The Dandelion

The Dandelion

The dandelion is an infamous plant…

While the flower, itself, cannot do much…the deep roots are well known, for their ability to keep growing and pushing, in the plants relentless drive to find sunlight. Because of this, dandelions are known to break concrete…which is brittle…and the part of the dandelion meant to live on the surface, sprouts up through the cracks.

We cannot cover up dandelions, and hope that they just die…We have to kill them at their root, if we wish to be rid of them…Otherwise, they will continue to do what they always have done…seek the sunlight…because that is in their nature.

I look upon, understand and relent to the occurrence of inter-generational love in a complicated and dangerous world, in much the same way.

It is within the nature of a Child Lover, or a Teen Lover…to love that child or teen. They cannot help this, because that is just what they are. It is not their fault, they are like this…nor is it their fault, that the world is the way it is…that they find themselves midst dangerous obstacles.

…Sometimes, they will break through the boundaries created by society…and sometimes, the damage to those boundaries will elicit extreme retaliation…

Where the dandelion will be poisoned…the Lover will be ostracized, humiliated, chained or even imprisoned…possibly murdered…What existence they have left, will be greatly diminished and full of pain.

Nobody likes watching this happen to one of their own…It will tare you to pieces, watching this happen to those you love…

Having had to watch this multiple times…I can tell you, it is hell for a Child Lover or Teen Lover to get identified, and/or get placed into “the justice system”…Not just for the individual, but for all who love them…It is especially gut wrenching, for those of us who know them, who are their peers as Child Lovers and Teen Lovers…Those of us who know them, and who share their secrets.

Many of us…we are intertwined…our lives…our dependence…our support…

…And when one of us falls…we are all injured by it.

I cannot express, just how much it is not lost on me…the weight and severity of it all…whenever a Child Lover or Teen Lover chooses to follow their nature…ending up in an illegal relationship…and the looming cloud of threat, they must live under…the extension to which it may stretch…and how many people may be hurt.

It is not the fault of the Child Lover or Teen Lover, that the world is this way…This is not a fair, kind or humane world, for those of us who share love in this way.

For all the times I have sat here, and expressed just how wrong it is…that Child Lovers and Teen Lovers are abused and treated so cruelly…It does not change that the world is this savage and ugly…nor that our burdens as Child Lovers and Teen Lovers, are not going away soon.

Life is impossibly complicated, injurious and painful…when you are a Child Lover or Teen Lover…And you are not honestly free, to follow your heart…You cannot attain true fulfillment in life, without following your nature…Which often makes our limited lives seem…undermined…gutted…rendered impotent and meaningless. You are left knowing, you never got a fair shake in life…you never stood on level ground, alongside most people.

The ideals of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” mocks you…and you are not even safe in vocalizing why, to those who don’t understand.

When nobody has your back…it is easy to understand, why some Child Lovers and Teen Lovers choose to have a taste, of “what they were put on this planet for”, while they have the chance.

I do not judge…even when it is painful…I do not judge a dandelion for being a dandelion…and I do not judge a Child Lover or Teen Lover, for being the type of lover they are.

I cannot sanction these kinds of acts…What sanctions them, is infinitely larger than you, than I, or than the entirety of our species combined…

Love is sanctioned by being alive…It is sanctioned by freedom of choice…It is sanctioned, by our need for reward in life…It is sanctioned, by its natural place in life.

I cannot judge…when The Love That Dare Not Speak It’s Own Name, has it’s moments in the sun.

…And I accept that, as animals with deep, primary needs…some amount of inter-generational love will occur…It is only natural.

…I will continue to protest, however…as lives are destroyed, blood is spilled and inhumanities are visited upon individuals…all because society refuses to make any room, for Lovers of our nature.