January 30, 2020

01) LEAK: Trump TERRIFIED of Running Against Bernie Sanders

“Trump is getting concerned about running against Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign sent an email to millions of subscribers that came with a dire warning in the subject line: “Socialist Invasion: Bernie Sanders and AOC Barnstorm Iowa.”

The note began: “Forget Joe Rogan. An endorsement from AOC is actually problematic.”

The rest of the email was an unremarkable recitation of the horrors of a Sanders-led socialist regime in America, but it underscored Trump’s shifting electoral concerns as Sanders surges in the final week before the first caucus in Iowa.