Proxies and Your IP

Proxies and Your IP

Please be aware…

When you make a commentary response on this blog [and at many, many places online], you are handing over to both myself [Steve Diamond] and the host [] a few bits of information.

First is the obvious…whatever name, e-mail address, website and information you fill into the form…

…The lesser obvious, is your internet protocol [IP] number…which in terms of the internet, can kind of be thought of as your assigned phone number…It gives you an identity, so that any machine you are communicating with knows where to send it’s responses to.

Online activity is not anonymous, unless you take precautions to make it so…because the IP you use, can be traced back to you. This is where proxies come in handy.

Proxies are automated services which retrieve web pages, etc. for you, and then send them to your machine. The value of this, is that the owner of the original website you want to see is never going to get your IP number…They will only see the IP of the proxy, which retrieved the website on your behalf.

Why would you do this?…

…Well, on the one hand, proxies exist to get around censorship…but they also allow you to interact with websites, without the fear of compromising your own security, by handing over your IP number.

The issue of IP numbers is a sensitive one, even in so called “free countries”, for those of us who have found ourselves at odds with the law, social “norms” and hostile hate groups.

It is wise if you are going to visit a website owned by someone hostile towards people like you, to do so behind a proxy. This makes certain, that the person(s) hostile towards you never get anything they can trace back to you…and hence, cannot identify you.

As a practical, personal example…

…Myself being a Child Lover, I have had a number of threats made against me over the years.

At least two groups [one of them substantially high profile] have actively attempted to build an online profile on me, with the explicit purpose of outing me online [as well as to everyone in my life, my employer, the community I live in, etc], in retaliation for the simple fact that I discuss things which are important in my life, as a pedosexual.

I know for a fact, that both of these groups have a successful history of outing people…and once they do, they commonly hound and terrorize you…Even keeping track of where you are employed, so as to focus on getting you fired if they can…And yes, I’ve seen the discussions of these groups members with my own eyes…The common intent is to prevent their target from ever holding employment, or being able to financially sustain themselves [or their family] in any way.

I’ve seen it stated outright, that some of those people intend to drive their target to suicide, by making life for them as unbearable as possible.

This is the reality, of what it means to be a Child Lover taking a stand, in modern day USA…Using a pseudonym and guarding your legal identity, is vital to your very existence.

This is why I have a history of using proxies…and wherever it is practical, offering proxied links on my blog.

…As far as leaving comments on my blog is concerned…I personally have no hostile intent, and “I” am not going to do anything with your IP number [and yes, I do know one or two things about tracing them]…This does not mean that [or any other service I am using] wont ever do anything, however.

It’s a question of personal temperament and tolerance…You may feel much better, interacting with this blog [etc.] behind a proxy…Or, maybe it’s not such a big concern to you…But, I thought I should at least say something to address the concern.

From personal experience, I have never had any ill consequence of the nature outlined above befall me offline, due to my online activity…Not even after the handful of times, I’ve seen various resources of mine subjectively shut down.

One last note…

It has been my experience, that a notable section of the online Child Love and Teen Love community comes off very cold, towards activities like blogging, or using other common online resources…I am no dummy, and I understand there can be security concerns.

We are never going to do away with these hazards, completely…and even if you use a proxy, legal warrants can still be obtained to get records from a proxy, in the event law enforcement [for example] wants to find you.

For me, the questions have ultimately come down to…Do I want to engage these resources and do something constructive with them, or not?…Can I just set by in silence watching the world go to hell, or not?…Do I have any better options, or not?…

…I made my choice years ago…and I’ve stuck to it since. Others can approach and interact with me, or just walk away…however they see fit.

Ultimately, I leave your security in the only place it genuinely exists…in your own hands. I do not want to see anybody get hurt, but at the same time I can only do so much, to get people to not behave recklessly.

You can find free online proxies, by just doing a web search for free online proxies. I like to use…You may find a different proxy, which you like more.

A Tip:

1) Go to
2) Click on your preferred language
3) Enter into the website address box
4) Click the “Surf Anonymously” button

Doing this will allow you to completely surf my blog [or most any website], behind the proxy. You will not have to pay any mind to the danger of falling outside the proxy, as even the links on my blog will open up behind the proxy…even if those links point to an entirely separate website, all together. The only time you should have any problem, is where websites actively block proxies.

A Little Experiment For You:

If you are under the impression that this issue is “no big deal”, I’d like you to try something on your own…

While not behind a proxy, visit this website [].

Next, it will specify “Your IP Address Is:”…Copy that address.

Then go to any major search engine, like Yahoo! or Google.

Paste the IP you got previously into the search box, then click the search button…See what links appear, and follow a few of them…At the very least, you will likely be seeing the internet service provider [ISP] you directly do business with clearly named…You might even see the city you are currently living in, specified. If nothing else, the name of an ISP is plenty enough, for someone to cause you a good deal of trouble.

In addition, paste that IP number into the search box at…See what you get.

While we are at it, let me introduce you to Sam Spade []…There are all sorts of useful tools on that website, which will allow anyone to gather information with only an IP number.

Do take note, that some of these resources will even give your pinpointed location on a visual map…global, and maybe even local.

These kinds of things have been used to track people down and out them, in the past…and they are so simple to do, that anyone can freely do it…And there is a lot of danger, in the fact that many people do not realize this.