People Fearing MAPs

People Fear MAPs?

Why do people fear minor attracted persons [MAPs], harboring hatred and anger towards them?…

Much of this social problem, is about misinformation and exploitation.

If we minor attracted people can ever have a platform for genuine discussion…the ugly stigmas and stereotypes which plague us, are virtually guaranteed to crumble and fall by the wayside.

When you genuinely understand just what it means, to be a Child Lover or a Teen Lover…you invariably come to realize, that there plainly is no natural bridge between who we are as sexual humans, and such stereotypical things as violence, manipulation, cruelty…all the horrible things people claim to be “common about pedophiles”…

While it may be true, that we are forced to adopt a very strong defence of our privacy…this is a direct response, to the treacherous world we are forced to live in…It is not a natural facet of our individual character, to deceive people…Many of us would very much like to be able to openly discuss our lives, and social dispositions…It is because of pedosexual phobia, and the many social dangers which others pose, that we are forced to conceal so much about ourselves.

Under the circumstances…this should never count against us…but should be seen as a practical survival instinct, which anyone forced into our position would likely adopt.

Child Lovers and Teen Lovers simply put…are people with a natural inclination, to share sexual and body pleasures with children and teens, respectively. There is nothing aggressive, violent or ill intentioned about this. We desire a companion, who can and will enjoy the many facets of our relationship, as much as we ourselves do. This is not about force, nor keeping living human sex toys…But, instead…it is about equally pleasuring and enhancing the life of our younger companion…

As to the sexual aspect…this may come off as a shock to outsiders…but many, many, many of us do derive very deep, very intense, beautiful sexual pleasure…from the literal act of sexually pleasuring [and bringing to orgasm] our younger companion…Forcing a younger companion to do things unwillingly, or that they clearly are repulsed by…is not a part of this.

There can be [and are] very strong ethics, which Child Lovers and Teen Lovers live by.

Overwhelmingly…most of the sexual violence visited upon children and teens, is done so by people who cannot be categorized as Child Lovers or Teen Lovers…

One of the single biggest problems facing both Child Lovers and Teen Lovers…is that the reality of our orientation, and how it manifests in the real world, is concealed behind censorship…And when we are caught in relationships with minors…most people use pejoratives [vague, yet negative terms with strongly accusing implications] only, when talking about us [both the minor and adult] and what happened…Virtually never, does the minor and adult in question get to speak in any meaningful way, let alone defend what happened…And this is not because of a lack of such cases, but because of censorship…because of legal arm twisting…because people in the position to do so, simply refuse to listen to [or respect] the actual people involved in the relationship.

What we need, is a true sexual renaissance…Because the reality of child loving and teen loving…is vastly different from the dominant public perception of it.

What so many people think about someone who is a pedosexual…when faced with true reality…those ugly things are irreconcilable…Uttering them only displays a gross incompetence in ones knowledge…and in worse cases [ie: those who know better], a failure in personal ethics.

There simply is no existing practical reason, to fear or hate a Child Lover or a Teen Lover…It is just not rational, to even stand in condemnation and hostile opposition to them…certainly not, when it comes to issues of that persons mere existence, social relations and attempts to better themselves [or others].