US’s New Antisemitism: 4 Profiles…


US’s New Antisemitism: 4 Profiles…


Date: November 08, 2016

Posted on October 24, 2016 by Bernie Najarian:

01) US’s New Antisemitism: 4 Profiles


The Four Hausfraus of the Aporkalypse

Posted by Bernie Najarian on 2016-October-24 12:35:35, Monday (reposted in entirely as a pastebin paste)

Energized by the Trump campaign, four proudly “shitposting” women are staying home and weaving hate for America’s New Antisemitism.

Bernie Najarian

Twitter, even though it isn’t making much money, is living the high life these days as a political forum. The USA, for the first time ever, has a genuine Twitter troll running for president, and he puts the website into the news nearly every day. In contrast to the heavily, if quixotically, censored Facebook, Twitter allows expression to nearly every political stripe, even the skunkiest. That makes it a lively but highly disturbing place.

One of its lesser known but more remarkable accounts is the @enderphile1 account, which provokes a large number of reactions with its featured ‘pinned tweet:’

“Believe it or not, there are pedophiles who never harm kids. Pedophile does not equal molester.”

The pseudonymous Enderphile is one of the main spokespeople for the Virtuous Pedophiles organization, the website for pedophiles who completely reject and anathematize sexual interaction with children.

Enderphile’s pinned tweet is to trollkind like a piece of bleeding liver is to a pool of starving piranhas. Over time, it slowly samples its way through all of the gnashing, snapping troll species of Twitter. There have been Anonymous movement trolls, professional big-name trolls, Scottish football hooligan trolls, lefty anti-racist trolls, victim movement trolls, Bluehand English nationalist trolls, feminist social justice warrior trolls, and many others. Recently, the tweet came to the attention of the newly surging alt-Right trolls who are following in Donald Trump’s wake as a squawking flotilla of green frog memes. The alt-right frog icon, called Pepe, has already been labeled a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League because many of its animators seem anti-Semitic, racist, or anti-Muslim; its devotees ribbit back that it represents Kek, the ancient Egyptian frog-god of chaos. The very word ‘kek’ is one of many special code terms used by this distinct group of online politicos and trolls, since it also substitutes for ‘lol.’

(Update: recently the Anti-Defamation League has been working with the original creator of Pepe the frog to ‘rescue’ the image from its far-right co-opters).

The alt-right frog pond has become too impure for some far-righters – it includes a whole croaking bayou of right-wing gays who are worried about Islamic homophobia, and also – gasp – a stand of economically conservative Jews, who form a steadfast cypress grove, hoary with hundreds of column-inches of published rhetorical moss, supporting the canopy of mainstream Republicanism. Recently, shockwaves rippled through the alt-right when its openly gay superstar Milo Yiannopoulos, writer for alt-right anti-immigration house-organ Breitbart News, revealed himself as having a partial Jewish ancestry through his mother, even though he was raised Catholic. To make matters worse, he also professed a fascination with black phalli and admitted he’d started his sex life very early in his teens, mostly in consort with older partners. Meanwhile, his Breitbart News über-boss, Andrew Bannon, was appointed as the chief executive officer of Trump’s presidential campaign, moving Milo high up into the new pro-Trump establishment. When Milo was perma-banned from Twitter for organizing a derisive attack on African-American comedienne Leslie Jones, he became unable to defend himself, and the resulting surge of hate-tweets about the ‘Jewish faggot’ who was infesting the alt-right rose to an astonishing crescendo. The trolliest of the Milo-haters were the same group that launched an attack on @enderphile1, who was seen as yet another example of libertine cultural self-destruction.

The first round of attackers were largely males, notably ultra-crude über-right-wing denizens like @FreeAzzmador and pudgy, fresh-cheeked Portuguese-South African genocidalist Sergio Sarezedo (not confirmed as a real name; original account now suspended), who openly states “My agenda here is pretty simple, actually. I want to terminate the Jews.” Soon, however, the usual co-trolling group of female outrage-panickers joined in, insisting that @enderphile1 and his friends were determined to rape small children, and should ‘get help’ or, perhaps, be killed for safety’s sake. As usual, @enderphile1’s links to his tweets and articles rejecting pedosex were ragingly ignored.

The long experience of Twitter’s non-offending pedophiles with trolls makes them a virtual brick wall to the usual array of troll shock devices, such as taunts, curses, death threats, suicide invitations, and memes showing poo or damaged body parts. The alt-righters, finding themselves involved in rational debates despite their shock tactics, mostly blocked the pedos and went back to scandalizing about Jews, Muslims, gays and blacks. Some of the women, however, held in for extended debate; they were clearly more educated and sophisticated than their male counterparts. My sometime researcher Kamil Beylant (@securityconcern) was engaged in lengthy discussion with several of them, and he tipped me off that something interesting was going on.

“These women,” he told me in an email, “are actually updating Hitlerism for the 21st century. They seem to have unlimited time on their hands to ‘research’ old anti-semitic canards and other pseudo-histories and tweet and blog about them all day, every day. There are some men involved, too, but I don’t know if the world has ever before seen an ethnic hate campaign with such a high proportion of women publicly leading the charge.”

Kamil has become interested in the idea that Twitter is a sociological gold mine exposing, for the first time, the full contribution of female aggression to social movements. He thinks that warlike women’s machinations that were traditionally mostly restricted to kitchen polemics and neighborhood gabfests are now being internationally published and available for everyone to see. I have to agree that anyone still maintaining an idea that women are psychologically less aggressive than men would be forced to do a face-palm after reading Twitter.

Kamil also has a notion, which he admits is just a start-up idea, that somewhere around 5% of women and men have what he calls a ‘hyperaggression disorder.’ As with schoolyard bullies, these hyperaggressives have an influence on social life that is far out proportion to their actual numbers. Their main political tool in adult life is what Kamil has labeled ‘outrage-panic.’ The hyperaggressives raise great alarm by exaggerating a social problem, and then propose solutions based on excessive fantasies of violence. He sees the Hitlerites of Twitter – the Twitlerites – as typical hyperaggressives trying their best to stampede the public with their outrage-panic. He’s concerned that the U.S., and much of the rest of the western world, may be in the mood for some outrage-panic right now.

What has given the Twitlerite panickers a major boost, besides the ascendancy of Trump, is the sight of the refugee invasion of Europe. It is impressive, and historic, to see thousands upon thousands of Middle Easterners and Africans, mostly coming from areas riddled with anti-western hostilities, contracting with expensive people-smuggling mafias to implement their United Nations-granted human right to splash up into Europe and stay there. Americans are mostly descended from people who wanted to escape their zany ancestral lands and make a better life, so we can sympathize with the motivations involved for the typical, non-hostile refugee. On the other hand, to see the national governments and their underlying societies completely lose control in the face of a cynical smuggling crime wave is truly shocking. I went through the usual airport border controls a while ago while flying from one country to another and I was struck by the thought that the process seemed to have completely lost credibility. Here we were, we regular citizens playing our charade of border control while, in reality, the same borders had been erased for hundreds of thousands who were willing to work with organized crime. What kind of a start is it in immigrant life to have got one’s foot in the door by making a massive payment to a mafia? Is this a conduit for desperate but honest people, or does it tend to favor hardened opportunists who will carry on with rule-bending when they arrive? It’s like a marriage where one spouse has spent the night before the wedding sleeping with their partner’s enemy. Is everything going to be just fine anyway?

The Twitlerites have a novel, but predictable, perspective on this problem: they blame the Jews. The basic sketch of their ideas is that Jews, always conspiring to subjugate the white man, have enforced the idea of cultural diversity upon western societies and are now using Africans, middle Easterners and Latin Americans to erase the last vestiges of European cultures. That includes the European cultures that were exported in the takeover of places like North America and Australia. (South America doesn’t count, since although it was also taken over by Europeans, they were too brown to be included among those with whom the Twitlerites can sympathize). Never mind that, in reality, loading up the West with Muslim voters who disapprove of Israel is sure to weaken the position of the highly subsidized Jewish Homeland – to the Twitlerites, the Jewish imperative is, first and foremost, to weaken the ‘whites’ through cultural dilution. The explanation for this ‘imperative’ idea reaches deep into the heart of Fascism.

The Twitlerites, like their many forebears in historic fascist movements and East European pogroms, spin the idea that Jewish people are intrinsically pre-programmed to enslave or eliminate ‘white’ people. There’s no free will or calculation involved, not even regular cynicism. A Jew is a like a robot programmed to thwart the white race. Anyone who has a Jewish ancestor, however remote, is overtaken by this robotism and will autonomically work to reduce the influence of whites. That is why Milo Yiannopoulos’ ancestrally Jewish mother places ‘the mark of Cain,’ as some of the Twitlerites say, upon all his efforts, and makes him far-right anathema. His Greek dad and Catholic upbringing count for nothing. He can talk as far-right as he wants; he ain’t foolin’ no one. He’s an alien infiltrator.

The women who busy themselves promoting Twitlerism have amassed formidable amounts of documentation ‘proving’ their theories about Jews vs. whites. At the same time, they have relentlessly filtered information for anything ‘proving’ the low intelligence and poor self-control of blacks, the depravity and illness of gays (and of Hillary Clinton), and the hidden Jewish influences behind every conceivable historic evil and inconvenience.

Having grown up in culturally diverse New York, where mysticism about e-vil Jews is ruled out by everyday interactions, I could hardly be more surprised than to see this kind of ideology pushing up into the public sphere again. Yet, according to Jonathon Morgan of the data science consulting firm New Knowledge, publishing in the Washington Post, if you apply a statistical model counting the radical words, images (e.g., swastikas) and associations in alt-right social media output, you find a clear trend in this direction. Morgan says,

“When the radicalization score is applied to tweets from the broader alt-right network, it’s clear that the entire white nationalist community is embracing an increasingly extreme ideology. The social media content of the alt-right in July was 25 percent more radicalized than it was in January, and the rate of radicalization is increasing exponentially.”

I have a contact who studies such issues, and he sent me his perspective in some personal correspondence I’ve obtained permission to reproduce.


“Of the various cultural factors that make Western societies desirable to live in, two of them are especially important. If you don’t have them in place, you get a society that is prone to be overcome by pointless blood feuds.

1. What goes around, comes around – rehabilitation is superior to revenge; punishment, when it exceeds the fair minimum that takes account of the seriousness of the offense, tends to encourage inflammatory retaliation, as well as violent avoidance of justice.
2. There is no such thing as inherent taxonomic antipathy – that is, there is no unavoidable predisposition for people from one group to be hostile to people from other groups – and a civilized person should not make suggestions that seem to validate or recommend this scenario.

This all boils down to a cultural knowledge of how vicious cycles work, and how they can be dismantled. Hate breeds hate, and more hate is never the remedy for any hate that is encountered. Feuds between Hatfields and McCoys are broken up by stopping excessive retaliation, and by realizing there can’t really be any mechanism that forces Hatfields always to hate McCoys, and vice-versa. The historic American black vs. white feud works on the same principles.

Unfortunately, one thing that can never be brought into physical evidence is the cooperative good will of another person. The invisibility of cooperative motivations allows anxious people to start filtering responses by group, attributing good will arbitrarily to one group, and seeing scheming, clandestine bad will in everything that is done by another group. This is basically a virus – a logic virus, like a computer virus – in the programming of human cognition. It allows people who, arguably, are perfectly sane, to enter a mental state that is similar to paranoid schizophrenia, with the paranoia being directed towards members of particular groups.

Most of the history and statistics seen in far-right arguments are invention, biased selection, and opportunistic spin, but fascism does raise one legitimate question. It’s a kind of question that can only be answered in science by temporary statistics; the underlying reality, otherwise, is unknowably changeable.

Can people truly feel motivated to cooperate with one another in a heartfelt way, even if they have perceptible differences? Can jet black people and chalk white people agree to agree, or will suspicion inevitably, instinctively be triggered by the difference? Will different people always end up in a conspiracy against you, either because they react to your difference, or because their own difference correlates with latent hostility? To most people, this built-in antagonism seems highly unlikely; but there are always at least a few people who take it as obviously true. Because good will can’t be detected by a breathalyzer test, there is no way to prove that the people who are predisposed to suspicion are wrong. Their dour viewpoint tends to be struck down by the principle of parsimony – their take on things requires that free decision be distorted by mysterious extra causal factors that make people both uniformly group-obsessed and automatically hostile to groups classed as ‘other’ – but parsimony is not a decisive argument; it is merely sensible.

I call the cognitive virus involved the ‘imputed taxonomic antipathy cogniti-virus.’ It’s actually very common. Every time you encounter people, for example, who can’t believe that any pedophile would ever behave in a socially conscientious, non-exploiting, law-abiding manner – in other words, (people imagining) that the whole taxon of ‘pedophiles’ is intrinsically self-serving and averse to the well-being of other people – you are meeting someone whose judgment has been partly collapsed by this cognitive glitch. It doesn’t take any great stretch for a non-Jewish worrywart to apply the same cognitive paranoia to Jews and become anti-Semitic. Also, you have to keep in mind that worrywarts love to be reassured by the notion that they’re superior by nature. Antisemitism provides both a skepticism protecting against worst-case-scenario fantasies involving people who are different, and also an assurance of superiority. Ironically, the peremptory alienation involved in becoming anti-Semitic imitates the worst characteristic ascribed to Jews, namely, racial hubris. Anti-Semites are, in effect, the epitome of their own perverse vision of the Jew.”

[end quote]

To show where this sort of negatively infected thinking is heading to in today’s radicalization of the alt-Right, I decided to profile four of the prominent, influential women involved. Their four activist Twitter accounts are often involved in harassment of people with liberal and minority viewpoints. This kind of harassment is referred to as ‘shitposting’ and is an established alt-right technique that is even taught in special online focus groups. The accounts mentioned may be suspended by Twitter at any moment. Therefore, my group and I have made screenshots documenting the statements mentioned below, as well as many more – but we feel no impulse to reproduce them as evidence, since many of our screenshots contain statements that are offensive enough to risk deletion of any accounts they are published in. The shots are ready, though, if there is a need for them.


1. Een Modische Frau @einemodischfrav, formerly @einemodischfrau, @onetrendywoman

This tweeter originally posted under the rubric “onetrendywoman,” an attempt to spin her extreme viewpoints as up-and-coming. She had an early 1.5 minutes of internet fame, however, when an international news story titled “Clothing ad brings out the racists” included a response she’d tweeted to an Old Navy clothing advert featuring an interracial couple and their son.


Okay, @OldNavy just lost my business, @AntiGenocider. They should be running away from such #miscegenation. I mourn our childrens’ futures–
— onetrendywoman (@onetrendywoman) December 29, 2015

[end quote]

Perhaps as a result of the attention, she altered her username to its approximate German translation, @einemodischfrau (a grammatically correct version would have one more ‘e’). She has a policy of altering her account names periodically. Although constantly active and willing to issue crude and inflammatory proclamations to everyone and anyone, she is also worried about being ‘d0xed’ (identified by name) and often announces her use of the Tor proxy server system. She claims an IQ of 150 and frequently attempts to use online translation tools to simulate being multilingual – a 14 July 2016 tweet says “Intelligent is being multilingual. I speak English, some Latin, bits of Spanish and Ebonics – the last = know your enemy.” Her profile information includes some Latin and English phrases written in the Russian alphabet, as well as some pidgin Russian, and, anomalously, the place-name Blue Hills, Nebraska, translated into Russian, even though other tweets intimate that she lives somewhere near the Charlotte area in North Carolina. Her attempts to mimic the African American Vernacular Language (AAVL), which she called ‘Ebonics,’ are laughable, but win her many brownie points with other anti-brown people.

I think of her as ‘Maud,’ the closest English name to ‘Modische’ – she claims mostly English ancestry. Maud takes ‘shitposting’ very seriously, to the point where it’s hard to know to what extent her outrageous proclamations are sincere, as opposed to being facetious bully taunts designed to attract attention. She says “I am a troll – a WN (white nationalist), racist, red-pilled (converted to the racist worldview, an allusion to the movie The Matrix) troll come to invade your safespace.” “Shitposting/trolling,” she crows, “is getting more copy. (((They’re))) divided on how to reply to us.” The triple-parenthesis around ‘they’re’ is an antisemitic code indicating the Jewish community. “We shitposters run Twitter,” she exults – and she’s not entirely incorrect, since the recent, severe decline of the Anonymous movement, once the overlords of Twitter, has left many people like her all but unchallenged.

Here’s a sample of her ‘shitpost’ positions on various topics. The text has not been altered but adornments like hashtags and emoticons have mostly been left out. Some abbreviations are expanded, such as ‘u’ — > ‘you.’

a. Herself.

“I am superior to the highest jew or snootiest negro. I love being white.”

“(My ancestors) too (were) mostly from the UK. But none of them had a beak nose, was a negro, or had other inferior genetics.”

She advises her friend @Kurisu_Kitsune to dedicate the latter’s new racist tumblr blog to “the 2nd 14 words: ‘Because the beauty of the white, Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.’” Kurisu’s photo collection is focused on beautiful white people. Despite claiming this ideal of white beauty for herself, Maud admits that she personally could lose some weight. The original ‘14 words,’ incidentally, is a white worrywart slogan that is sufficiently well known to have its own Wikipedia page: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

b. Blacks

We have photographed many Maud tweets attributing low intelligence and poor self-control to blacks, but we feel no need to reproduce them here. Maud also frequently uses the bottom-feeder troll custom of childish taunting, and likens dark skin to poo. The grottiest examples, again, are not quoted here. The first tweet below, however, includes a side-reference to the theme.

“This is the kind of ZOG (‘Zionist Organized Government’ – BN)-inspired feces we have to fight (link to video of a Michelle Obama speech): Michelle Obama is a nasty woman, whore of a nasty man, pathetic.”

“When they’re done (ethically cleansing US blacks to Africa), take the property once owned by negroes, raze it, and give it to upper-crust and middle-class whites.”

“The negro may be the missing link. Homo habilis, Homo erectus – they say all the non-sapiens species died out. No.”

Kamil challenged this tweet with some information about modern biological species concepts. An extended discussion ensued. Maud interpreted his name as showing affinity with the African-American religious movement Nation of Islam, and responded with a patronizing and hubristic comment, “a species really is what I say, boy.” There is no way of knowing if she was knowledgeably paraphrasing Humpty Dumpty in Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking Glass,’ but she would undoubtedly sympathize with Humpty’s way of doing politics


“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.’

[end quote]

Mastery trumps accuracy in Maud’s dialectic.

c. Interracial relationships.

About a white Swedish couple who decided to have a mixed-race family and allowed the woman to be impregnated with sperm from a black donor: “Some of the nastiest crap I’ve seen. Guy cucks (cuckolds – BN) himself for the sake of a hybrid. Deserves the firing squad.” (The word ‘cucks,’ besides suggesting that the man allowed another man to impregnate his wife, also suggests that the man has allowed himself to be talked into racial submission, and has thus sharpened the racists’ outrage-panic about the fantasy doom of “white genocide.”)

“Obama is not only imperfect, he’s the seed of sin, spawn of a white whore and her negro boyfriend. Impeach Obama”

To the above, a tweeter replies “I guess you aren’t aware that Obama’s parents were married.” To this, Maud retorts, “I don’t acknowledge such marriages. It’s shacking up with another sub-species as a way to perpetuate racial treason.”

d. Jews

“Golda Meir, besides being a disgusting-looking woman, was bona fide oven kindling. Darn shame she couldn’t have been deported. No to Israel.”

Maud and her friends often claim only to wish to deport all Jewish people to another country, but also relentlessly refer to them as ‘oven kindling’ and similar phrases. They manage to deny the holocaust and gloat about it at the same time. They pronounce death imprecations upon Jews while coyly maintaining they only wish to ethnically cleanse them to another location. As this tweet shows, Israel may not be the place they have in mind. Occasionally they make it clear that they would only be too happy to recapitulate the historic extermination event they steadfastly deny. Presumably they would then deny it again.

“Iudaei ad Madagascariam amittantur nunc. Heri, vere. (Let the Jews be sent away to Madagascar now. Yesterday, really – BN). When WN (white nationalism) rules supreme, all people will also know Latin.”

Maud has a pompous fascination with the Latin she has partly learned, and regularly tweets that Spanish is an inferior patois derived from it. Her mention of Madagascar refers to a Nazi government memo, released by Adolf Eichmann in August, 1940, calling for the relocation of European Jews to the Indian Ocean island nation now called the Malagasy Republic, then a colony of recently conquered France. When a British naval blockade of the island prevented implementation of the plan, the Nazis moved on to plan B, the ‘Endlösung’ or genocide plan.

“So Pope Francis visited the (Auschwitz) relocation camp where 4 million – no 3, wait, 2? No, 1+ mil died of typhus.” Maud spins that any unusual numbers of deaths connected with the Holocaust were the result of typhus, itself the result of allied bombings interrupting supplies to the relatively posh relocation resorts such as Auschwitz. In her spinview, the Nazis can’t be blamed for any Jewish civilian death.

e. Native people

In response to a tweet from Canadian libertarian and transgender skeptic Laura Southern asking about native people who claim to be ‘two-spirited,’ Maud shitposts: “You’re XX or XY (not always true – BN). You have one sex, its gender being immutable. Who cares what a bunch of Indian drunks hallucinate?”


Maud particularly loves to gun for the LGBT community.

About Nina Hartley, a polyamorous, married hetero porn actress and feminist writer who once specialized in making lesbian porn for hetero fantasy: “Kindling for the oven…These hominids are without morality or soul. Death penalty was made for them.”

In response to a transwoman expressing dissatisfaction that male puberty was allowed to transform her body prior to surgery: “Highly oven-worthy. If you get any operation that attempts to effect a ‘sex change,’ you should go to prison for life, if not get the needle.”

About a gay male couple seen with their son at a pride parade: “Both those fags should be in prison right now. The kid should be in foster care. Anything less equals child abuse.”

In response to an alt-right meme from poster @roadtoAuschwitz criticizing Hillary Clinton’s donors with the motif “Saudi Arabia exterminates gays, donates to Hillary,” Maud responded, “True. However, ask me why the thing about them offing homosexual vermin doesn’t raise my hackles too much.” She openly encourages bullying of young gays and lesbians at school.

“Fags work like Jews. They silently tear down the moral fiber of a nation, of any culture.” Many of Maud’s attitudes and positions are directly traceable to the Victorian era, which she yearns for as a self-described ‘traditionalist.’ ‘Moral fiber,’ a phrase popularized in 1872 by banker-essayist Walter Bagehot in his book ‘Physics and Politics,’ is often used to express the Victorian call for social militaristic uniformity – though Bagehot himself thought such militarism was only appropriate for the early stages of emerging civilizations. Maud partakes, in extremis, of the basic Victorian dread that society will dissolve if there are too many different people in it.

g. The Ku Klux Klan

“The KKK is a support group. They advocate for our superior white cause… the KKK, properly administered, is a good cause.” Maud supports the current Senate candidacy of former Klan ‘Imperial Wizard’ David Duke.

Maud hosts the ‘imputed taxonomic antipathy virus’ to a high degree, and is openly willing to believe anything that supports her toxic suspicions about different taxa of humans. She announces an intention to read the early-1900s tract ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion,’ a well-documented fraud, stating that “I submit it’s satire, but it’s very real. What they (Jews) wish to do is covered to a tee in there … will be sharing my thoughts and ideas on this prescient book as I go. Its storyline is accurate.”

The storyline, which includes preposterous canards such as Jews using the blood of sacrificed Christian children to make matzo, has already been accepted by Maud as ‘prescient’ before she even starts to read it. Presumably she will even believe the parts known to have been plagiarized from old French novels about conspiratorial Italians.

In general, she participates in the great love and hunger of her fellow fascistkind for ad hoc parallel histories that can be used to spin against academically accepted histories. She’s by no means the most active purveyor of these histories, though, tending more to insults and other troll tropes in her tweets. I’ll say more about these para-histories below.

Maud is a prototype of Kamil’s concept of the female version of the hyperaggressive. She must spend a considerable portion of her life engaging in fantasies of violence – and we can only hope that these remain at the level of fantasy. She opines that “short drop hanging is good for torture; long or measured breaks the neck. Burning, nice… Just make it nasty and not too fast. Fire ants, crucifixion, hang/draw/quarter, the wheel, boiling oil or water (smile emoticon).” She jubilates at a 1950s lynching in Mississippi where a black 14-year-old called Emmett Till, who supposedly flirted with a married white woman, was kicked until an eye came out, and was then, according to her, tied to an industrial fan and shredded. Elsewhere, she fantasizes, “I’d say impalement because it’s not seen every day,” seeking maximal attention for her sadism. “The skype race,” she says, using a recently coined euphemism for Jews that is designed to minimize Twitter account deletions, “should be cast off into some far corner of the world. If a Bolshevik is found, they should be crucified.” Maud and her droogs consider any Jewish person promoting cultural diversity or refugee intake to be a Bolshevik, also known as a ‘cultural Marxist.’

As a telling indicator of modern times, Maud is one of only two of the four far-right women considered here to call herself an active Christian. “Jesus = Lord” is written in Cyrillic script in her profile. Her Christianity is by no means conventional. “I don’t go to church,” she tweets. “Faith is within me. I’ll save the hymns of praise for when we’ve defeated the Islamic plague.” About the substance of Christianity, she has deviant views. In reference to the command ‘love your enemy,’ she says “Hate your enemy. My workaround is I’ll pray for him when his ass is dead and no longer threatening.” One suspects even Fred Phelps would have found her a little hard to take.

Despite Maud’s many references to her college-level education and allegedly high intelligence, she has no stated ambition to be a career woman. She tweets, “In Chinese, you take the characters for child, mother and house, combine them, you get ‘good.’ Mother at home with her child, what could be better?” She shares this viewpoint with the other three tweeters that I profile in this report – hence the “four hausfraus” used in the title. Perhaps underuse of her intelligence has led her to gravitate to fascistic politics as a field of quasi-expertise that can be practiced from the home.

Her background seems to include some medical chemistry – she talks about ‘exotoxins’ and gives out recipes for lethal injections; she even claims to have smelled the compound called cadaverine that is emitted by decaying corpses. We’ve all smelled it, but most don’t know that; she seems to imply she’s smelled it as a pure laboratory compound. Maud’s Twitter profile features a cartoon of the rail-skinny female character Yuki Mori from the anime series Space Battleship Yamato 2199 – this character began her career as a nurse and paramedic before becoming a radar operator and software engineer. In Maud’s case, such prosperous success clearly hasn’t followed her education: she complains that “I don’t go to the movies. Jews make them, and I don’t want to pay them for it. Screw them. And the popcorn’s too expensive.”

Cagey as she is with details, she says nothing about any partner in her life, but does give a clue to her age: she says she read George Orwell’s ‘1984’ in 1993. Assuming that even her precocious self was at least 16 when she read it, she’s at least 39 today. And yet, she admits to something that her peer group would see as tantamount to racial treason and submission to ‘cultural Marxism.’ ‘Am childless,’ she tweeted on Aug. 26, 2016, as a preface to a mini-rant about mixed-race romances in integrated schools. The clock is ticking on any chance of producing those superior white babies. Either Maud is infertile, or she has willfully become a part of her own cultural nightmare. Perhaps this situation explains, at least in part, what her nightmare of extinction derives from.


2. @ionwhite3, formerly @ionwhite2, @ionwhite1 and an as yet untraced, earlier name still online as an inactive Twitter account.

Ionwhite represents the younger generation of far-right white nationalists: she claims to be just 23 years old. She appears not to be as concerned about anonymity as Maud is and thus we have a tentative given-name for her, Gina. Several of her blogs link openly to a Gina/Regina Cartwright Facebook page, as well as to an email leading to several instances of this name. (Since this article is aimed at journalistic profiling rather than d0xing, the specific personal information this search yields is not reproduced.) Of course, the name may be an invention – a theme I’ll return to later. But ‘Gina’ it is, for now. Gina claims to live in Texas and to attend university in New York. She was born, she says, in Berlin, Germany. “My grandparents and parents are National Socialists,” she says. “You have never met a real ‘Nazi’ but we exist. My great grandad was an SS soldier.” Though she claims on some occasions to be “fully German, going back thousands of years” and “descended from a royal German family,” she sometimes appears to elaborate that her mother was German and her father Irish-American. There are several indications that she spent many of her formative years in North Belfast, Ulster, and may be connected to a series of now mostly vanished web accounts under the name eireanngoddess (Irish goddess) and its variations. If these sources accurately point to her, she is married or engaged to a prominent far-right web ideologue pseudonymously called Karl Radl. Karl is described in far-right circles as someone trying “to revive anti-Semitism as a critical and credible alternative to the state-sponsored philo-Semitism of current academe.” He is an Englishman who emigrated to New York to be with Gina and apparently copped a pseudonym from a middle-ranking officer in the security wing of the wartime Nazi SS. Perhaps there’s a connection to Gina’s great-granddad.

Gina shares a surprising number of her viewpoints with Maud. She also claims to speak several languages and, like Maud, relies conspicuously on Google translations as proof. She encourages friends to follow a French right-winger by tweeting ‘s’il vous plaît, suivre son’ – French speakers will see that instead of the intended ‘follow her’ (her = direct object), the machine has opted for ‘to follow her’ (her = possessive), as if there’s a missing word at the end of the sentence. A real French speaker might say “abonnez-vous à son compte,” and a direct translation would be “la suivez-vous.” The tweeting of the ‘suivre son’ bêtise (and others like it) suggests that Gina’s claim of fluent French is wishfully exaggerated. She does, however, appear to speak German as a native tongue and acquits herself awkwardly but passably in Italian. Unlike Maud, she drops few or no technical clues to her field of study in university, but the ‘semiticcontroversies’ blogspot claims that EireannGoddess has a degree in modern history.

Gina herself states that “circumstances have seen to it that Revisionist History is the great adventure of the present time.” She is much busier than Maud in the project of rewriting all of history from a hate-presupposing, anti-semitic perspective.

Her educational background for rewriting reality is unique. She was homeschooled according to the principles of Naziism for as long as possible, and then sent to public school where she claims to have been “bullied by libs” because of her antisemitism. When she was “forced” to bring the Diary of Anne Frank home to study, “both my parents helped and told me the truth.” Far right revisionist history makes the Diary out to be a fake, written by Anne’s scheming Jewish dad. In order to learn from a more credible piece of literature – assuming Gina isn’t pulling our internet leg about all this – she learned to read her great-grandfather’s copy of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ in the original German. At school, she claims to have seen the horror of black girls beating on white girls for no reason, but no corresponding baseless violence involving whites as aggressors (very different from my school life, lol). Her beloved gun-collecting daddy also taught her to shoot; she currently carries a pink-upholstered Walther pistol that she repeatedly claims to have used to scare off “nigras” or “niggers” who were following her in a parking lot – with rape, she reckons, on their minds.

Daddy’s protection goes on today: when an allegedly Jewish tweeter told Gina that she was going to sic Anonymous on her so that she’d be d0xed as a bigot and lose her job (a service Anonymous used to provide to left wingers but now seldom, if ever, does), she retorted that she worked for her daddy, who owned the company, and was thus untouchable. Dad is quoted once on her timeline, saying “Trump understands how to maintain a class A civilization. Hillary wants to ride our decline down to the gulags.” He must be very proud of his baby girl, who, when told by one of her alt-right rivals that the Trump Foundation had donated $20,000 to a gay activist organization (right wing headline: “Trump donated to group that promotes homosexuality to 5 year olds, ‘fisting’ in middle school”), responded to her tormentor with an uncharacteristic torrent of invective: “you’re just a piece of shit, offensive, belittling little faggot, wouldn’t surprise me if you’re a kike shill. Fuck you, asshole.” With word flow like that, who needs a pink Walther?

As for Gina’s mother, she sent cards to comfort deported Canadian holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel when he was imprisoned in Germany.

The one distinctive feature of Gina’s education, insofar as realistic topics are concerned, is that she has an interest in the physical field of string theory. This is proclaimed both in her current Twitter accounts and in the biographical synopsis of EireannGoddess. She doesn’t otherwise mention math or physics, so her perspective on the field may be relatively literary.

She appears to have excellent training for performing cosmetic surgery on historical events. She proclaims outright that “they (the anti-racist foes) are not going to lick us – any of my folk. If I got to lie, steal, cheat, kill.” Truth has no special value in this particular woman’s war. She’s full of anecdotes about sinister information received in confidence from obliging members of the groups she hates. Despite several statements like “I refuse to speak to Jewish men; I’ll say hello to a nigger before I ever say it to a Jew; they’re all rapists,” she would have us believe that “I shared deskspace with an Israeli exchange student; he had been a pilot, he said, and he told me that all their pilots are instructed to suicide-nuke the ME (middle east) if Israel looks to lose any war.” The garrulous, desk-sharing rapist further confided, she tells us, that there are Israeli plans in place to effect the same nuclear temper-tantrum on the rest of the planet if things don’t go well. This pilot surely lost his Mossad clearance when that little state secret popped out.

Similarly, despite Gina’s avoidance of African-Americans, she claims to have been told by “one of the noglets” that “he was training to grow up and rape my daughter.” From the mouths of born-to-rape babes… If these stories aren’t complete fabrications, they may show that someone, aware of Gina’s hostility, tried to goad her with some tough-talk; in her telling, however, the tales have become true historical records of the infinite evils of the non-white.

Gina’s love of revisionist history may derive, to some extent, from the fact that it can be done from the home. She has every intention of being a hausfrau. “Restoring the patriarchy to full status and complete control,” she trumpets, “will re-establish the father’s role. Feminism is death of our families.” She is aware of the nefarious plotting of all the racial groups who wish her not to make white babies. “Girls!!!” says a meme she tweets around, “feminism wants you to be this (scene of a businesswoman in a boardroom) so you will miss out on this (scene of a grinning blonde woman stretched out on a mattress with two cuddly blond kidlets piled on her back) and can better support this! (horror scene of a contented looking African-American family, all under 40, with a matriarch and nine kids, a couple of whom may be grandkids).” Yes, the very idea of a woman’s career can now be ‘red-pilled’ as a plot to divert white folks from reproducing themselves, so that all their efforts can pay tax to support food stamps in the teeming ghettos. Gina herself adds “We leave our kids in crappy daycare to pay for this.”

She wants the better part: “Feminists abuse feminine wiles at every turn to gain advantage over men. Traditional women use them to earn your love. A huge difference.” Given this love-bird’s penchant for suspicion and genocide, the plumage may be lovelier than the interactions, but at least the husband won’t be threatened with the feminist brand of uppitiness. A Danish admirer tweets to Gina, “you’re such a brave girl; keep on, and you will be president one day.” “Honestly, I would never want that,” she modestly responds, “but my husband as president – yes!” America, however, may not soon be ready for a president who renames himself after a Nazi officer.

And Gina won’t help him at the polling station: “I still don’t think women should be allowed to vote. We’re ruled by our emotions.” She may, in any case, favor monarchy, as some of her fellow-traditionalists do. The rule of the ballot box is not safe from conspiratorial manipulation. She thunders, “‘Democracy,’ created by Jewish infiltration of the Free Masons is an instrument of revenge politics, administrated (sic) by Jews.” Perhaps her own family, then, with its royal German blood, would pass her scrutiny as the natural rulers of an ethnically cleansed America.

Whereas some of the faux-traditionalists of neo-Nazidom specialize in old revisionist motifs like holocaust-deconstructing and Rothschild-bashing, Gina has clearly studied up on the new demons of antisemitism: the Frankfurt School. Who? you may ask. Gina and her colleagues credit recent demographic changes in the western world to this bafflegab-mongering school of Marxist German sociologists, most of them Jewish or descended from Jews, who waited out World War II in New York, trying to explain how Karl Marx failed to predict the rise of the Nazis. (A misguided chore: Marx was arguably more of a troll than a futurologist and merely used the troll-motif of historical inevitability to push his ideas.) An anti-Semitic California psychologist called Kevin B. McDonald has written several books blaming this group and its egalitarian strivings for creating the mid-century interest in social liberation that led to abominations like Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus.

Gina complains:


“Under the umbrella of ‘Critical Theory,’ Jews gave such ideas as
Sexual liberation
Gender theory
Racial equality
Black liberation”

[end quote]

These weren’t entirely new concepts: even the religion that Gina nominally professes, Christianity, touted a version of social equality with “in Christ, there is no Jew nor European (????? – ‘Greek’), slave nor free, male nor female.” However, the woolly critiques of dominance that were laid out in the 20th century by the befuddled Marxists – after a few hundred sociology students worldwide had struggled through them to write course essays – seemed to make a return to National Socialist super-stereotyping unlikely. When the New Left, an offshoot of the Frankfurt School, did its best to liberate everyone via the Swinging 60s, things looked particularly grim for would-be neo-Hitlers.

Arguably, it isn’t realistic to credit scholars whose every tenth word was ‘dialectic’ with initiating all the momentum for liberation that arose in the 20th century. One social factor Gina fails to credit, but which is abundantly documented in books like ‘The Women’s Room’ by Marilyn French (1977), is how the tedium of postwar suburban housewifehood, with machines busy doing the traditional labors of the distaff, drove many women to seek careers as a supplement to child-raising. Domestic life is all very well if you have a few thousand years’ worth of history to rewrite in between feedings of the baby, but many women were not sufficiently political to delve into a lifetime of home polemics. And, of course, in the 1960s, there was no Twitter to sit on all day and crank out indefinite volumes of inflammatory bulletins for the world to be shocked by.

I suspect we can also credit some demographic shifts to factors like ‘population explosion’ publicity in the 1960s (the ‘global warming’ of its day), making it seem irresponsible to overpopulate the world; extensions of the welfare state making children economically inessential for the elderly; the fall of communism allowing globalists to remove heavy industry to developing countries and let Western family incomes drop; and the desire of governments to prop up their pension schemes by importing immigrants to balance inconvenient disproportions of older people. Reconceiving all this as a Jewish plot requires an outstanding talent for taxonomic paranoia, especially since mainstream Jewish reproduction dropped in tandem with that of other members of the middle and upper classes. On the other hand, though, such ideas do have the allure of simplicity. Put the ideas into the hands of those who also have a taste for brutality, and simplistic would-be solutions may begin to emerge.

Clearly, all minority members have a vested interest in breaking up any stereotypes that cartoon them. They can do so partly by promoting good community relations that allow the open coexistence of harmonious differences. Religious, racial and sexual minorities tend to benefit, in a democracy, from stepping forward with their differences. They need to keep diversity at a level that is influential. Gina perceives this introduction of lebensraum for divergent people and ascribes it all to Jews. She is therefore uniformly opposed to all minorities, particularly sexual minorities. Gays, in particular, are seen as the handmaidens of the Jews. “Without LGBTQ,” she says, “the Jews would weep 6 million tears.”

Jews themselves, she thinks, must generally be trying to increase sexual diversity in order to weaken the bloc majority culture. “Jews know that profligacy, perversion of sexual mores is the way to domination,” she theorizes. She quotes Andrew Anglin of the neofascist news blog Daily Stormer: “Either you believe in tradition or you believe in the Jew-Marxist program of liberationism. There is no room for a dialectic.” She comes up with her own slogans, like “Multiculturalism – this is the Jewish vision for destroying the nation that hosts them.” She also outrage-panics shamelessly – “White women are especially targeted by Jews for degradation/exploitation of us (sic) starts by the age of 4 via TV … Protect us.”

Pinning this broad-ranging cultural conspiracy theory on the Frankfurt academics requires applying the two basic principles of homeopathic Jewish-detection used in conspiratorial revisionist history:


a. If any Jewish person was associated with a disfavored project or idea, the item of interest is part of a Jewish conspiracy, and
b. If any person has any trace of Jewish ancestry, regardless of his or her religion or lack of it, he or she is a Jew fully engaged in Jewish conspiracy – and he or she is also capable, via participation, of turning any endeavor involving non-Jews into a Jewish conspiracy.

[end quote]

Some reading on the topic of multiculturalism reveals that it, as a policy, actually has no detectable Jewish roots. It was devised in the mid-1960s primarily by a Ukrainian-Canadian linguist called Jaroslav Rudnyckyj, not Jewish, and was intended to solve the problem of how Canada could become officially bilingual (English and French) without adversely affecting the vast Ukrainian communities of the Canadian prairie provinces. It was enthusiastically adopted by (the non-Jewish) Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who saw it as an antidote to the Quebec separatist movement. In 1971, it became the official policy of a nation for the first time. It had been promoted as an idea in the diverse northern country for many years; most notably, Canada’s Scottish (non-Jewish) Governor-General, John Buchan, Lord Tweedsmuir, had said in a widely publicized 1935 speech that ethnic groups in Canada “should retain their individuality and each make its contribution to the national character.” In 1936, Buchan told Ukrainian-Canadians in the prairie province of Manitoba that his experience in the British Empire had convinced him that “the strongest nations are those that are made up of different racial elements.”

After Canada embraced multiculturalism, it was adopted in Australia and several other countries within a few years. Only a degree of similarity, perhaps coincidental, between some of its precepts and those of later offshoots of the Frankfurt School allows it to become a part of the far-right’s Jewish conspiracy.

Of the five best known members of the early Frankfurt School considered Jewish by Gina and colleagues, one, Friedrich Pollock, had an ethnically Jewish father who had renounced Judaism and raised his son accordingly, while another, Theodor Adorno, was raised as a Christian by a Catholic mother and an ethnically Jewish father who had converted to Protestantism. Just Max Horckheimer, Erich Fromm and Herbert Marcuse were conventionally raised as Jews. Gina and friends also ascribe the Russian Revolution to Jews, making much of V.I. Lenin’s ethnically Jewish, Christian-converted maternal grandfather. This scintilla of family Judaism firmly integrates the Russian ringleader into the Jewish plot that also included non-religious, ethnically Jewish men like Leon Trotsky and Grigory Zinoviev, as well as the ethnically Georgian Joseph Stalin and many ethnic Russians, such as Andrei Bubnov. A tweeter called @DefenderMikhail likes to confront far-righters with long lists of important early Russian Bolsheviks who were not Jewish. The Wikipedia article on Jewish Bolshevism states that “On the eve of the February Revolution in 1917, of about 23,000 members of the Bolshevik party 364 (about 1.6%) were known to be ethnic Jews.” These efforts, however, cannot overcome the far right’s homeopathic method of Jew-finding, in which any and all dilutions of Jew establish an event forever as Jewish conspiracy. We’ll see another example later.

These matters are not all theory, by any means, with Ms. Cartwright. She wants to make pain happen. Although she doesn’t share Maud’s penchant for publicly wallowing in torture fantasies, she seems to place few limits on her violence or her disdain for minorities.

On Jews:

“But now the entire world will rise up against Jews. The uprising could spill over into Israel just to get rid of them all. What a tragedy.”

“When I marry the next Fuhrer, building state of the art trains and rails will be priority. We must send them off in style!” (In response to a fellow far-righter saying “I have it on good authority that the local skype population was severely reduced by free train rides”).

On blacks:

“Seriously, Black Lives Matter needs to be ovened along with the Jews when the time comes.”

On women who adamantly support abortion rights:

“Remove their clitorises during mandatory hysterectomies and marry them off to a Muslim or a Jew.”

On the abstinent, law-abiding pedophile Todd Nickerson, profiled in Salon mag:

“It claims to be lonely, unsatisfied by anything but sex with kids, so Death Penalty ltz (= let’s).”

On gays:

“Even (Nazi) homo Ernst Röhm wasn’t as bad as fag Milo (Yiannopoulos), who should meet the same end.” (Röhm, once Hitler’s right-hand man, was shot point-blank in the chest by an SS officer after a trumped-up arrest – BN)

Excepting Milo, Gina doesn’t seem to be a would-be homo-exterminator, but she goes on long multi-tweet rants about gays, espousing various long-debunked Freudian, Skinnerian and pseudo-evolutionary theories, e.g., “According to evolutionary theory, homosexuality is not a stable strategy and is therefore highly unlikely to have a genetic origin. A homosexual individual is less likely to have children and this implies that conditioning for homosexuality takes place via experience.” Like most bigoted ideologues who theorize about evolution and gays, Gina forgets that real evolutionists are aware of many species groups, such as bees and wasps, in which the majority of individuals never produce offspring. Bees are currently in environmental trouble, but it’s not because the infertile workers who gather all the food are ‘less likely to have children.’

Revisionist history, apparently, is only a part of revisionist reality: old theories that aren’t supported by fact never die if they have the right ring to them. Gina appears to hope that the ultimate epistemic trump card in her hopeful Trump utopia will be held by her adamant Humpty-Dumptyism, where ‘The question is, which is to be master? — that’s all.’ Reality, she may agree with Maud, can’t win against a really determined Humpty.

The most unusual of Gina’s features is her eccentric mix of Christianity, paganism and, apparently, Hinduism. She says, “I’m Christian and pagan, go figure.” Her Christianity mostly seems to subsist in the reassurance that she is a superior, saved person and that homosexuals will be punished in the afterlife. On the other hand, in conversations with the Odin-worshipping far righter @WuotanRudra, who claims to have interacted personally with the Germanic god Odin, she divulges that she, as a nine-year-old, received visits in dreams from a very unusual being. Here’s the convo:


Melissa Hjörþrimul ?@MelissaJaneSays Oct 2
This year I am going to teach the kids how to celebrate Samhain rather than the commercialized, fake version known as “Halloween” (We’ll come back to Melissa, the Fourth Hausfrau of the Aporkalypse, a little later – BN)

IonWhite2 ?@Ionwhite2 Oct 2
@MelissaJaneSays Samhain is a time to remember our Ancestors etc., and so much more meaningful than “Halloween”

(some tangential tweets are omitted here. A far right sympathizer from India joins the conversation)

Wuotan ?@WuotanRudra Oct 2
@MelissaJaneSays @Ionwhite2 @NumbRealist The swastika spread all over the world not by accident but by migrations. Hail the eternal sun!

ashish kulkarni ?@NumbRealist Oct 2
@Ionwhite2 @WuotanRudra @MelissaJaneSays Wuotan, may I know how/why you include ‘rudra’ in your name?

ashish kulkarni ?@NumbRealist Oct 2
@Ionwhite2 @WuotanRudra @MelissaJaneSays It will be interesting if you got the word from another culture than vedic

Wuotan ?@WuotanRudra Oct 2
@NumbRealist @Ionwhite2 @MelissaJaneSays Despite some differences, the character of this god has remained relatively consistent.

Wuotan ?@WuotanRudra Oct 2
@Ionwhite2 @NumbRealist @MelissaJaneSays At the risk of sounding crazy, I have communicated with Odin himself and this is why I say this.

Wuotan ?@WuotanRudra Oct 2
@NumbRealist @Ionwhite2 @MelissaJaneSays He is the eternal pillar of flame that reaches from the sky to the earth, destructive natural force

ashish kulkarni ?@NumbRealist Oct 2
@WuotanRudra @Ionwhite2 @MelissaJaneSays The current goddess festival in India is for Shiva’s wife Durga/Parvati/Kali. Kali is warrior form.

ashish kulkarni ?@NumbRealist Oct 2
@WuotanRudra @Ionwhite2 @MelissaJaneSays The form of Kali is said to be even more fierce and powerful than Shiva, immense rage against evil

IonWhite2 ?@Ionwhite2 Oct 2
@NumbRealist @WuotanRudra @MelissaJaneSays Kali the destructor..? Or is that Kalki?

Wuotan ?@WuotanRudra
@Ionwhite2 @NumbRealist @MelissaJaneSays Kalki is the final destructive avatar of Vishnu, the one who will slay the wicked and end Kali Yuga (the era of maximal human selfishness – BN)
1:48 PM – 2 Oct 2016

IonWhite2 ?@Ionwhite2 Oct 2
@WuotanRudra @NumbRealist @MelissaJaneSays When I was 9, I had a year’s weird dreams – beings mainly, one said it was Kalki, that word stuck

Wuotan ?@WuotanRudra Oct 2
@Ionwhite2 @NumbRealist @MelissaJaneSays My experience is that the gods choose who to communicate with and favor.

IonWhite2 ?@Ionwhite2 Oct 2
@WuotanRudra @NumbRealist @MelissaJaneSays They seemed like gods to me, beings from other worlds they said

Wuotan ?@WuotanRudra Oct 2
@Ionwhite2 @NumbRealist @MelissaJaneSays They have both physical forms and astral forms. On other planets (they are) able to extend dimensions.

ashish kulkarni ?@NumbRealist Oct 2
@WuotanRudra @Ionwhite2 @MelissaJaneSays I’ll know when I experience them. As of now, I don’t believe they exist

IonWhite2 ?@Ionwhite2 Oct 2
@NumbRealist @WuotanRudra @MelissaJaneSays I can’t reject (them) – mainly because I would have to reject a seminal experience

[end quote]

Gina states she’s been visited as a child by gods, including Kalki, a name literally translating from Sanskrit as ‘filth,’ but familiar from Hindu writings as a reference to the 9th avatar of the god Vishnu, the prophesied bringer of the Hindu Armageddon, in over 400,000 years from now. “By His irresistible might Kalki will destroy all the mlecchas (barbarians) and thieves, and all whose minds are devoted to iniquity. He will reestablish righteousness upon earth…”

This isn’t conventional Christian stuff by any means. Superior race, daughter of royalty, touched by the god of the Hindu End Times, and (future) wife of the future first Nazi president/fuhrer of the USA. Could life get any grander?

It’s great when you can always let your imagination make up reality as you go along.


While looking into Gina’s web presence, my group and I ran into another ripple of weirdness – she has a near-doppelganger who persistently crosses over with her in google searches and elsewhere. This young, red-haired woman, who lists her age as 25 on her chatango homepage, shares most of Gina’s views, and also bills herself as Irish and German in background. Like Gina, she has spent some time in New York. Now, however, she lives in Florida with her husband, who runs a far-right internet radio project called Renegade Radio. Sinead McCarthy lives openly as a neo-Nazi, as does Kyle Hunt, her hubby. Both have extended profiles in the far-right wiki project, Sinead posts home movies on her Twitter channel at @sineaderade, and has a real-name Facebook page listing interests such as fascism in Europe, VegetAryan, Vegans Rising/Vegan Nation WCUW (a vegan program on a Massachusetts radio station – BN), The Beauty of European Girls & Women, David de la Duke (presumably David Duke – BN), and Soldiers Of Odin USA. She is a regular author on a far-right-wing pagan women’s blog called, which cross-posts with Gina Cartwright’s ‘ionwhite’ blog.

Sinead has somewhat fouled her nest as a right-winger. Firstly, she became so engrossed in conspiracy mentality that she seriously embraced not just vaccination panic, but also flat-earth theories. She’s done videos with a barmy geek who claims to offer a mathematical-physics proof that no human has ever ascended into space. Memorably, she has insulted globalists – the round-earth kind of globalists – with the welt-raising far-right epithet ‘spherecucks.’ Yes, that’s right, if you believe in the globe, you’ve let yourself be canoodled by the brainwashers. A still more serious error Sinead has made is that she allowed herself to be photographed being friendly with black musicians while doing some recording in New York. Now, no matter how many anti-Semitic songs she posts on her rapidly-disappearing Youtube channels (ShiksaGoddess, GoyimGoddess), she can’t recover from this humanistic moment of – as her many far-white hater-trolls call it – mudsharking. She receives dozens of troll tweets per day from neo-Nazis who feel they are righter and whiter than she is. Her image is relentlessly compared to photos of similarly configured Jewish women. A photo of a mixed-race baby is labelled as her child, and her own photo of a red-haired tot in the garden is taken as fakery.

As a long-time internetter, I had to consider the possibility that ‘Regina Cartwright’ might just be a sockpuppet allowing a cleaned-up Sinead McCarthy to renew herself as someone with far-right cred. Map Karl onto Kyle, CARTwright onto McCARThy, Texas onto Florida, EireannGoddess (who also calls herself Straight Edge Shiksa) onto ShiksaGoddess, string theory onto (flat as a) plate tectonics, and voilà, Dolf’s your uncle. In the end, I decided there were enough discrepancies to pencil the two women in as separate individuals. Just about the same time as I was deciding this, I happened to be with friends who were watching the classic 1978 movie The Boys from Brazil, which I had never seen. Its plotline about the infamous Dr. Mengele cloning Hitler’s cells and producing 94 identical neo-Hitler boys was highly evocative of what I was seeing in real life. Has someone managed to find an Irish X chromosome to partner with the original German one to produce a cloned flock of female Adolfas? This may be a conspiracy theory whose time has come.


3. @kurisu_kitsune

Our third hausfrau, Kurisu Kitsune, has a Japanese Twitter name because she likes anime; she proclaims her own ancestry as Danish and Lithuanian. She hasn’t conspicuously linked herself to a civilly recognized name, but acknowledges that a blonde woman’s image that is circulating among her many online enemies is indeed a photo of herself. She looks young in the image; currently, she says she is 31. Since Kurisu is the conventional katakana spelling of the English name Kris, I’ll call her that. She recently added the word ‘Kristina,’ in Russian script, to her freetext username.

(In anime and game culture, the character Kurisu Makise, sometimes nicknamed Christina, is an 18-year-old science genius in Steins;Gate; Twitter’s Kurisu Kitsune sometimes uses Makise’s image as an avi. Kitsune means ‘fox.’ Our Kurisu Kitsune should not be confused with a gay furry of the same name from Texas who wears a fox fursuit with a rainbow pate. )

Kris seems to be going for the Guinness Book of World Records under “woman who would kill the most innocent people if given a chance.”

In response to Melbourne-based far-righter Ross O’Neil saying, “There’s nothing worse than people on the right ‘exposing’ Hillary for taking money from countries that oppress women and execute homos,” Kris responds, “Yeah, I don’t really care that those countries execute sodomites, tbh (to be honest) I’d do the same.”

When a troll accosts Kris with ‘You are a tranny,” she replies “No. But I do bullycide them (troll them with extreme abuse in hopes they’ll leave Twitter or Facebook, or be driven to more far-reaching despair). It’s the least I can do since I cannot oven them. Yet.”

Reacting to a bully-comedy meme that says “You will never kill 50,000 people by impaling their asses. Feels Vlad man.” (The image shows a dejected figure who’s a cross between the alt-right Pepe frog and 15th century Romanian prince Vlad “the Impaler” ?epe?), Kris quips, “Never say never. There’s plenty of invaders and traitors that could be made into a forest of corpses.”

She’s clearly studied her role models in detail: the Wikipedia article on impalement says “After the Night Attack by Vlad ?epe? in mid-June 1462 failed to assassinate the Ottoman sultan, the road to Târgovi?te, the capital of Vlad’s principality of Wallachia, eventually became inundated in a ‘forest’ of 20,000 impaled and decaying corpses, and it is reported that Mehmet II’s invading army of Turks turned back to Constantinople in 1462 after encountering thousands of impaled corpses along the Danube River.” ‘Never say never,’ then, about seeing this kind of ‘forest’ in Florida, Kris’s native state.

When tweeter @ABR_Rico suggests “Nationalize the media. Gas the kikes,” Kris responds with “that would be my solution as well.” Then she reflects on one part of the suggestion that might be controversial: “I know people dislike the idea of seizing control of the media like that, but I don’t see how else.” She routinely treats the mass-murder of Jews in an offhand or flippant manner, as befits the swaggering hyperaggressive. For example, she uses the much-circulated photo of herself to put together a photoshopped pastiche that depicts her as an SS officer, pressing the ‘gas’ button to eliminate a Jewish-looking woman shown as a photo inside a cartooned gas chamber. When a tweeter asks, “Is that you?” she replies “Yes, that’s me. Gassing the Jew.” Her selfie photo has a horsey Mona Lisa half-smile that is surprisingly grotesque in context.

Religion, if you can call it that, comes into play. Kris has zero affinity for Christianity and claims to be a pagan. She says “I’m also in favor of bringing back the ancient tradition of sacrificing enemies to Odin.” When someone comments “I can only imagine how you feel about supposed Odinists that falsely claim that the Norse religion praises transsexuality,” she snarls back “Yes, I hate those idiotic faggots. They are apologists for degeneracy is what they are. They need to be drowned in a bog.”

Her basic spiritual principle may be “do unto others as if you would kill them.”

She spins that in today’s America, her planned campaign of mass murder may be close at hand. It will only take some overcoming of the liberals. “Without the white cucks standing in the way, the rest of us would make short order of the Jews and their Islamic brothers.” When someone suggests crafty right-wingers could ‘use’ the Jews, she foams, “For what, oven fodder? … I don’t pat Jews on the head. They are our mortal enemy, not dogs to be trained.”

Kris’s working life, it seems, is full-time bullying. Under the pseudonym Georgia Rockwell, She administers three Facebook groups, “a white nationalist one, a far right politics one, and a shitposting group.” “My account there is mainly just for trolling and running debate groups. I don’t use it like a normie.” “The far right and shitposting groups are set to secret and you have to have someone who is a member add you.” The closed, but not secret, white nationalist group gets many applications from non-whites, something Kris finds humorous. I don’t imagine she accepts them. As to what the shitposting group gets up to, I haven’t tried to join, but examples of her shitposting on Twitter are sufficient to yield the gist.

When conservative MSNBC journalist S.E. Cupp was campaigning recently for sympathy for children caught up in the Aleppo bombings, showing pictures of war-torn babies with the slogan “Can we all be #justamom to these kids?,” Kris tweeted her with “No. You are a deeply sickening person trying to use emotional blackmail, taking great joy in the extermination of the U.S. by immigration.” That’s shitposting.

(Update: far-righters reading this article dispute the classification of this harassment as ‘shitposting.’ No one likes interlopers in their buzzword-space. One person said it couldn’t be ‘shitposting’ because no green frog had been used.)

She calls such activities bullying: when one far-righter accused her of being a ‘traitor,’ she took a screenshot and tweeted it to her friends with the gossip “for example, she posted this on a thread where me and a few others were bullying this jew chick Salvski… I don’t even know what she was on about. Me and @northerniste were bullying some jew and she pops up.” She is just as happy to bully inside the alt-right as outside it. “The alt-right is chock full of fags and fag enablers. I try to bullycide them, but there’s so many. I also bullycide harlots, trannies and other degenerates and subversives. It’s a thankless job ;).” She has the emotional plastic-wrap of the true sociopath about all this: “A lot of these folks I bullycide, I forget they even exist until someone points out some subtweets where they are whining about me. Haha.” Like Maud, she openly encourages bullying in schools. When an English tabloid prints a provocative photo of four young teen schoolboys wearing school uniforms with dresses, under the heading “Dress codes will no longer be defined by genders in the United Kingdom,” Kris’s colleague @AlimonyMindset tweets the pic with a comment “This is why bullying is needed.” Kris retweets this approvingly.

Maud, at least, isn’t raising a new generation of school bullies. Kris has a three-year-old daughter thanks to a male who is never mentioned, and intersperses her genocidal ragings with occasional typical mom comments. Her personal life is looking up. She has become enamored of a 32-year-old tech guru from Berkeley, CA, Michael Anissimov (@Burzenland on Twitter), an old-shkola Russian anti-Semite who is a ‘neo-reactionary,’ supporting the replacing of democracy with monarchy. He describes himself as a “white nationalist leader.” “The best way to deal with Jews,” Michael says, “is to create an all-white society on North American soil and see how they react.”

Kris finds this admirable, and is aiming at being the traditional frau of this alpha. “Men should lead and women should follow them; not the other way around,” she tweets, docile for once. Things have reached the point now where a wedding is being planned, and some of the other hausfraus, notably Maud, have been angling for an invitation. Maud, never Ms. Tact, has even inquired if there would be an open bar. This festivity may become like a major mafia wedding within the far-far right; another invitee is Nathan Somerville (@ApollonianNrx on Twitter), who ran as a candidate for the UK Independence Party in the last British election in the Scottish riding of Livingston. He didn’t get many votes, but got his 15 minutes of fame when he was written up in the press for tweeting the BBC with “The sooner your (sic) privatised and thrown in the trash where you belong the better. Have no concept of ‘impartiality.’ Hippie paedos.” He changed his account to escape the fallout from that one. Under his current name, however, he’s tweeted a photo of an oven with two racks, meme-ified with the caption “Jewish bunk bed for sale.” Kris shares his taste in bully mass death humor: she retweeted that one. Recently, he has deleted many tweets, but we have shots of him, for example, ‘bullyciding’ a mild-mannered young woman with the incendiary name Kate Rothschild, who wasn’t tweeting about political matters, saying “Don’t try your Talmudic mind control magic on us, Rothschild, we know who you are.” That was on Sept. 14, 2016.

The origins of bullying behavior are always mysterious, even though we generally understand that dominance tries to overcome nervousness, and that some people may take this to extremes. In Kris’s case, she was, like Gina, deliberately programmed to be a color-killer. “My parents were ethno-nationalists and I was homeschooled from 5th grade on.” She was raised in isolation in “a Florida swamp” on a property where “we raised our own chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats; we had veggie gardens, citrus trees, etc.” Now she lives in an apartment where she can only grow plants in pots. Unlike Gina, she makes little or no mention of actually having met Jewish people in real life. Her experience of the LGBT community reads more like a tourist jaunt than a nuanced interaction: “They truly are (disgusting – agreement with another tweeter). I ran across enough fags and trannies in Atlanta, GA, for more than one lifetime.” Her background of bias and ignorance is the perfect prepared soil for the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory, which she has resoundingly embraced. As with the other fraus, she appears to be drawn to this set of ideas because there is room there for intelligent women, whose intellectual development has idled somewhere around the undergrad level, to take up undisciplined but enthusiastic scholarship and ad-hoc social authority as if they were genuine pundits. They crave an academic level of cred that the hausfrau is hard-pressed to gain. All they need to do is to collect and spew recherché historical and scientific misinformation portraying Jews machinating everywhere, crafting a plot to prevent the generation of any more dangerously blonde shiksas.

In an era where we now know that over half of all published psychology papers yield results that can’t be reproduced, Kris and colleagues place great stock in a 2007 article by Harvard’s Robert Putnam, showing that in a survey of 41 neighborhoods scattered around the U.S., parameters like ‘trust other races a lot’ lowered from about 40% of responses to about 20 – 25% in ethnically diverse neighborhoods (trust in neighbors of the same race followed an essentially identical trend). Putnam, however, who also studied cases like the U.S. military where integration had been highly successful, regarded this as a temporary phase in a process that could readily lead to strengthened communities. As interviewer Tom Bartlett put it in the Aug. 15, 2012 Chronicle of Higher Education, “Putnam’s brief (expert testimony in a 2012 lawsuit about university admissions) contends that the 2007 paper has been “twisted” to make a case against race-conscious admissions, asserting that, on the contrary, his “extensive research and experience confirm the substantial benefits of diversity, including racial and ethnic diversity, to our society.” Kris’s take on his paper, which she has probably never read (it is paywalled at $38 and she only has screenshots of the openly published abstract), is that it shows “ethnic diversity reduces happiness and quality of life.”

As you might guess, in any case, Kris and colleagues don’t care about strictures of reality like Putnam’s interpretation of his own data. They live in a world of their own where, as she puts it, “Jews … pushed to have Sweden flooded with massive third world immigration… Who pushes for wars in the Middle East, who controls ISIS, etc. – Israel, Jewish lobbies … We are talking about Jewish lobbies who agitate for war, beg for welfare, fund rapefugees, etc.”

(Re: “controls ISIS.” I notice that racists, as paranoid as they may be about Muslims, never allow the idea that Arabic-speaking people can organize anything militarily challenging. It doesn’t matter whether it’s kamikaze’ing U.S. office towers [simple as that may be in concept] or setting up a puritanical, fanatical state. They can only act when they’re being puppeteered by either the US government or Israel, or both. This ‘empty Arab’ idea is just another silly stereotype, but a powerful one in this era of ‘Bush brought down the Towers,’ one of the great idiocies of our times.)

If you put together a biased home education, a perception-flattening ideology, and a habit of unacademic kittycat stringplay with academic substance, you still may not have everything you would need to have to explain the gleeful murder fantasies and obsessive social insult that compose our would-be future mother of the white genotype. I wonder, as my friend Kamil does, if sociopathy in women is under-recognized because of a false perception that females are the more nurturing and tolerating sex. True, the McCoy grannies only told their grandsons to be real men and get out there and avenge their clan with the Hatfields, but, even in doing so, they were serious, effective players in cycles of social violence. Now that Twitter has allowed women everywhere – and men – to export all their hateful thoughts to the world, we may all need to deal with many more Kitsunes shooting at us from their psychological foxholes. The world needs to recognize hyperaggression sufferers and distinguish their pathology from the politics they exploit as a source of excuses for violence. We need to get them help – an action that will help us all.


4. @MelissaJaneSays formerly @mooneyedgirl, @MoonbeamMelly

This is a poignant story that we can only hope won’t become a bellwether for our post-post-modern times. Once upon a time there was a ‘moon-eyed girl’ who had a blog where she wrote zen-tinged introspections about life.


“I realize that I haven’t told you exactly how or why, but please know that on this 43d year on this planet, if I stepped out of my body, I would break into blossom. The wings of the butterfly would unfold revealing the most magnificent of prisms, emitting a kaleidoscope of life’s lessons that have transmuted into all that is beautiful.” (Mooneyedgirl blogspot, Sept. 13, 2015).

[end quote]

Skip one year forward, a few days past the 44th birthday on Sept. 13, 2016. What’s next for this enlightened being?


“The mongrel Jew, a conglomeration of junk DNA, thinks the opinion of Jews about the white race matters. (To @ObsrvyryxShadow) Jews, one of the most inbred of nations, vomits (sic) forth their psychoses in all host nations. You’re a Jew. A pitiful, pathetic, lying Jew. A race of inbreds prone to mental defects.” (The tweeter addressed by this wasn’t noticeably Jewish, but had dared to argue with Melissa.)

[end quote]

Huh? What the devil happened here?

The last post on the blog, July 10, 2016, takes a stab at giving an explanation.


“Within the last few years I have begun to notice increasingly vitriolic rhetoric online and in all facets of media that is dangerously Anti-White in nature.

“The incessant Anti-White rhetoric has put me on the defensive, as all White Americans should rightfully feel during these times. Anti-White rhetoric awakened me to a very serious threat against my loved ones. A threat that I won’t tolerate. So, I have now become racially aware, whereas before I never really was.

“I have always stood up for the underdog. I’ve stepped in countless times as a young child when I saw black kids being antagonized by white kids, and vice versa. I would always step into the middle of it to break up the conflict.

“I believe with my whole heart in unity. Individuals unified and working together to make our Nation something that we can always be proud about.

… But, I am angry.”

[end quote]

Melissa, after entering the sociocultural battleground of Twitter, has seen some commentary she’s interpreted as anti-white, and has drunk the Cultural Marxism kool-aid in response. Perhaps she’s always known that she has such responses in her: in 2011, she blogged a poem that began:


“Take me to the end of ME, oh lover of LOVE,
Annihilate me.
End to end, remove the faces of the fascist within.”

[end quote]

Today, those faces of the fascist are very much her prevailing theme.


“Time to strike fear into the hearts of every Shlomo and Esther. Drive through ritzy Jewish neighborhoods and leave flyers in Arabic that says (sic): ‘Plant your gharqad trees, yehud.’ (Gharqad, Nitraria retusa, is an Arabian desert plant used in dune stabilization. There’s an Islamic legend that Jews will hide behind these trees to avoid being killed by Muslims in the end times. ‘Yehud’ means ‘Jew.’) Drive through ritzy Jewish neighborhoods at 4 a.m. playing the Islamic call to prayer. Rustle some Shlomos.”

[end quote]

Using the call to prayer to harass people in the middle of the night would rustle some imams, too, but Melissa is not one of your culturally sensitive types these days.

Let’s take our investigation of this transition step by step. The list of lively interests posted on Melissa’s blog (…Dancing in the rain; Riding bikes; Tae Bo; Traveling; Dreaming up my next adventure; Hiking; Bruises from wild wicked air guitar episodes; Sensory overload…) are reposted at a website for people who want travel buddies, Here you can see Melissa Teems, already a mother of three girls, having glorious party times in Amsterdam and chilling happily with diverse friends. We’re in 2008. By 2016, she’s met a new man, and moved inland from St. Augustine, FL, to Gainesville, where she’s now raising a brand new son named Phoenix. I mention him only because Melissa has often publicized his name and photo in her Twitter feed, even in the context of arguments with other tweeters. Her Facebook account has his name and image on it.

In the last year, the moonbeam mom has rebranded herself as a Valkyrie, a Viking goddess of war. On Twitter, she is Melissa Hjörþrimul – or if you write it without the Norse letter ‘thorn’, Hjörthrimul.

Her Valkyrie heroine in this nomenclature has her origin in a Viking saga:


The warp is made of human entrails,
Human heads are used as heddle-weights (thread weights used with a medieval warp-weighted loom – BN)
The heddle rods are blood-wet spears
The shafts are iron-bound and arrows are the shuttles (more loom gear – BN)
With swords we will weave this web of battle (most women are weavers; these ones weave war – BN)

The Valkyries go weaving with drawn swords,
Hild and Hjörthrimul, Sanngrid and Svipul,
Spears will shatter, shields will splinter,
Swords will gnaw like wolves through armor.

[end quote]

What made our good-time Florida girl and home-cooking devotee decide to weave with blood-red spears?

I haven’t yet had time to read the Kevin McDonald books about the Frankfurt School, but they sound like variations on an old theme. Right wingers always thought that hippies and liberationists were Bolshie, and the idea that Bolshevism was a Jewish conspiracy goes right back to the beginning of the Russian civil war. There’s not much there that would seem to threaten one’s white children. In looking through the last 3500 posts by Melissa, I did uncover one link to something truly inflammatory – I’m wondering if it isn’t the hidden catalyst that is setting the far-far right aflame with Jewish-vs.-white paranoia.

It turns out that Harvard University has been harboring a cadre of academics broadcasting a complicated idea about ‘white privilege’ in simplistic terms that are designed to be misunderstood. They’ve done this partly as an awkward attempt to find simple terminology for their idea, and partly because they are sociopolitical klutzes (pardon my New Yorker Yiddish) who compose text callously, obliviously and with deliberate attention-getting provocation. The main actor involved in this is an old hippie radical, a former member of the Students for a Democratic Society, called Noel Ignatiev. The ‘correct’ understanding of Noel’s ideas, as laid out in a 2002 multi-author book called ‘When Race Becomes Real: Black and White Writers Confront Their Personal Histories,’ is that when Noel talks about the ‘white race,’ he talks not about people who happen to be of European ancestry in regions where the skin was pale, but rather about the associated cachet of superiority and privileged membership this color was spun with during the 1400s to the 2000s, when Europeans licensed themselves to take over the world of darker ‘savages’ and ‘heathens.’ He talks about “abolishing the white race” and expects his readers to understand that this doesn’t mean harming any white people, but rather constitutes “an analogy with anti-royalism: to oppose monarchy does not mean killing the king; it means getting rid of crowns, thrones, royal titles, etc….” He’s done his homework on this by writing a book about Irish immigration to the U.S., showing how arriving Irish people, considered filthy peasant popish barbarians by many established New Englanders, came with no concept of themselves as being members of a superior, white ‘race’ clade, and slowly adopted this idea-meme over time as they established themselves among people who were already infected.

Making this point about killing the spin-cachet of the ‘white race’ concept, as opposed to creating antipathy against actual paleskin people, could be pulled off by someone who had finesse. Noel, however, uses discourse that goes beyond egalitarianism, sounding more like hyper-politically-correct Maoist self-criticism targeted against fellow members of his own whitish bourgeoisie. In 1992, as he stated in Harvard Magazine, he started publishing a mag called


’Race Traitor,’ whose first issue appeared in the fall of 1992 with the slogan “Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity” on its cover. The aim was to chronicle and analyze the making, remaking, and unmaking of whiteness … The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. Of course we expected bewilderment from people who still think of race as biology.

[end quote]

He expects everyone but a few bumpkins to understand and agree with his idea that ‘race’ is purely a matter of political spin rather than biology. Therefore, when you talk about abolishing the white race, you are merely twiddling concepts and possibly threatening some privileges, but not actually threatening ethnically north European people and their legitimate, diverse egalitarian aspirations. Needless to say, established popular concepts, even outmoded ones, are not so easily swayed by inept, inflammatory arguments. You need only read the comments under the article at to see how grossly Noel failed to communicate his viewpoint to the hoi polloi.

He perhaps could have got away with this much goading of the social ox, however, if an anonymous far-right-wing satirist in a forum called ‘diversitychronicle’ hadn’t gotten ahold of his concepts and produced a fake interview in which he was misrepresented as making troll-like comments about whites:


Ivan Fernando: All whites, or just white males should commit suicide? (The satire was based on the fake scenario that Ignatiev, on his last day of teaching prior to retirement in 2013, told his white students that they should commit suicide for being white. In fact, the story is a fabrication and Ignatiev did not retire at the time stated.)

(fake-) Prof. Ignatiev: Obviously, all whites need to be destroyed, but why not start with white males? They are behind most of history’s greatest atrocities. Besides, some of the brothers like to bang white women. Eventually white women can breed out, but my feeling is that if you are a white male, you should kill yourself now. If you are a thoughtful person, with a social consciousness who considers himself white, you will consider suicide.

[end quote]

This fakery seems to be Twitter-inspired, since, as Kamil Beylant has documented, one of the 15 universal troll tropes used on Twitter is telling people to ‘kill yourself.’ It’s very much a contemporary insult that has now made its way to every schoolyard, but anyone having all of Twitter to analyze, including deleted tweets and accounts, would find millions upon millions of injunctions telling people or groups to kill themselves. Kamil himself has been told to kill himself dozens of times. A typical day’s tweeting on any controversial subject may yield three or four ‘kill yourself’ injunctions.

The aspect of the Ignatiev story that has really got Melissa and her friends excited, however, is that Ignatiev was born in a Jewish family. He became an atheist and communist in his youth and has since landed in hot water with many Jews by describing Israel as a segregationist “racial state, where rights are assigned on the basis of ascribed descent or the approval of the superior race.” His non-alignment with Jewish lineal protectionism, however, has not calmed down the practitioners of homeopathic Jew-finding, especially those who spin that Jewish blood will genetically predispose its owners to atrocity-minded Bolshevism. Ignatiev has inadvertently made himself Exhibit A in the campaign to convince the Melissas of the world that Jews are trying to eliminate their progeny and their bloodlines. Melissa’s Sept. 24 tweet about Ignatiev’s statements in Harvard Magazine says “Jewish professor at Harvard openly teaches that the white race should be exterminated.”

Melissa may actually be a good enough amateur researcher to have discovered which Ignatiev statements were real and which were fake. She never mentions the fake ones. She is the hausfrau-internet-researcher extraordinaire, far surpassing her colleagues in the range of information she digs up. She is also a skilled homeopathic Jew-finder. I bet you thought that Mexicans immigrants, including illegals, came to the US to make money and have a better life. Not so – Melissa has found a researcher’s paper tracing the Sephardic Jewish origins of some immigrant Mexicans, inclusive of some whose Iberia-based ancestors gave up the Jewish religion centuries ago as genuine ‘conversos’ and others whose families maintained it in secret as ‘crypto-Jews.’ This fascinating bit of ethnography, following the Reconquista-era religious persecutions of Spain through to present-day Mexicans, convinces Melissa that Mexican immigration is part of the Jewish plot to unwhiten America. “Time to send Sephardic Shlomo’s descendants back to Mexico,” she says. The presence of some ancestrally Sephardic people, in homeopathic Jew-finding, essentially taints all Mexicans with Jewish conspiracy. Melissa makes no defense of retaining any of the non-Sephardic Mexicans whose presence masked the sinister infiltrators.

She works another prominent theme of the current far-far right, the notion that whites weren’t to blame for historic African slavery, because slavery was a Jewish plot they fell for. The homeopaths have dug up a Constantinople-based Ottoman trade guild, all Sephardic, who supplied slaves across the Black Sea to Tatarstan and nearby regions. She doesn’t have the background in Islamic culture to understand how slavery, though allowed and well developed in traditional Islam, was considered unsavory and would tend to be handed down to an underclass, much like working with leather is in Hindu and Buddhist societies. She finds Jewish slave-wranglers more reprehensible than any other type, and also particularly detests those who would take whites as slaves, as was done when the Ottomans were invading new Christian lands. “You think it’s funny,” she asks one skeptic of her claims, “that hideous hook-noses (sic) repugnant Jews kidnapped little European girls and sold them as sex slaves?”

It would be very left wing to argue that slavery had the same degree of awfulness about it whether the person being enslaved was white or black.

Her great triumph, however, is to have sniffed out Sephard conversos in many New World enterprises that involved slavery. She’s glommed onto a 2015 exhibit from the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam that featured ‘New Christian’ Sephardic converts partaking in the development of slave-using sugar mills around Recife, Brazil, during the time eastern Brazil was owned by the Dutch. Six of Dutch Brazil’s 166 sugar mills, in 1639, were owned by actual practicing Jews. Since the Dutch, whether Jewish or not, had no experience with sugar and had to borrow some knowledgeable staff from Portuguese possessions, Portuguese New Christian conversos were brought in from Madeira and São Tomé to work as ‘foremen and laborers.’ Melissa’s take on this, based on the conspiratorial uniformity of Jewish blood, is “those plantation owners who were ‘New Christians’ were all CONVERSOS or Jews who used Catholicism as a COVER.”

Melissa is a great collector and exhumer of historical anti-Semitic canards, and one is ‘The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.’ This is a book published in 1991 by Louis Farrakhan’s ‘Nation of Islam’ movement – a movement that is considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The book uses cherrypicking of anecdotal histories to suggest that Jews played a disproportionate role in the American slave trade. The poster boy for this idea, frequently mentioned by Ms. Teems, is Aaron Lopez (1731–1782), a crypto-Jewish Sephard from Lisbon, Portugal who moved to Newport, Rhode Island in 1752, reinstated himself as a practicing Jew, and began to trade in products such as whale spermaceti. His article in Wikipedia – wiki is considered by far righters to be a Jewish plot – says


Between 1761 and 1774, Lopez was involved in the slave trade. While ‘The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews’ describes Lopez as “Newport’s leading participant in the Black Holocaust”, historian Eli Faber determined Lopez underwrote 21 slave ships during a period in which Newport sent a total of 347 slave ships to Africa, and Faber described Lopez’s ventures in the slave trade as “an infinitesimal part” of the British slave trade. By the beginning of the American Revolution, Lopez owned or controlled 30 vessels.

By the early 1770s, Lopez had become the wealthiest person in Newport; his tax assessment was twice that of any other resident. The reason he was successful was that his business interests were so diverse. He manufactured spermaceti candles, ships, barrels, rum, and chocolate.

[end quote]

The American Revolution then came along and ruined much of his American dream, but so it goes in volatile parts of the world. What we can say about him is that he didn’t have scruples that distinguished between slaves and other trade items of interest in the West Indies. He shared that attitude with many of the Protestant, Anglo-Celto-Saxon (soon-to-be) Americans in the maritime trading business. The causality of his Judaism in his slave trading seems a silly notion when taken out of Melissa’s general context of horrid-Jew paranoia. For her true-believers, however, her spin of Aaron’s role provides gripping proof that Jews inflicted blacks upon a naïve white America, in an effort to muddy the racial waters and foment confusion that would abet their own minority. “The smartest thing White Americans can do is to inform African-Americans that it was Jews who ran the slave trade,” she tweets. “Tell them the Truth” – with a capital T as shown.

Incidentally, the Civil War defending slavery, in homeopathic Jew-finding history, was also a plot wrangled by a Sephard called Judah Benjamin who served as Confederate Secretary of State. White folks had nothing to do with it except as dupes of this crafty offshoot of Cain’s evil.

All these historical anecdotes illustrate how the far-far right uses what Kamil Beylant calls “Troll Trope #14 – Entropic Assertion.” Commonly, people dealing with online trolls about political matters will find that the troll will briefly assert something that seems improbable – let’s say “blacks with dreadlocks are especially likely to hate white people.” Challenge them for substantiation, and they’ll say “I’m not here to do your work for you. Use Google and look it up yourself.” If you feel yourself roped into doing this, you may waste considerable time finding nothing, and then resolve to find evidence that black attitudes to whites have minimal reliance on hairstyles. Thus a flippant, 3-second tweet can cost the conscientious opponent, potentially, days of work. By that time, the troll has repeated the same assertion 400 times, and convinced 85 new people to follow his or her party line on the haircuts. The original assertion is merely a cat thrown among the pigeons, an agent of chaos. It is the staple of conspiracy theory. ‘The airplanes couldn’t have caused the Twin Towers to burst into flame!’ Well, evidently, they did, but go ahead, commission 30 years’ of engineering studies to try to model exactly which combustibles and which airspaces allowed the explosive forces to gather so mightily. As in the proverbial scientific problem of proving the bumblebee can fly, there are situations where endless labor can be needed to theoretically recapitulate the process that obviously just took place. Yes, analysts of politically significant events have a responsibility to check facts carefully, and they must always consider hidden factors, but the responsibility for favoring the obvious, direct explanation over labyrinthine speculations remains, unless there is sound evidence that supports multiple components of the more convoluted causal chain. Melissa is full of trollisms where her dollop of improbable assertion would need to be refuted by years of work (which she wouldn’t believe even if it were done). Has she studied to see what proportion of Mexican immigrants are NOT conversos, and whether the actions and attitudes of those who are ancestrally Sephardic differ in any way from those who are not? No, certainly, she has not – that info is not on the internet. It would take real work, years of it, to elucidate the facts. That’s real research that a Floridian hausfrau, however bright she may be on the IQ scale, is not a position to do. Who would be so unrealistic as to demand it of her? In many ways, the entire far right White Nationalist movement is a massive troll campaign, and, as you’ve seen, its participants frequently admit it. Even the ‘research’ endeavors it broadcasts are largely a form of ‘shitposting.’

Melissa Teems’ trolling reaches its apogee with her most prevalent theme – that Jews are more inbred than many other populations and thus have a burden of genetic diseases that explains their inherently sinister nature. She and her fellow far righters relentlessly seek scientific headlines that flatter their ideas, and in this case, she cleaves to studies about mental health problems that show some elevation of prevalence among Jewish subpopulations. She saves a screenshot from the Israeli news site Haaretz reporting that “Scientists discover gene that predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to schizophrenia.” Melissa’s tweet extends this finding of the DNST3 gene to “(Jewish) inbreeding results in psychopathy and schizophrenia.” She completely overlooks the fact that medically, people either develop schizophrenia or they don’t – there is no intermediate blur that makes everyone else in the family act in a psychopathic way. In her own mind, the study provides a confirmation for her own imputed-taxonomic-antipathy cognitivirus: where scientists see a small proportion of extra schizophrenics, she sees an overwhelming biological conspiracy template. She states that “pathological lying is present in most Jewish people,” and goes so far into superstition as to say “they are a tribe that is without Truth. They exist from FALSELY accusing others, which means CURSING others. People who…speak lies about others are CURSING. It’s black magic.” It all adds up: as a daughter of the modern world, she will now tweet the Truth about the genetics of Jewish black magic.

Her blithering nincom-potpourri has some purely eccentric moments. She occasionally points out that, unlike most of her colleagues, she can’t claim pure ‘white’ ancestry. She says she’s German (Diehm clan of Teutonic Knights, supposedly), Irish and Cherokee. A low-cost mail-order DNA analysis she posts claims she’s 58.3% British and Irish, 12.0% French and German, 22.1% ‘Broadly Northwestern European’ and 0.7% ‘East Asian and Native American.’ Does that give her a basis for sympathy with the historic Native American complaints about ‘the white man’ moving into the continent and taking over? Not at all, as it turns out. It convinces her that natives aren’t native; they are, instead, Asian. They don’t really belong in the USA.

Some explanation is needed here for this new moment of ‘entropic assertion.’ The modern genetic mapping of human populations by so-called ‘SNP’ analysis – a search for tiny, inconsequential single DNA changes that are limited to restricted populations – has shown that the native American markers overlap with those seen in some east Asians. (SNP, pronounced ‘snip,’ stands for ‘single nucleotide polymorphism.’) For example, the maternal (mitochondrial) ‘A’ family of markers is found in most Eastern native North Americans as well as in some Asian populations like the far eastern Siberian Chukchis and a minority of Tibetans. Melissa puts this information together with a far-out conjecture called the ‘Solutrean hypothesis,’ mostly based on analysis of spearhead manufacture techniques, that claims that the earliest humans to settle in North America around 20,000 years ago were from Europe rather than Asia. This obscure idea has become very popular in White Nationalist circles. Much is made of a maternal DNA group called ‘X’ that is found in some west Europeans and also some northeastern North American native populations. Scientists, however, are reasonably convinced that the native X group came across the Bering Strait with other groups from northern Asia, and did not come across the Atlantic from Western Europe at the time suggested by the Solutrean theory. The X variants found in North America are distinct from those found in Western Europe and indicate very distant common ancestry, not a relatively recent ancestry in the last 25,000 years.

Melissa’s reading hasn’t got that far.

“Amerindians are Asiatic and not indigenous to these lands, either. I’m part Cherokee and my DNA is part ASIAN,” Melissa blares. “Indigenous to Asia, not here.”

It’s not Melissa, though, but rather Regina Cartwright, who takes this piece of spin to its fascist-logical conclusion: “It’s past time to tell Aztecs, Mayan Indios (a derogatory Spanish epithet for natives – BN) to get out. We were here first, they stole the land from us.”

As the Twitter trolls would say, ‘Bwahahahaha!”

The low point in Melissa’s kitchen scholarship comes when she tweets a gruesome photo of dirty people yoked and knotted to a horizontal overhead pole, forced to walk in a slave row across wet, muddy ground. She tweets, “What Jewish Bolsheviks did to people in the CCCP concentration camps (gulags).” A skeptic, @porphura17, counters with “Where’s the picture coming from. A movie, I guess.” “Russian archives,” Melissa retorts. “Don’t ever come onto my timeline with sarcasm about what the Jewish Bolsheviks did.”

The problem is, the photo IS a well-known movie still – it’s from a widely shown 2013 Russian film, ‘Hard to be a God,’ directed by Alexei German. Its plot sketch begins,


A group of 30 scientists travel from Earth to a nearly-identical alien planet that is culturally and technologically centuries behind. The inhabitants of this planet have brutally suppressed a renaissance movement, murdering anybody they consider to be an intellectual, and thus the planet is stuck in the middle ages.

[end quote]

Sorry, Melissa, your Revisionist History diploma is not going to the printer.

Melissa’s year of living fascistically, after years of blogging and traveling as a sociable person, strikes me as being out-of-character. I don’t think she’s truly had a red-pill revelation – I think she’s had a nervous breakdown, or something along those lines. What does her husband think about her posting their child’s photo in a timeline where she labels Jewish people as psychopaths and challenges anti-racists to ‘come to Florida’ so that she can make them ‘another Commie in the grave?’ She says, “A woman submits spiritually to a man who has the spirit/soul to PROTECT her…Honestly, I believe we need to bring back the proper patriarchal mindset so that the true matriarchal spirit can return.” In this case, her non-feminist principles have the potential to be her salvation. Surely she must feel a duty to fully inform her husband about these Twitter-war goings-on, so that he can protect her, and little Phoenix, from herself.

I wish her a speedy recovery.


This synopsis of the Four Hausfraus of the Aporkalypse could be mined, following the fraus’ own methodology, for potential conspiracy material. Two of the four fraus I’ve written about, plus one interacting colleague who’s very similar to them, claim to have a mixture of mostly German and Irish ancestry. Could there be an as yet unexplained genetic toxicity in the German-Irish mixture that tends to allow intelligent, intellectually hindered, relatively aggressive women to flip into neo-Nazi mode? Is our democracy about to be overthrown by rank upon rank of jigstepping Nuremberg-Dubliners and their doting husband-overlords?

Seriously, we can only hope that the exponential increase in far-right US radicalism will crash when the fantasy worlds raised in the Trump campaign slump back into reality. The election of Clinton, perversely, might give these outrage-panickers hope and unity, at least in the short term, but the election of Trump – assuming he goes ahead working normally with most faithful American citizen groups – would demoralize them completely. He, however, seems to be handing the election to his rival.

We must be hopeful that most people will continue to take their neighbors as regular people, a normal mixture of good and not-so-good impulses, and ignore the Twitlerite conspiracy crescendo long enough to let it bawl itself out. I’ve written this article mostly to let people like @enderphile1, who are being sideswiped by troll posts, understand the nature of the trolls they’re dealing with. I think that the targeted people, being so informed, will be able to sleep better at night, despite the evidence of hateful thought I’ve presented here. The hate has an overtone of cartoonery about it, with its cardboard stereotypes of the all-evil Jew, the dissolute Negro and the Valhalla WhiteGal. It needs something like a little grey rabbit with a New York accent to stand in the midst of it all, chew on a carrot and say something like, “Nyeah… What’s up, Kek?”

Which service I hope I’ve rendered.

In any case, I don’t think we’ll be mass-saluting Regina’s SS-man husband any time soon.


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