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EQF Charter:

The EQ. Foundation, is a project founded by myself, Steve Diamond, which began operation in 2007.

“EQ”, stands for “EQuality”.

…equality in voice…equality in representation…equality in treatment…

The charter of the EQ. Foundation, is to compose, distribute and maintain media, which fairly and accurately represents viewpoints, which are commonly stereotyped, commonly persecuted, commonly misrepresented and commonly attacked.

In doing such, it is the intention of this foundation, to accurately preserve a very real part of human history…

…so that we may all, one day, learn from it…and learn from our mistakes as a culture.

The EQ. Foundation, does not officially endorse, nor does it officially object to, any views and ideas expressed in this media.

It merely acts to preserve and archive, voices and ideas which are vulnerable to persecution…

…and vulnerable to being silenced.

All the best…

Steve Diamond
Founder and Webmaster
of the EQ. Foundation


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