The EQF Glossary


The EQF Glossary
These are the definitions, by which the following words are used…

Do take note, that these are definitions chosen by, and for, the EQ. Foundation. They do not necessarily reflect either legal definitions, or clinical definitions.

Abuse: Any act, which knowingly inflicts malicious injury, or malicious pain upon another person.

Ageism: Discrimination based upon an individuals age.

Agenda Science: A form of junk science, which is funded by, structured by, performed by and promoted by, a special interest group [perhaps a hate group, or other group intent on social control], for the explicit purpose of fraudulently “proving”, and “supporting” their own, social agenda.

AOA: Age of attraction – Specification of age groups, which one normally finds to be most attractive.

IE: Someone telling you their AOA is “seven to fourteen”, is saying that they normally find people between [and including] the ages of seven and fourteen years, to be attractive.

Atheist: One who does not believe in religion born concepts, such as gods and miracles.

Bisexual: One who is sexually oriented towards members of both genders.

Bisexuality: Sexual relations, held amongst members of both genders.

BL: An abbreviation for BoyLover.

Boylover: Anyone sexually oriented towards boys.

Note: This group contains at least two recognizable sub-cultures. One is the Little Boy Lover, consisting of people attracted to male children [commonly, Tanner Stages 1, 2 and 3]. The other is Teen-Boy Lovers, consisting of people attracted to males in their teens, or close to entering their teen years [commonly, Tanner Stage 4 and 3].

Censorship: Any act performed, with the intention of denying another person or group, of the ability to freely communicate ideas, and educate the public with sound facts.

Censorship is often employed for political reasons, and to keep minorities weak and vulnerable. Victims of censorship are often persecuted in other ways, as well.

Child: A human being, who has not yet reached his or her teenage [adolescent] years.

Child Lover: A boylover, or a girl-lover, who is a pedosexual.

Ephebophile: A Teen Lover.

Fellatio: Oral sex. Sex involving the genitals and the mouth.

Girl Lover: Anyone sexually oriented towards girls.

Note: Like Boylovers [please see “Boylover”], Girl Lovers can also have social divisions amongst them, based upon attraction to girl children as opposed to girl teenagers.

Hate Group: Any group of people spreading stereotypes, false information and threats of any or all nature, in an attempt to cause malicious harm to another group of people.

People involved in these groups, often spend their time trying to work on the public’s psychology, in order to work others up, into an emotional, angered frenzy.

Heterosexual: One who is sexually oriented towards members of the opposite gender.

Heterosexuality: Sexual relations, held amongst members of the opposite gender.

Homosexual: One who is sexually oriented towards members of their same gender.

Homosexuality: Sexual relations, held amongst two or more members of the same gender.

Human Rights: The minimal rights that should be afforded to all humans, in the interest of humanity and equal treatment.

Humanism: A life philosophy based upon reason and compassion.

Humanist: One who is not religious, and lives a life in accordance with the concepts of humanism.

Humanitarian: One who works towards humane goals. Their interest is in the betterment of humankind.

Junk Science: The perversion of established, sound, research standards, performed under the guise of scientific research.

LBL: An abbreviation for Little Boy Lover.

Monotheist: A theist who believes in only one god.

Moral Elitist: A title coined for the purpose of identifying people, who possess a narcissistic, self assessment of superiority over others, based upon moral ideologies.

Moral Imperialist: A title coined for the purpose of identifying people, who are moral supremists wishing to wage “morality wars”, and subjugating those they deem “immoral”, by using the government, politics, the media and other resources, in order to force conformity, or cause destruction.

These are the, “Let’s go conquer the world”, people. They are empire builders, who want an empire in their own image.

Moral Supremist: A title coined for the purpose of identifying people, who are moral elitists wishing to dominate, persecute and keep down others, based upon the self righteous concept that only their own morals are “good”.

Oral Sex: Sexual activity, involving the genitals and the mouth.

Pederast: A homosexual male, who is oriented towards males entering puberty and males in their teens.

Pedo: A child.

Pedophile: An adult human, who is sexually oriented towards human children, that have not yet reached puberty.

A term built from ancient, Greek words. It’s literal translation is “Child Lover”…or, “One who loves children”.

Pedophilia: A strong love for a child, or children, which may potentially include sexual activity.

Pedosexual: One with a pedophilic sexual orientation.

Phile: A Lover of something, or someone.

Philia: A strong love for something, or someone.

Polymorphous Perverse: The theory, and observable conclusion, that humans (like many other species) have it within their nature to discover, enjoy, benefit from and greatly desire, a vast range of sexual activities which fall well outside of typical, reproductive sex.

Polytheist: A theist who believes in several gods.

Professional Victim: A term which denotes someone who consistently engages in a certain, repugnant type of behavior, where in they exploit their own claim to victim-hood, in order to gain personal privileges or to reach a personally desired outcome.

Privileges can include things like preferential treatment over others, automatic influence based out of sympathy, favoritism, hidden favors, and obvious leniency on the part of any authoritative figure (ie: consistently sheltered, with no threat of consequence, when clearly violating terms of service, amongst other violations which should have been addressed).

The professional victim is often an angry, spiteful individual, who holds a vendetta complex…where in, they feel personally justified in picking out individuals (or groups), and targeting them with acts of rage. Often, this will take the form of passive aggressive behavior…However, professional victims have been known to become very hostile and nasty.

Professional victims commonly retreat to their collective of friends, in order to appeal for them to gang up on an unsuspecting target.

Retaliating, no matter how badly one has been violated by a professional victim, will only garner further hate and outrage…as you are reminded again, that they are a “wounded victim”, which “absolves” them of all personal accountability [or, they are peculiarly deemed, “in their own, special right”, when they do such].

You, on the other hand, are characterized as “extra heartless and evil”, even if you were doing nothing more than calmly trying to explain/defend yourself against the professional victims onslaught. You are then punished for it.

This is a typical, passive aggressive trap, many people have been coaxed into by professional victims.

Professional Victims are a class of living, breathing, sacred cow…who chronically act as though they are being “re-victimized”, if they don’t get their own way, or anyone they don’t like talks back to them.

Puberty: The phase in physical development, where changes occur to the body, and the individual becomes capable of producing offspring.

Rape: The physical attack upon another person, where in sexual activity, commonly forced entry of the penis into the vagina or the anus, is forced with an unwilling person.

Reproductive Sex: Sex between a male and a female, who are biologically capable of having a baby, involving the penis and the vagina.

ROA: Range of attraction – This is a term I personally coined. Unlike “Age of Attraction” which focuses on a range of age groups…this specifies attributes, which one finds attractive. When speaking in terms of “Range of Attraction”, one might speak of physical features, or personality traits.

Science: The continual process of questioning, studying, documenting and discovery, in relation to subjects as they happen to exist.

Science includes no moral, or ethical, judgements. It merely seeks to discover and document the discernible facts.

Sex Abuse Industry: The combination of professional fields, jobs and positions, which have sprung up around belief in a sex abuse epidemic, while thriving upon it.

It is often prone towards exploitation, a skewed perspective, gaining political power, pushing a short sighted agenda, and profiting at the dire expense of many.

Sexual Assault: Any forced activity of a sexual nature, performed at the protest, or against the desire, of any individual involved in the sexual act.

Sexual Battery: Any forced activity of a sexual nature, which causes physical pain or injury.

Sexual Violence: Any act of violence, which includes a sexual activity.

Skeptic: One who questions supernatural and extraordinary claims. One who is not a blind follower, or passive acceptor of extraordinary claims.

A skeptic will often need to see and experience for themselves, before granting credence to a claim. A skeptic will be the kind of person, who observes closely, finding and identifying conflicts of interest, as well as shortcomings in a presented case.

Snippet: A short post, often a paragraph or less.

Statutory Rape: Sexual activity, which meets the minimum requirement of law, to be prosecuted as a “rape”. This often includes activities which are consensual, and desired by the participants in a sexual relationship.

This is a legal tool, designed to give leverage and control, to outside parties who are offended, upon discovery of a sexual relationship they don’t approve of, where in the primary participants will neither complain about the relationship, nor end it. It is a breed of interference, and prohibition.

Stereotype: A misleading caricature, exhibiting very limited and skewed representation of minority groups.

Stereotypes can be incredibly harmful and destructive weapons, when employed against minorities, who are not politically well established. Socially vulnerable groups have been kept down and persecuted, without much protest from the general public, largely because of vicious stereotyping, which has effected the general public’s perception.

Stereotypes, will typically refer only to the most unflattering, heinous and undesirable traits, which have been witnessed in anyone, from the targeted minority. This practice fails to present a balanced and fair representation of the minority, either as an average individual profile, or as a whole.

TBL: An abbreviation for Teen Boy Lover.

Teen Lover: Those sexually oriented towards teenagers.

The Child Love Movement: A collective of people, who fight for the human and sexual rights of both children, and Child Lovers.

Note: Said people are commonly inclusive of and support teenagers and Teen-Lovers, yet many teenagers and Teen-Lovers do not identify with this title, because they don’t see what they personally do or want, as involving [Tanner Stage 1 and 2, maybe 3] children.

The Cult of Crotch Politics: A title coined for the purpose of identifying people, whether in organised groups or in a state of passive acceptance, who support, promote and believe in dis-proven, anti sexual theories, in relation to human sexuality.

People in this group are not interested in sound facts, rationality or calm discourse. They are most interested in protecting the political sanctity, and legal weight, of anti sexual paradigms.

Members of this group, will commonly evoke tactics which underhandedly force censorship upon others who hold a different viewpoint. Their typical fighting style, is to attack with personal insults, implied accusations of the other persons “hidden” intentions and calling upon the social inertia, of a deep rooted paradigm [“Everybody knows it’s true”] to pull them through.

It is almost unheard of, for members of this group to honestly address issues brought to the table by those with a pro sexual stance. More common, is a flat dismissal, as they hold sex positive people, and their case, in utter contempt, refusing to give fair acknowledgement and consideration.

Theist: One who holds belief in religion born concepts. This includes the belief in mystical beings and creatures, including gods, as well as a belief in miracles which defy established rules of nature.

Violence: Any act which violates the ability of others, to safely go about living their life, as they find to be best.

There are many forms of violence, including physical an psychological. The perpetrators of violence come from all social classes, and can hold any type of position, including ones with political power.

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