Tribute To Truth & Justice Advocate Peter Allard…

Date: October 28, 2022

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“Peter Allard, who recently passed away, was a very wealthy man who actually tried to use his wealth for good. As sponsor of the Allard Prize, he sought to highlight the best investigative journalism that exposes corruption, discomfits the comfortable and reveals truths that powerful interests would rather keep hidden. As opposed to other members of the megarich club (like Bill Gates) who instead use their money to pay off media outlets in exchange for positive coverage for themselves.”


#COPE: Twitter Bluechecks FREAK OUT Over Musk Takeover, Threaten to LEAVE!…


Date: October 28, 2022

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“Elon Musk has take over Twitter, fired management, and Twitter bluechecks, journalists, celebrities and even comic book pros are absolutely LOSING IT. Some are threatening to leave, going to “alternatives” like Tribel and even Tumblr. Is this the dawn of a new era under the Chief Twit?”

I should have saved and posted the text here…but I appealed to have my twitter account fully restored, yesterday…

…We’ll see if the “trust and safety” people get off their brain dead duffers, and actually do the right thing for once in their lives…

I may still have to wait until the current crop of rot is gone, and file an appeal with the new management.

If they allow Trump back…they have no business refusing to allow me to have a fully functional account again.

What they did to me was entirely unjust, and was imposed out of pure malice…I did literally nothing at all, and yet found myself inexplicably penalized with a virtual twitter “death sentence”.

It’s time for this insane nonsense to end.

Kneon and Geeky are absolutely spot on, about the unhinged bullying, and protected groups who roam around, invade existing hashtags, threatening, abusing and antagonizing people…Nothing of substance happens to these abusers…Sometimes, friends of these abusers are on the twitter admin…and they’ll literally take action against the abuse victim…because they’re literally in on it all, and the punitive administrative action is part of the bullying.

Twitter has had no safeguards in place, to stop this disgusting, indefensible behavior.