UK Prime Minister Johnson in intensive care…

Date: April 07, 2020

01) UK Prime Minister Johnson in intensive care

“British Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains hospitalized in an intensive care unit, and is receiving oxygen support — the first leader of a major world power to suffer so drastically from coronavirus complications. 55-year-old Johnson was first admitted to London’s St Thomas’ hospital on Sunday night (April 5), after showing persistent symptoms, including a high temperature and a cough, for over 10 days. Downing Street says that his condition deteriorated rapidly over 24 hours, although he has not been put on a ventilator as of Tuesday (April 7) morning. Johnson’s personal battle with the virus comes as the country enters what scientists say is likely to be one of the most deadly weeks of the pandemic. Over 5,300 people have so far died in Britain. The UK doesn’t actually have a formal line of succession should a prime minister become incapacitated, but in the days prior Johnson had asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputize for him “where necessary.” Even when Johnson was in hospital on Monday (April 6), Raab told a news conference that the PM was still in charge. But now Raab stands at the helm — starting with a COVID-19 emergency response meeting on Tuesday morning. Also on Tuesday, it was reported that another member of Johnson’s team, Cabinet Minister Michael Gove, is self isolating as a member of Gove’s family is showing symptoms.”

After Cardinal Pell acquitted, pope decries “unjust sentences”…

Date: April 07, 2020

01) After Cardinal Pell acquitted, pope decries “unjust sentences”

“Pope Francis, speaking just a few hours after Australia’s highest court acquitted Cardinal George Pell of sexual abuse, on Tuesday (April 7) offered his morning Mass for those who suffer today from what he calls, quote, “unjust sentences.” The court quashed convictions that Pell sexually assaulted two choir boys in the 1990s and allowed the former Vatican economy minister to walk free from jail. Pell had been the highest-ranking member of the Catholic Church to be charged with abuse and now cannot face the same charges again. The timely subject chosen by Francis for his daily morning Mass did not mention Pell by name, but broke from recent weeks of regular prayers for those around the world currently suffering with illness.”

02) Cardinal Pell walks free, abuse convictions quashed:

“The highest court in Australia overturned Cardinal George Pell’s convictions of child sex abuse on Tuesday (April 7). The former Vatican Treasurer walked free from prison immediately. Pell is the highest-ranking member of the Catholic Church to be charged with abuse. A lower court convicted him of sexually assaulting two teenaged choir boys in the 1990s. But in a unanimous ruling, the High Court found that the jury in Pell’s trial quote, “ought to have entertained a doubt” as to Cardinal Pell’s guilt. The court’s seven judges ordered that the convictions be quashed – and verdicts of acquittal be entered in their place, meaning the 78-year-old cannot be retried on the charges. Pell, a polarizing figure in Australia for his conservative views, was sentenced to six years in prison for child sex offences. The plantiff said the indecent act took place when Pell was Archbishop of Melbourne. Tuesday’s ruling was one of Australia’s most anticipated court decisions ever. In a statement, Pell said quote: “I hold no ill will toward my accuser, I do not want my acquittal to add to the hurt and bitterness so many feel; there is certainly hurt and bitterness enough” The Vatican had no immediate comment. Pope Francis has said he would only comment on the case once Pell had exhausted all avenues of appeal. Pell has remained a cardinal despite pressure on the church from victims of sexual abuse and their advocates to dismiss him.”

Mauro Gravina: Cuore Di Mamma [Mother’s Heart] (1969)…

Date: April 04, 2020

01) Mother’s Heart

“Lorenza has three young children who are victims of a media who wishes to turn out terrorists. She contends with her monstrous offspring and student revolts until she can’t take it anymore.

Lorenza, divorced from her rich husband, has three restless children. She lives listlessly and ends up in a strange relationship with her sister-in-law. In the meantime her 10-year-old eldest son, Massimo somewhat disturbed, kills the youngest son, tortures the housekeeper and eventually kills his little sister. Meanwhile she has joined a revolutionary group of objectors, who by means of violence want to rouse the proletariat from its lethargy. Her son now tries to frame his mother for the death of his brother and sister. But this time the mother reacts, causing her son’s death. At this point she starts to prepare explosives for her cause and with satisfaction blows up the factory of her bourgeois ex-husband.”

Am I the only BoyLover who finds Mauro Gravina to have been, a lovely of boy [when he was one, of course]?

Interesting movie…from what I can make of it, it’s a dark comedy drama…with content you certainly wont see in any western movies.