The Solutions to the Climate Crisis No One is Talking About with Robert Reich…

Date: April 24, 2020

01) The Solutions to the Climate Crisis No One is Talking About with Robert Reich

“Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains why we must not go back to normal after this coronavirus crisis ends, and breaks down four key steps we must take to prevent total climate catastrophe.

First, create green jobs. Investing in renewable energy could create millions of family sustaining, union jobs and build the infrastructure we need for marginalized communities to access clean water and air.

Second, stop dirty energy. A massive investment in renewable energy jobs isn’t enough to combat the climate crisis. If we are going to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we must tackle the problem at its source: Stop digging up and burning more oil, gas, and coal.

Third, kick fossil fuel companies out of our politics. For decades, companies like Exxon, Chevron, Shell, and BP have been polluting our democracy by pouring billions of dollars into our politics and bankrolling elected officials to enact policies that protect their profits. The oil and gas industry spent over $103 million on the 2016 federal elections alone.

Fourth, require the fossil fuel companies that have profited from environmental injustice to compensate the communities they’ve harmed.
As if buying off our democracy wasn’t enough, these corporations have also deliberately misled the public for years on the amount of damage their products have been causing.

If these solutions sound drastic to you, it’s because they are. They have to be if we have any hope of keeping our planet habitable. The climate crisis is not a far-off apocalyptic nightmare — it is our present day.”

Lewis Lapham: Can America Survive the Rule of a “Stupified Plutocracy”?…

Date: April 24, 2020

01) Lewis Lapham: Can America Survive the Rule of a “Stupified Plutocracy”?

“When author and journalist Lewis Lapham, founder of Lapham’s Quarterly and former editor of Harper’s, turned his shrewd gaze on the go-go ‘80s in “Money and Class in America,” he never imagined the era’s avatar of greed would one day become President Donald Trump. Three decades later, Lapham shares his views on the decades-long deterioration of democracy in an interview with INET’s Lynn Parramore. An expanded and revised edition of his book is now available with a new foreward by Thomas Frank from OR Books.”

Trump Turned Pelosi’s Ice Cream Gaffe In A BRUTAL Ad…

Date: April 23, 2020

01) Trump Turned Pelosi’s Ice Cream Gaffe In A BRUTAL Ad

“Ana’s victory lap over Nancy Pelosi’s fridge gaffe.

With each host isolated in their separate homes, The View has been noticeably less dramatic in recent weeks. Leave it to Nancy Pelosi’s refrigerator to force them back into old habits.

It all started when the show aired part of a new Trump campaign attack ad that targets Pelosi for owning an expensive fridge filled with fancy ice cream when Americans around the country are going hungry during the coronavirus crisis.

Because the footage comes from a goofy segment the House Speaker did for James Corden’s Late Late Show, Joy Behar’s big takeaway was that Democratic politicians should avoid going on comedy shows. “They’re traps,” she said. “They get you to say things there because you feel you’re being funny. Leave it to the professionals and don’t go on comedy shows. Come on our show.