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Speaking On Hate Groups and The Hate Filled:

In a perfect world, none of us would be forced to spend our time deflecting the aggressive attacks of others…It is quite unfortunate, this world is far from perfect.

I’d like to make one thing crystal clear, from the very beginning…

…I do not like spending my time discussing the sorts of people, groups and behaviors, which will be featured on The Wall…As a bit of reference, I’ve had in my possession content pertaining to some of these people, which I’ve held onto for several years…This is largely because I don’t like getting into feuds, and I have no malicious intent…not even towards these kinds of people.

…I am, however, outraged and incensed by the actions and attitudes of the people who will make it into this series…enough so, to where I firmly believe they deserve being exposed for who and what they are…frauds and malicious bullies…

Historically, I have held back…pretty well not even posting this kind of content [dealing with specific individuals and groups] on any of my blogs…With regards to the hate group Perverted Justice, I’ve got nearly twenty individual posts waiting to be published…In the last two years [2010-2012], I got around to publishing a grand total of one post, introducing the “Perverted Justice Expose” series…So you know, it’s not really been high on my list…but I also feel it has been a failure of mine, not taking a more public stand…especially in the face of what this hate group has done to me [and several friends of mine] in the past.

While I think that some people and groups [ie: Perverted Justice] do deserve their own series, I also do not want to juggle a whole bunch of these kinds of post series…So, I am consolidating basically every “Sub-Blog”, which has anything to do with hate groups and predatory people who act with malice against sexual minorities [Children, Youth, BoyLovers and Girl-Lovers, specifically]…I will retain my old categories, however…So, there is still going to be a grouping of Perverted Justice, etc, posts together…Just click on the links in the top of the posts…They will take you to the major categories…Rarely featured groups and individuals, likely will not get their own category.

I don’t enjoy posting this sort of content…but I think it is vital, that the general population knows about these things.

– Steve Diamond

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