Understanding My Posts

Understanding My Posts

Before you feel compelled to read a certain tone, emotion or intent into my posts…please consider the following…

– Length implies nothing…least of all, my emotional state…I write as little or as much as I feel compelled to…or as much as I feel up to. A lot is subject directly to my present status. If I’m in a poor state, I likely will be posting little, or not at all.

– I write like I speak…and I look upon my writing as a type of informal commentary…Normally [on posting forums], I write enough to make for the equivalent of a one to three minute spoken comment. The content I share, is what would likely come up in a face to face chat, where we are just talking about something.

– Usually…I aim to share as much as I have to say, in one singular post. This is merely my nature, on posting forums.

– I don’t usually hang around for a string of brief, conversational exchanges. To a large degree, it is because I visit forums at “off times” to the majority of other participants…I am nocturnal.

– Much of my writing is factually detached from emotion…Not always…but usually, it is either emotionally sterile, or it is generally up beat and intended to be friendly.

– If I ever have any intent to hold somebodies feet to the fire of accountability, it will be unmistakable.

– If I have taken a small piece of your post or thread, and I’ve run with it into a post or branch all it’s own…this means you’ve expressed something, which has inspired me to document and share my own views, experiences, etc…I sincerely thank you for this.

– It is never my intent to hijack a thread, and I usually get so little response, that such seems virtually impossible. I just want to enrich the thread, myself and anyone who finds value in diverse views.

– Writing to me is very personal…It is a window, into what some might call “their soul”…When I compose and share personal issues, viewpoints, explorations, creativities…I am allowing others to peer through my window…and see me, not just as what I might prefer…but also see my human vulnerabilities. This can be unnerving…but it is also what makes us connect and empathize with each other. It is what builds human bonds.

– I don’t want people to see me as infallible, or someone with all the answers…I want them to understand, I am struggling through life like everybody else…Sometimes, I struggle, stumble and suffer terribly. What I do, however…is continue to push forward…to question and challenge…These are things I believe any decent human being would do, given adverse circumstances.

– My words are for you, as they are for all…You don’t have to accept them as true, or right…but think about them, and consider them…explore with them.

– I wont think less of you, if you disagree with me.

– If you find something of value in my words…I encourage you to take them, and build upon them…Share them in your own context, in ways that are beneficial.

– My posts are not attacks. A scantly few individuals, who have spent years taunting and begging for karma to come around and wallop them upside the head, have eventually learned of my frayed fatigue, for their extreme, chronic abuse…and how it sets very unwell with me…But I do not attack people…I take a clear stand against those who are abusive, and those who are attempting to manipulate and harm.

– I dislike devious schemers and those who are constantly trying to undermine and frustrate others. Such people are the antithesis, of open dialogue and communication…they are a barrier, to greater understanding…They paralyze progress.

– In an anonymous forum…all we have, is our words and deeds, to flesh out our persona. When clear words and intent are undermined, we are cast into chaos. Mutual respect is of utmost importance, on these types of forum.

– Participation on forums, is not a contest or a show of vanity.

– Writing is my “zen” activity. It is what I do [no matter the topic], when I am in a circumstance where I need to “release something”. It is something I come back to, for the comfort and familiarity it gives me…for the sense of control, and the exercise of mentally working through my thoughts. I love and appreciate writing for this personal benefit, even if I know many other people will not read what I write.

– I expect nobodies approval…By extension, I wait for nobodies approval…and I require nobodies approval. We speak, explore and live our own realities…They are all we have, as individuals, to mark our existence. It is not for any other, to squelch them.

– A core philosophy I embrace…is that the answer to “bad” speech, is more speech…never censorship. All voices should keep speaking. Sound voices, speaking to the issues of humankind, will ultimately rise to the top.