Theists are Changing the Topic on You…


Date: July 28, 2019

01) Theists are Changing the Topic on You

“Christians…you can never tell whether they’re being dishonest or clueless when they address atheism. They so often seem to make up a version of atheism that doesn’t exist and then attack that strawman.

Worse, they assume that their religion’s burden of proof is some sort of horserace against non-belief…while ignoring other religions as if they don’t exist.
None of which is true.

All we can do, I suppose, it try to educate them…but this guy’s comments on his video are, of course, turned off.



Base rule of thumb…

If anyone has approached you with intentions of convincing you of something…it is their burden alone, to substantiate their claim to a convincing degree.

Just because they pull you into all of this, does not mean that you are obliged to disprove their claims.

On the other hand…if an atheist is the one instigating this discussion, or if it is a formal debate on the existence of a god…that is fundamentally different…and an atheist does take on some degree of burden, because they are trying to psychologically alter someone else [who themselves did not, necessarily, ask for the encounter].

A lot of this depends on who is trying to change who.

If you are just there…and somebody else subjectively decides they are going to make you believe in something…you have no obligation whatsoever, to prove them wrong.

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Inside The Secret World of Incels – BBC Documentary 2019…


Date: July 26, 2019

01) Inside The Secret World of Incels – BBC Documentary 2019

“Told primarily through the personal stories of three men who identify as incels, the documentary explores how loneliness and social isolation can push unattractive young men into disturbing behavior. But the film also delves behind the sensationalist media headlines to unearth some of the reasons for incels’ existence – many feel alienated and are enduring difficulties, like mental health issues or traumatic upbringings.”

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Ontogeny and Neoteny…

Date: July 26, 2019

01) Ontogeny and Neoteny

“Today I examine a wide range of biological sciences by giving an overview of ontogeny and neoteny and how they affect the development and evolution of organisms. I discuss everything from mutant salamanders to dinosaur growth stages so I hope you enjoy!”

Gay USA 7/24/19…

Date: July 25, 2019

01) Gay USA 7/24/19

“Homophobia (and corruption) bringing down the Governor of Puerto Rico.
North Carolina’s anti-transgender law is struck down.
Gay American parents suing State Department to recognize US citizenship of their child.
Oliver Stone tells Putin that Russia’s anti-LGBT law “sensible.”
Lesbian activist in St. Petersburg murdered after being listed on an anti-LGBT website.
Kennedy Center honors include a P-FLAG mom and an out gay conductor.”

WATCH Emma Vigeland From The Young Turks Try Her Best to Reason With Off-The-Rails MAGA Lady!…

Date: July 25, 2019

01) WATCH Emma Vigeland From The Young Turks Try Her Best to Reason With Off-The-Rails MAGA Lady!

“Emma Vigeland from The Young Turks interviewed a Trump supporter a few days ago and the responses she was getting ranged from racist to uninformed to denial.. and then to the inevitable FAKE NEWS.”

Watch the FULL ORIGINAL interview here: