OMG, She Cheered For White Men! TFF Episode 86…

Date: December 02, 2018

01) OMG, She Cheered For White Men! TFF Episode 86

“Like many other academic fields today, Medieval studies has been rocked by claims that white supremacism and attendant far-right isms are deeply imbedded in the discipline and must be rooted out—in fact that there is nothing more important to do in the field than talk about white supremacism and heteropatriarchy, and that anyone not willing to do it must themselves be white supremacists whose denials, or even silence, harm people of color.


An Open Letter in Support of a Besieged Academic:

What Atheists ACTUALLY Get Wrong About Christianity…


Date: December 02, 2018

01) What Atheists ACTUALLY Get Wrong About Christianity

“I’m an atheist who constantly criticizes Christianity, but I’ve got to voice some criticisms of the ideas that some atheists have about Christianity and religion in general. Don’t worry, I’m not espousing cultural Christianity or defending “Judaeo-Christian values” like Jordan Peterson or Ben Shapiro. I just want our criticisms to be as effective as possible. Hopefully no one takes the positions I criticize here as representative of what atheists believe in general.

Let’s stop needlessly arguing over theology when we have secular scholarship at our fingertips.”

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Ajit Pai’s Argument for Net Neutrality Repeal Just Blew Up in His Face…

Date: December 01, 2018

01) Ajit Pai’s Argument for Net Neutrality Repeal Just Blew Up in His Face

“Oh Look, Wireless Sector Investment Is Declining Despite Tax Cuts, Repeal Of Net Neutrality


A Mother’s Love (Cancer Hoax Documentary) – Real Stories…

Date: November 28, 2018

01) A Mother’s Love (Cancer Hoax Documentary) – Real Stories

“This disturbing film tells the inside story of a mother, Terri Milbrandt, who pretended her daughter had cancer and appealed to her close- knit community for help to pay the medical bills. Seven-year-old Hannah had her head shaved and was given sleeping pills by her mother. It seems that when she awoke she was told she had had chemotherapy. Her teachers arranged counselling for Hannah to prepare her for her death and when she visited Santa she asked to be spared. But there was no cancer and there were no medical bills. Now that close-knit community wants justice and a jury must decide whether they were the victims of a sadistic fraud.

This film talks exclusively to Bob Milbrandt, Hannah’s father, who is standing trial for conspiracy to the crimes of theft, child endangerment and felonious assault, and to Hannah’s grandmother who is also standing trial for theft. Friends, fundraisers and police investigators reveal how it took nine months to discover the story was false.”