October 09, 2022

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Thanks to feinmann!

“ICAN has now obtained CDC data for the approximate 10 million v-safe users.

After suing the CDC twice, and following months of legal wrangling, the CDC finally capitulated, resulting in a court order that required it to produce this data. The first batch of data, containing 144 million rows of health entries by v-safe users, has now been obtained by ICAN and you can search it using a user-friendly interface that ICAN worked around the clock to create. The CDC claimed not to have sufficient resources to write the program to display the data. Yet it only took The Highwire ( around a day to write software to display the data, and they have a tiny fraction of the resources of the CDC.

This is a big win in the nearly two-year-long fight for transparency from US federal health agencies on the real safety data for Covid-19 vaccines.

The CDC also needs to explain to the public why they hid the v-safe data for so long, why they refused to voluntarily release it, why they failed to let the American public know that the COVID vaccines triggered the “death” safety signal, all the while maintaining that the vaccines were safe and effective.”


We Need To Talk About Joe Biden’s Cognitive Abilities…


Date: October 08, 2022

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I appreciate your well reasoned thoughts on this, Bret…True enough…Many sources out there are not worthy of trust.

Mo Lyin’ is, still, among the group of geriatric U.S. politicians, who wont step aside…hence, freezing us in status quo for many years to come…These fucking assholes [fucking horrible politicians] wont get the hell out of the way, and allow us to change political course…They are squatting on every high office there is…

The reason I so frequently bring up the imminent deaths of these old fuckers…is because it has become clear to me over my lifetime…that these assholes are not going to willingly relinquish power…They live for the power…and the money…but their time is running short…and their tyranny will end…But they have “Cadillac Health Plans”, which can keep them surviving an unnaturally long time…We might have to put up with this shit, for another ten years…[Holy Fuck! I hope not!]…We’ve been cursed with these self serving shitheads far to long…and we can see their long term handiwork, in everything which is collapsing today.

…It’s fucked up that they wont just retire, like any normal human being would…and something catastrophic for them, like dying, is what it is clearly going to take to force them to stop blockading initiatives for the benefit of the people.

There’s going to be a lot of people dancing in the streets with joy, when so many of the current crop of fossil politicians finally croak.

I hate unnaturally tacking stuff on, well after the act of writing a response…but I think this needs to be said…

In real world practice, one does not need to be suffering from an aggressive dementia disease, in order for doctors to outright say they have mild dementia.

In fact, this has been happening with one of my parents for a good long while now…They had an incident about a year ago…I’m not going to explain it, but it was really crazy and got them several stitches…Yet, they are functional…and cognitively clear most of the time…

The doctor came right out and said it…mild dementia [common mental deterioration that comes with old age] was setting in.

Dementia comes in different forms…Fortunate people never suffer from it at all…Most people, if they live long enough, will experience at least a modest form of it.

That’s probably what is happening with Biden…He likely does not have alzheimers disease…yet, he likely does have some level of milder dementia.

At his age, this is entirely understandable and expected.

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Date: October 07, 2022

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“Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer star in this romantic thriller about a Manhattan book editor who is bitten by a wolf. As the days wear on, however, he becomes increasingly agitated, and it seems as though he is emotionally and physically changing, and not necessarily for the better. His life is changed forever as he slowly transforms into a wolf. © 1994 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.”

I was never impressed by this movie, to be honest…It got a ton of hype, though.


Steam Deck Could DESTROY PlayStation in Japan!…


Date: October 07, 2022

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“The Sony PlayStation brand has a damaged reputation with Japanese games due to a focus on western games, and Valve’s Steam Deck could open the floodgates for the Japanese PC gaming market. Between this, the uptick in Xbox sales, and the Nintendo Switch completely dominating … is it game over for Sony in its home country?


How is it the Xbox has done just fine, while the PlayStation brand has floundered so bad?

This is just sad.

I don’t want to see the PlayStation die…but it looks like that is exactly what’s happening.

I still want to get a Steam Deck, though…I should start saving up for that.

Honestly, though…I’ve been contemplating the purchase of a Nintendo Switch…since you cannot get a PS5…and I’ve decided to skip the PS4, which remains to blasted expensive…might as well just go for the PS5, if you’re going to spend the money at all.

Oh…who am I kidding?…I’m not going to buy any of this shit, with money being so tight…