Shy Keenan’s P.I.E.-in-the-sky


Date: September 3, 2014

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Note: This was posted by Bernie Najarian, on Wednseday, September 3rd of 2014, on BoyChat. It is republished here, without alteration. Most links are not proxied, and will not open in a new window or tab. – Steve

Shy Keenan’s P.I.E.-in-the-sky Conspiracy Theory

Posted by Bernie Najarian on 2 Sept 2014

In the swelling ranks of people who have written books about their childhood abuse and then gone on to campaign publicly, the name Shy Keenan is relatively prominent.

Keenan, 51, who grew up as Karen Claridge in Wirral, near Liverpool, England, was sexually and physically assaulted as a child by her stepfather, Stanley Claridge. Claridge was convicted of his many offenses in 2002 (1; reference links like this one are in parentheses). The sexual assaults on Keenan began when she was four. She was then sold for sex to other men and repeatedly threatened with being killed if she said anything to anyone. Her mother physically punished her for raising the subject. Before running away to become a free but starving teenaged street person in London, she was left partly deaf from parental beatings, and suffered a fractured skull after being brutally raped by a group of sailors her stepdad had prostituted her to at age 10 (2). Unlike many victims who have no direct evidence to substantiate such dramatic claims, leaving themselves open to being mistaken for child abuse hoaxes like Anthony Godby Johnson (3) and J.T. LeRoy (4), Keenan was able to extract a recorded confession from her stepfather after being wired by BBC journalist Sarah Macdonald (5). The recording was instrumental in his conviction.

Over the ensuing twelve years, Keenan has authored or co-authored three widely distributed books based on her experiences, the autobiographical ‘Broken,’ the “terrifying internet pedophile” crime detective novel ‘The Stolen Ones’ and the anti-abuse polemic ‘Where Angels Fear.’ The last of these is co-written by Sara Payne (6), a woman whose daughter was abducted and killed by the notorious unsupervised, released sex offender Roy Whiting (7). Payne, who styles herself ‘Dr. Sara Payne MBE’ after having received a civic award from the British government and an honorary doctorate from the Open University, is also a partner with Keenan in an anti-abuse advocacy group called Phoenix Survivors (8). This organization briefly became established as a working institution in Essex, but lost funding in 2008 and has since then been an internet project (9).

Keenan was back in the news in a tragedy in 2013 when her 14-year-old son Ayden Olsen committed suicide after being relentlessly bullied at school for being of mixed racial heritage and for a tentative attempt to come out as gay (10).

Keenan and Payne are thus both people who anyone with feelings and conscience would want to sympathize with and support, overlooking any imperfections they might randomly have as normal members of the human species. Unfortunately, this sympathy is difficult to attain for anyone who understands the impact of their mode of campaigning on the situation of non-offending minor-attracted (MA) people, pedophiles and hebephiles. The attempts of Keenan and Payne to fight the evils that tried to destroy them have taken them on tangents where they tend to run roughshod over non-offending MAs, especially those who try to point out that to possess an MA sexual orientation does not automatically make one an abuser or offender.

For example, Keenan and Payne’s house blog, the Phoenix Post, tweeted out the following strident message on Aug. 31, 2014:

The Phoenix Post ?@ThePhoenixPost

Paedophilia is a form of sexual terrorism that needs its own Anti-Terror unit (11)

Payne, on her Twitter page, @DrSaraPayneMBE, declares herself to be involved in a “#WarOnPaedophilia.” She recently referred to an abstinent MA who tried to reason with her, Šimon Falko ?@simgiran, as an “offender troll” and stated that she had blocked him as a matter of routine.

Dr Sara Payne MBE ?@DrSaraPayneMBE Aug 27

@IPCCNews … PLZ read and comment many thanks Anti-Victim Prejudice #AVP

Christine Deudney ?@Pops_Mum Aug 27

@DrSaraPayneMBE … Excellent article but why a different name for men who abuse young boys? Surely kids are kids? Paedophiles are paedophiles?

Šimon Falko ?@simgiran Aug 27

@Pops_Mum @DrSaraPayneMBE … Ex.: Many people abusing pubescent girls are the most into adults but pubescent girls are easier targets for them.

(Falko is possibly citing Carol Smolenski, U.S. Director of End Child Prostitution and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT) on ‘preferential’ vs. ‘situational child abusers,’ (12), or clinical studies on exclusive vs. non-exclusive pedophiles such as those of Linda J. Cohen – e.g., Cohen LJ, Galynker II, Clinical features of pedophilia and implications for treatment, J Psychiatr Pract. 2002 Sep;8:276-89. (13) – BN)

Christine Deudney ?@Pops_Mum Aug 27

@simgiran @DrSaraPayneMB… And your evidence is? I cannot believe that adults attracted to adults would choose to rape (or ‘target’) a child

Dr Sara Payne MBE ?@DrSaraPayneMBE Aug 27

@Pops_Mum @simgiran … Please take me out of this thread, this is one of our endless reported and blocked offender trolls, many thanks PoPs Mum

By routinely blocking out anyone disagreeing with her, Payne has hermetically sealed herself into her own preconceptions about pedophiles. Also, she has learned to use her victimhood as a silencer. See what happens at the end of a series of testy tweets exchanged with Spectator Magazines chairman and BBC political commentator Andrew Neil @afneil (14). Neil here commits the faux pas of asking Payne why she prominently displays her junior level civic award (MBE, ‘Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire’).

Andrew Neil ?@afneil Aug 26

The terrible things that happened to the girls will mark Rotherham 1,400 for life. Some will become tomorrow’s criminals, abusers. So sad.

Dr Sara Payne MBE ?@DrSaraPayneMBE Aug 26

@afneil … Oh Andrew you were doing so well until your Anti-Victim Prejudice (#AVP) started to show, a percentage of all children will become (abusers, but)

Dr Sara Payne MBE ?@DrSaraPayneMBE Aug 26

@afneil #AVP …it is wrong and deeply prejudiced to say that abused children become abusers, I was just starting to like you

Andrew Neil ?@afneil

@DrSaraPayneMBE …You need to do research before you dislike. Many abusers were abused themselves. Not all. But a fair number. Hardly surprise

(Some studies support Neil, e.g., Cohen LJ and collaborators, Childhood sexual history of 20 male pedophiles vs. 24 male healthy control subjects. J Nerv Ment Dis. 2002 Nov;190:757-66. (15) – BN)

Andrew Neil ?@afneil

@DrSaraPayneMBE …And why flaunt MBE? Who cares?

At this point, Payne uses the ultimate Twitter sign of disgust, ‘subtweeting’ (tweeting back at a person with out addressing them, giving the person the back of the hand)

Dr Sara Payne MBE ?@DrSaraPayneMBE

You can have the MBE, the DR, the stroke ALL BACK for just five more minutes with my daughter Sarah, you horrible man. (Re ‘stroke’: Payne recovered from a ruptured brain aneurysm a few years ago – BN)

Friends rush in to console her for the grievous injury of being critically questioned, which to Payne is tantamount having the murder of her daughter callously trivialized.

lisamills ?@jaimebamber Aug 28

@DrSaraPayneMBE … sum people r just sick, u have sarah in ur heart always n never ever let people get to u xxxx

Jo ?@JoRose9 Aug 28

@DrSaraPayneMBE @ShyKeenan … that brought tears to my eyes. Of course u would. But you deserve those awards. You’re a treasure x

Pamela Donaldson ?@uncleporkie Aug 28

@DrSaraPayneMBE … Many of us see some good coming out of the tragic death of your daughter and you are out there looking after others! Respect

With Payne’s dismissal of a top BBC broadcaster as a ‘horrible man,’ based mostly on finding his academically supported statements to be “anti-victim prejudice,” one begins to see why the Phoenix fires are running a little low on fuel. MA commentator Kamil Beylant tweeted a consolatory tweet of his own to Neil.

Kamil Beylant @Securityconcern Aug 28

@afneil … … We Anatolians understand when grief for a murdered family member seeds a blinding blood feud – not good.

(Anatolians are mostly Turks or Kurds. Kamil explains that some parts of eastern Turkey are famous for Hatfield/McCoy type family blood feuds that go on for generations, with aggrieved mothers of murder victims being among the most enthusiastic propagators of the cycle of revenge – BN)

As this example shows, there is a strain of unreasoning militancy or fanaticism about the Keenan / Payne nexus that clearly strains their relations with many of the establishment members they try to goad towards their viewpoints. Here’s another testy exchange involving a “commentator on policing issues,” Peter Kirkham, vs. Payne and some Payne allies, such as an unnamed spokesperson for crime victim support charity MAMAA (Mother Against Murder and Aggression) and blogger Cate Moore. The bone of contention is the municipal report on institutional failings in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, where it is alleged that social service and police unresponsiveness contributed to the abuse of 1400 tween- and teen-aged girls by local Pakistani mashers (see my article on this (16)). (Some tweet series making connected statements have been merged together)

Peter Kirkham ?@Peter_Kirkham

.@DrSaraPayneMBE @JackJDees @cate_a_moore @MAMAAUK … Because most (maybe 90%) of the problem is NOT the police. If the investigation only focuses on police; it may satisfy critics’ anti-police prejudices but it doesn’t address actual problem & doesn’t prevent problems occurring in the future.


@Peter_Kirkham @DrSaraPayneMBE @JackJDees @cate_a_moore …Nobody is suggesting police were solely responsible BUT the police are the people who these children, rightly, expected to help them REGARDLESS of what anyone else was/was not doing. Without fear or favour!

Drac49 ?@Drac49 Aug 29

@Peter_Kirkham @DrSaraPayneMBE @JackJDees @cate_a_moore @MAMAAUK …It’s not unreasonable to expect #police to be there for #victims of crime

Peter Kirkham ?@Peter_Kirkham Aug 29

@MAMAAUK @DrSaraPayneMBE @JackJDees @cate_a_moore …The Police do not have a magic wand. Or the power to protect someone who doesn’t want to be protected. And it is incredibly difficult to prosecute without a supportive victim. You have hopelessly excessive expectations of what police & criminal justice system can actually deliver in such cases. What IS required is FAR more focused one-to-one support from social services, youth services, projects like Risky Business.

Cate Moore ?@cate_a_moore Aug 29

@Peter_Kirkham @MAMAAUK @DrSaraPayneMBE @JackJDees … arrrrrgggghhh. THE POLICE ARE NOT THE VICTIMS HERE PETER. Please drop me from this.


@Peter_Kirkham @DrSaraPayneMBE @JackJDees @cate_a_moore …you have been asked to remove 2 ladies from this thread. This conversation is over. It was the minute you attempted to brand us anti -police and prejudiced.


@Peter_Kirkham @JackJDees … again, Cate and Sara have asked to be removed from your tweets on this and we said convo over the minute you attempted to portray us as “anti police”

Peter Kirkham ?@Peter_Kirkham Aug 29

@MAMAAUK I hadn’t seen requests. So thanks for yet again proving you jump to conclusions based on prejudice. No time for idiots like you. Bye.

Still reacting against Payne’s ‘War on Pedophilia’ proclamations, Kamil Beylant decided to weigh in on the discussion about Rotherham and policing, even though he’d already been blocked by Payne and allies. He tweeted Kirkham:

Kamil Beylant @Securityconcern Aug 29

@Peter_Kirkham …Police officers are next after celebrities on the firing line for having acted in the past in the way people acted then

Kamil Beylant @Securityconcern Aug 29

@Peter_Kirkham …Don’t expect any mercy from the hypervictimist militants who would even try to make responses illegal as #AVP

(Payne has said in her column in the Sun newspaper, London, that she wishes to make any expression of ‘anti-victim prejudice’ illegal (17) – BN)

Kamil Beylant @Securityconcern Aug 29

@Peter_Kirkham …My stake: they have declared ‘war’ on a sexual orientation that includes more conscientious non-offenders than offenders

Kamil Beylant @Securityconcern Aug 29

@Peter_Kirkham …These are people who respond to past injury with indiscriminate blood revenge feud motivations, not avoiding sweeping bias

Kirkham responded with agreement.

Peter Kirkham @Peter_Kirkham • Aug 29

@Securityconcern Loving the “hypervictimist militants” line … sums up too many I’m afraid … They actually UNDERMINE any chance of real change by distracting from actual problems and switching off those they need to engage (e.g. operational staff) who KNOW things are not as they portray and who KNOW that there is a lot more context/detail they conveniently ignore.

I am told by Kamil that he then began thinking about this “context/detail” in terms of the compensation being demanded by the first 15 girl victims to announce their claims (£100,000 each, according to the Telegraph (18)). Did the 1,400 Rotherham victims truly have a legitimate collective claim of £140,000,000, or $232,400,000, a figure higher than the annual national government budgets of Gambia, St. Lucia, the Solomon Islands, and numerous other small African, Caribbean and South Pacific nations (19)? Kamil thought this was perhaps a little much to pay out to young people who had often expressly defied their parents’ wishes to hang out with the problem gangs. Such a thought was heretical “anti-victim prejudice” in terms of the kind of flawless victimhood espoused by Payne and Keenan, but he ran it by Kirkham to see if an experienced policeman could relate to it.

Kamil Beylant @Securityconcern Aug 30

@Peter_Kirkham Re: the hypervictim party line. Without excusing exploitative males in any way, one naturally asks how many victims deliberately went against parent/guardian advice, guidance, orders, begging, arguing, etc. early in the process, and if they were so easily ‘groomed’ by the males, what then made them so resistant to being ‘groomed’ by parental guidance?

Kamil Beylant @Securityconcern Aug 30

@Peter_Kirkham Or do we now consider 11-15 yos to have no responsibility whatever bcz they’re too young to consent to obeying their parents?

Kirkham’s response was affirmative:

Peter Kirkham @Peter_Kirkham Aug 30

@Securityconcern …Read actual Report & you’ll find EXACTLY that in the cases being trumpeted as most egregious examples of police failure…

The ‘actual’ report can be downloaded from the Rotherham council site(20)

Keenan and Payne, however, need not feel threatened with a need to rethink their positions by skeptical, questioning attitudes coming from the likes of Neil, Kirkham and Beylant. They have a theory that explains all these attitudes, and shows that such ideas can only be tainted with evil. Keenan has written and rewritten a major article laying out a grand conspiracy schema to explain how all Britain was thoroughly poisoned so that it would persecute the victims of child abuse (21).

According to Keenan, it was the P.I.E. that did it – the Paedophile Information Exchange (22).

What was this all-important PIE that had so many sinister blackbirds baked into it? As the authoritative synopsis in Boywiki (22) says,

“The Paedophile Information Exchange was a UK activist group, founded in October 1974 and officially disbanded in 1984… (It) was set up to campaign for an acceptance and understanding of paedophilia by producing controversial documents…It held regular meetings in London but also had a ‘Contact Page’, which was a bulletin in which members placed advertisements…

“By 1978 PIE and Paedophile Action for Liberation had become affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties, with members attending meetings… Whilst affiliated with NCCL, PIE campaigned to reduce the age of consent and oppose the proposed banning of child pornography. In 1976, in a submission to the Criminal Law Revision Committee, the NCCL asserted that “childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage” and that the Protection of Children Bill would lead to “damaging and absurd prosecutions”. Whilst PIE was affiliated with it, the organisation … argued that sexually explicit photographs of children should be legal unless it could be proven that the subject had suffered harm or that an inference to that effect or to the effect that harm might have been caused could reasonably be drawn from the images themselves, with Harriet Harman (later deputy leader of the Labour Party) arguing that (banning such photographs) would “increase censorship”. NCCL had excluded PIE by 1983.”

P.I.E. was a very small group that by any conventional standard seemed to have minimal impact; moreover, many of its members were later arrested, some for ‘conspiracy to corrupt public morals.’ It did have a single factor suggesting more pervasive influence, however: one member was a highly placed public official whose affiliation was long covered up (22).

…it emerged that there had been a cover-up: Mr “Henderson” had worked for MI6 and been a high commissioner in Canada. Mr “Henderson” was later revealed via Private Eye to be Sir Peter Hayman.

Many years after the dissolution of PIE, also, news stories revealed that the organization may have been awarded as much as £70,000 in operating grants from the government’s ‘Home Office’ from 1977-1983 (22).

These tendrils of pedophile acceptance in government, to Keenan and Payne, explain everything. All the attitudes these activists experience as ‘anti-victim prejudice,’ including any questioning of their party line, relate to societal and governmental infiltration by the PIE. Never mind that all over the western world, up until very recently, old-fashioned attitudes tending to blame sexual assault victims for facilitating the crimes they experienced were widely prevalent. It’s all about the PIE. Here’s Shy (21):

“Anti- Victim Prejudice or #AVP is when somebody/anybody uses the fact that you are victim of a paedophile crime to prejudicially discriminate against you in any way.

“Please note; No mystery, no ‘hoped for’ complicated answers with a scientific cure …paedophiles do what they do…. because they want to and because they can, you can never do anything about what people want but you can do a great deal about what they can do.

“I was never a child prostitute…I was a prostituted child and until they understand this…they will never turn this paedophile tide.

“Basic AVP history – In the 1970s a group of wealthy powerful paedophiles/pedophiles and their supporters set up and organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange or #PIE.

“#PIE’s main aims were/are to decriminalise paedophile crimes and make them either a socially acceptable sexual minority, failing that…to have themselves lawfully declared as legitimate ‘taxpayer funded’ disabled people …and to set up a legitimate political party to institutionally embed their pro-paedophile policies and social protection within the social system.

“…In the 1970s they groomed and unlawfully embedded themselves through the likes of the Islington Council and were allowed to illegally groom and manipulate judicial and social policy.

“Through this unlawful unelected influence, using pro-paedophile propaganda, they were allowed to systemically and institutionally embed their Anti-Victim Prejudice virtually unchallenged throughout the entire UK social and judicial systems.”

According to Keenan, reporters like Neil and policemen like Kirkham are all under the insidious sway of the PIE, 30 years after its demise. Its views have spread like bedbugs into the minds of millions of English, Scots, Welsh and Irish; it has truly changed the face of the world, making sexual assault victims objects of derision. Keenan goes on:

“Anti-Victim Prejudice or AVP is the reason why very small children are not believed or protected and the core reason why adult victims of child sexual abuse won’t tell. As a direct result of this unchallenged systemic institutionalised #AVP victims are now (in 2014) faced with an entire social and judicial system that unlawfully abuses and discriminate against the child/adult victims and protects the paedophiles.

“AVP is the reason why children under the legal age of consent are/is forced to argue consent in a court of law.

“AVP is the reason why the only person in a court case without a legally aided solicitor is the child victim and or adult victim of child sexual abuse.

“AVP is the reason why blood related cousins are not protected by Incest laws.

“AVP is the reason why the public can’t accept female paedophiles, let alone describe their sex crimes against children …as sex crimes against children …instead claiming they are affairs with young people and the like.

“AVP is the reason why the police can give a self-confessed baby rapist a police caution.

“#PIE grooming won’t ever let us talk about actual victims of actual paedophiles …you can see this grooming for yourselves within the ordinary and social media. You can almost count the seconds into the conversation before …

“Every time we talk about victims… they will go on (about) those who lie about being victims.

“Every time we talk about paedophiles… they bang on about those who may be falsely accused.

“Every time we talk about compensation… they act like we just poo’d on the floor.

“They never let us just talk about what it’s like to be us living in a world that hates and fears and excludes us more than those who abused us?”

Finally, it’s in the gabble of this conspiracy theory that Keenan, Payne and company lose contact even with the equally outraged portions of the British establishment. We must all fall to the floor before self-proclaimed victims, they tell us. Anyone who fails to do so is having his or her mind groomed by pedophiles. Whether the victims were absolutely blameless people who experienced random acts of violence, like Sara Payne with her murdered daughter, or whether they were schoolgirls who told their parents to sod off and went out to the mall anyways to meet those intriguingly sexy older boys, all deserve absolute deference, a complete absence of hurtful questioning, and, of course, compensation, plenty of it.

All they ask beyond that is that all pedophiles be imprisoned forever, and that no attention be paid to the concept of innocence in any pedophile who has not committed a crime.

Beylant is right. Keenan and Payne are participants in a blood feud, grieving, aggrieved, and aggressive. In reality, it need not hurt their ears to know that most pedophiles would never distress a child for self-gratification, or even take any risk of doing so. The just aspects of the Keenan / Payne cause would not even be damaged if some victims could admit that they, too, had acted like fallible human beings — even though we know that no childish error can detract from the criminality of a sexual assault.

Otherwise, as Kirkham perceived, the next major social targets of the hypervictimist party line in the UK will be police forces, who surely everywhere had imperfect control of some headstrong teens and the dubious older boys they were mixing with. They stand to receive much of the blame that will unlock government compensation pots all over the country.

Will this happen, or will a more sensible ethos looking at real rather than romantically perfected victims prevail?

If we, as a fantasy, were obliged to credit PIE for saving the British taxpayer from apologetically shelling out £100,000 to every hot-blooded teen who ever defied her parents and snuck out with the wrong group of boys, then perhaps British society might owe the organization a small degree of recognition after all.

At least an honorary doctorate and an MBE.

















16. (proxied link)