When Speaking On Sex

Speaking On Sex

When I speak of sex in the context of intergenerational relationships, and especially Child Love relationships…I am not talking about anal sex, penis/vagina sex, deep-throating, etc…

At some point, I tend to think that common sense has got to come through with most people…that when I use terms like “happy sex”, “mutually pleasurable sex”, “shared sexual experiences”, “mutual loving”…and when I speak about sex involving a child and adult as partners…I am talking about activities which cater to the level and tolerance of both participants, which includes the child as well as the adult…I am talking about things, which both [or all] participants genuinely like and would choose to do by their own desire, if given the opportunity.

…I am never talking about acts which might cause the child physical pain or injury…I am only speaking of activities, which the participants might reasonably wish to repeat.

To be more specific…the oral stimulation of a child’s genitals…kissing of the child’s body…hand massaging on a child’s body…these are the kinds of things going through my mind, when I speak of having sex [or a sexual relationship] with a child. I am talking about activities, which a child can relate too if given the opportunity.

That said…I do not want to get into any debates, over whether it was right or wrong that some gay teens had anal sex with men back in the day. As far as I am concerned…it is not my place or business to make value judgements, regarding the sexual inclinations of homosexual teenagers who enjoy being anally penetrated.

I am a Child Lover…which is why I focus on Child Love…That is the type of sex, I am inclined to discuss [and in a better world, engage in].

For the purpose of Child Love sex discussion…I do not, nor have I ever promoted anal sex, penis/vagina sex or a child deep-throating on adults…I do not, and have never promoted violence towards children in any context. As relates to children with adults, I outright condemn adults penetrating small children.

If you have any substantial history of following me, this should already be clear to you…But I will blatantly state this one more time, for the benefit of those who do not know me.

– Steve Diamond