Supreme Victory for FFRF…


Date: April 22, 2019

01) Supreme Victory for FFRF

“On this episode of Ask an Atheist, FFRF Director of Strategic Response Andrew Seidel and Staff Attorney Ryan Jayne will be joined via Skype by Plaintiff David Steketee to discuss the recent win for FFRF in a case about unconstitutional governmental funding of churches in New Jersey. They will elaborate on the background of the case, and why this victory is vital for state/church separation. If you have questions please comment below or email”

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Man [Emmanuel Aranda] who threw 5-year-old off mall balcony had planned to kill someone day before…

Date: April 21, 2019

01) Man who threw 5-year-old off mall balcony had planned to kill someone day before

“The man accused of throwing a 5-year-old off a third floor balcony at the Mall of America is in jail under a $2 million bond after his first court appearance. Emmanuel Aranda, 24, is charged with attempted premeditated, first-degree murder. The little boy is still in critical condition. Jamie Yuccas reports.”

I don’t know if I’m just hearing this for the first time, a week later…or if this simply didn’t remain in the daily news since it happened, being dropped after a few reports.

I probably did hear it in the news…but I honestly did not remember it…This story seems to be getting treated so quietly, as compared to how I’ve come to expect the media to behave.

Man Accused Of Throwing Boy From Balcony In Mall Of America, Appears In Court:

Man accused of throwing boy from Mall of America balcony:

Royal Kids – Emmanuel Aranda: Man accused of throwing boy off balcony was ‘looking for someone to k:

Beaster Bunny Bash [Featuring The BEASTer Bunny], April 21, 2019…


Date: April 21, 2019

01) MWF – Beaster Bunny Bash April 21, 2019

Match 1: Power Bob Vs Moon Child – 73%

Match 2: Cyborg Boy, Steve Diamond & Viamund Vs Pan, Fat Fabio & Pedo Bear – 82%

Main Event: Battle Royal – Over Top Rope

Match 3: Beaster Bunny, Peter Pan, Teddy Love, Zeus, Ganymede, Loli, Shota, Baphomet – 94%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Moon Child Loss: Power Bob
Win: Cyborg Boy, Steve Diamond & Viamund Loss: Pan, Fat Fabio & Pedo Bear
Main Event Match: Peter Pan wins the match – Ganymede eliminated the Beaster Bunny!

Show Referee: Devlin

Ganymede eliminated the Beaster Bunny!

Fink Rotten was granted a regular interview segment, named “The Fink Rotten Show”…In his first episode he interviewed U.N. Chairman Moo, who spent the entire segment ranting and raving about Loli and Shota-Con…and how “they’re too young!”…”a boy wearing pink, and a girl wearing blue!!”…and that “they were androgynous!!!”…He ended with a crazed “mmmmmmmmEEEEEeeeeewwwwwwwwww!!!!!”, before storming off the set.

Bliss Ransom promised To Catch an “extra special” Interview, at Alice Day.

BEST RANKED MATCH: Battle Royal Beaster Bunny, Peter Pan, Teddy Love, Zeus, Ganymede, Loli, Shota, Baphomet – 94%


Atheist Debates – Notre Dame, and jokes…


Date: April 19, 2019

01) Atheist Debates – Notre Dame, and jokes

“In the wake of the Notre Dame fire, it’s almost unavoidable that people on all sides will say things and make jokes that seem to make this tragedy about religion…it’s not about religion and I’ve added my thoughts on how to address the surrounding comments, and the impact to consider before joking OR complaining about jokes.”

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What Is Earth Economy?

Viamund The Rake


Living upon Earth at this time, it is unlikely that you have not heard many humans discuss the “Economy”. In truth… there is no such thing as an economy unless it is viewed for what it is – the manufacture and hoarding of worthless currency as a means to enable a very tiny minority of humans to wield power over the majority, to the detriment of all life. –

Often the definition of currency as “something which is worthless, yet presented and perceived as valuable”, has been presented. Currency has many champions upon Earth and sadly it seems that fear is only logical reason why they support it. It seems impossible for most humans on Earth to imagine a World without currency and the privatization and country internment that currency slavery represents. The readers must know that you are more than just “consumers” blindly toiling away and wasting any…

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