What makes a life worth living?

What makes a life worth living?

“So…You are not allowed to have sex?…Lots of people don’t have sex!…Get over yourself!”

While I normally refrain from speaking in terms of absolutes…I think it is entirely fair to say, that people are absolutely in the wrong, when devaluing the weight and impact it has on a person…to deny them something so basic and primal, as their own sexuality…and the very ability, to physically love another human being, in the manner which comes most naturally to them.

There is a yearning, every bit as real as the need to breathe…And there is a very real need, which is only answered with a void.

…What makes a life worth living…is the quality of our experiences…and whether we are allowed to experience those things, which are most important to us…those things that without, we cannot sincerely live a full and satisfied life.

One of the most basic of human needs…is that of the freedom to physically love another…Without this, we live a greatly diminished existence…It is known, that deprived of this intimacy…many develop dysfunction and illness…many die, much earlier than normal.

Even if it is extremely important, sex is not the single most important thing in life…but when we are absolutely denied what we are biologically and emotionally programed to seek…when we cant even legally discuss this with those we are attracted towards…when we cannot even legally offer something nice of this nature, to those we desire to give it too…this goes well beyond, simply having an unmet need…

…This is literally taking away one of the most meaningful, most natural expressions we have as human beings…It is denying us even the ability to know this experience, of naturally loving another human being…of being loved back, naturally…

There is utterly nothing, which can genuinely replace this…or fill its massive void…And you cannot set there, and trivialize this…It is cruelty.

…If you paid each of us a trillion dollars, let us live in a palace and gave us a harem of concubines and servants…you could never fairly compensate us, for what you have taken…

…You have literally robbed us of the very possibility, to live and experience life as the individual humans that we are…Many of us will die, knowing that we never honestly got to live out our own sense of what it means to live, nor on our own terms…We will die, knowing that we never in all of our years got to experience our own love, which we needed to give…nor ever had another to love.

Sexual intimacy is not everything…but when it is absolutely absent…its void can become the weight of everything.

For many of us…being able to love another as it comes naturally to us, is an indispensable part of who we are…and what makes our life worth living…Without it, our lives are broken. Sharing our love is what gives our life meaningful sense, for even being here…for even existing, at all.

There simply is no restitution, for obliterating ones chance to honestly live…This is so overwhelming, you cannot make true amends…Daily, you kill us with each passing moment, by what was lost that could have been.