What I want

What I want


What are you working towards? Do you expect to be accepted?


Let me start with a few scenarios…

A person gets caught with “child pornography”. Despite being a good, decent and non-violent person, he gets sent to prison for several years…maybe even decades…where he faces inhumane brutalities, and gets exploited like cattle for the profit of a “corrections industry”, bilking the tax payers out of tens of thousands of dollars yearly.

Two young teens [or younger kids] have entirely consensual sexual relations with each other…They are discovered, and some “authority” decides they have “raped each other”…Despite that everything we know about human biology tells us that this is completely normal, the teens are prosecuted, sent to a detention facility, saddled with a crime record and the stigma of a sex crime…They are forced through programs under the auspices of “rehabilitation”, and humiliated and traumatized by this experience alone. For being human, and behaving how we know they are biologically inclined to…our society punishes, shames and injures them, in a most ruthless manner…because they did not conform.

Two people carry on a sexual relationship for over a year…It gets discovered…One partner is a ten year old boy, who loves the relationship…the other is a thirty year old man, who also loves the relationship…They love each other…It is a true relationship, with passion, love and loyalty…The local “authorities” decide this will not do, and that despite everything we know about the history of human sexuality, this is somehow “not natural”. The two are torn apart…the man sent to prison for decades…the boy sent to a “victims program for trauma and counseling”…The boy is subjected to brainwashing [mental reconditioning], so that he speaks of what happened in the socially approved way. He is forced to testify against his own lover, even when he knows what they want out of him is a lie…This betrayal devastates him, as he is forced into a personal, ethical and emotional conflict…If he refuses, there may be severe consequences aimed at him. The relationship, itself, never gets referenced, in the light which the two participants themselves experienced it.

A boy grows up being attracted to other boys…but only to other boys. The world around him is entirely hostile towards people like him…There are no “gay youth groups” he can turn to. He spends his life isolated, with enormous unanswered questions…with no role models and no clear direction…Every message he receives from society, tells him [explicitly or implicitly], that he will do unspeakable things in his lifetime, because “he is a monster”…He is a born outcast…He wrestles with and agonizes over suicide, from an early age on…He leads an often paralyzed and stunted life. Perhaps he carries on…or he commits suicide.

What I want…is for the types of socially institutionalized abuses, embodied in these examples…to be brought to an end.

I want humans to have rights and freedoms, which actually matter…Ones that actually improve their lives…I want humans to be free, of systems which diminish and injure them.

I want society to shed and renounce it’s “need”, to constantly have others to blame for everything that has gone wrong.

I want a world…where being born a Child Lover, does not mean a proverbial or literal death sentence…or a life of suffering endless abuses at the hands of others [no matter what you have, or have not, done].

I want to live amongst people who are honest and compassionate…people who will value the needs of others…people who will afford others, a dignified weight to their words and experiences.

I want this perpetual cycle of hate, violence and abuse aimed at those who dare to love in “unconventional” ways, to be brought to an end…once and for all.

I want the day to arrive…when nobody ever again has to suffer this inhumane, torturous indignity.

…That is what I want.

I speak from personal experience….and I know just why, these institutionalized crimes against humanity, must be brought to an end.

It is in nobodies best interest…for things to continue on as they are.

What this means…is that societies refusal to even look at these types of people and relationships, in order to better understand them…that refusal must stop.

There must be an outreach, with the goal of welcoming broader sexual minorities into society.

No…this absolutely does not equate to the hyperbole many alarmists might claim it does…It is simply a matter of being honest, being practical, being fair, being humane, and being decent human beings.

It honestly is the only way, in which the better interests of all can be safeguarded.