Ronan Farrow: Who Were the Rioters on Jan. 6th? – Amanpour and Company…

Date: February 16, 2021

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“In the Trump impeachment trial, a key element of the prosecution’s case is a dramatic video taken at the Capitol during the insurrection. Who were the actual faces in the crowd? Ronan Farrow has profiled three different rioters to learn more about their backgrounds. All three have been arrested and now face criminal charges. One made threats on Farrow’s life. Michel Martin speaks with the reporter about his investigation.

Originally aired on February 10, 2021.”


“Embarrassed” Trump Fan BEGS Judge For Son’s Freedom Following Capitol Riot…

Date: February 16, 2021

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“Joseph Cua and his wife took their 18-year-old son, Bruno Cua, to the nation’s capital in January because they ― like millions of Americans ― believed the conspiracy theories about a stolen election being floated by the former president.

On Friday afternoon, Joseph Cua told a federal magistrate judge why he thought ― despite the fact that he had brought his son to the scene of the crime and believed in the conspiracies that drove the attack ― he and his wife would be good custodians of their son until his trial.”


Lindsey Graham FAKE GASPS Over Capitol Hill Riot…

Date: February 15, 2021

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“Lindsey Graham goes full-blown hypocrite once again!

Senator Lindsey Graham told Sean Hannity Wednesday night that “the not-guilty vote is growing” within the GOP after the day’s proceedings in the Donald Trump impeachment trial.

Senators were overwhelmingly stunned by the footage House impeachment managers showed from the trial. It’s doubtful at this point any minds were changed by the presentation, but some notable Republican senators said the footage of the mob was horrific and hard to watch.

Hannity repeatedly railed against the Democrats’ argument and called the trial “devoid of facts” and “any compelling evidence.”



Citizens for Free Speech – #SolutionsWatch…

Date: February 14, 2021

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“Patrick Wood joins us to discuss a new non-profit organization he has founded to help combat the threat to free speech: Citizens for Free Speech. With 26,000 members, the CFFS seeks to activate people at the local level and teach them how to better communicate their ideas and combat the threats to fundamental freedoms that are facing us during this generated crisis.
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“When communication stops, the fighting begins”…

…This is one of several reasons why we never tolerate the complete banishment of anybody, at all.

Individual expression is critical, regardless of what ideas one might express…Refusal to interact will only isolate, leaving people to become angry, extreme…and sometimes violent…

An individuals right to express their thoughts is down right sacred.

“…the channels for communication have been destroyed”…Yes!…and this is an obscene travesty, for all people!

In real open dialogue you at least have something to work with, and a way to avoid and heal social conflict [and the really shitty ways we maltreat each other]…

…Allowing these stupid tech companies [or roving mobs of zealots] to impose strict censorship, when they’ve proven time and time again that they don’t even comprehend what they are attacking, is as unjust and disgusting as social manipulation gets.

It is at the root of what causes violence and war.

This never ends well.

Why do you think there has been so much talk by some in the broader MAP community, about terrorist tactics?…fighting back?…making last stands?…potential for killing cops and politicians?…

…This is all a direct consequence of MAP’s being completely locked out of all social dialogue, and all common, peaceful avenue to political grievance solution.

If you are unaware of this…then you are not well traveled among the MAP communities.

No…it’s not everywhere…but it is absolutely out there…

…and people from all angles had best start taking it seriously.

Forcing people out of the public square is not helping anything…In fact, it is causing an alarming amount of hate, aggression and motivation towards real world violence.

This is what happens when you allow tyranny of the powerful, or the majority, to impoverish and terrorize any group habitually…and nobody stands up to defend the group being targeted…and nobody allows the targeted group to peacefully defend itself.

What is so galling to me…is that it is quite well established in research by now, that the simple act of allowing people to express whatever is on their own mind at the moment acts as a pressure valve…and has this massive social impact, on diverting people away from extremism and violent acts…

…Yet this simple, vital need is being aggressively denied to people…

…Why?…Who is gaining in this, and what are they gaining?

…Does it serve the people?

Disclaimer: I do not endorse everything that comes out of the Corbett Report…but the first half of this video is really darn solid.