You Cannot Champion Human Rights

You Cannot Champion Human Rights

Some people say, “You cannot be a pedophile, and a voice for human rights”…

Seemingly, they believe these two things are mutually exclusive contradictions…and they essentially call me a liar and a fraud, because of this.

I would like to respond by reminding anyone of this frame of mind, that virtually all of us are conditioned to think of, and imagine, pedophiles in only the most narrow and disturbing of definitions. We are all trained to embrace and adhere to the pedophile stereotype…

Do understand, please…that stereotypes are psychological chains…Stereotypes are shallow and practically useless, in any pursuit to understand those people subjected to live under them.

I am a pedosexual…I am a writer…I am a pedophile…I am a creator…I am a Child Lover…I am honest…I am a BoyLover…I am a fighter…I am a homosexual…I am a healer…I am a humanist…I love, and need love…I am a multidimensional human being…I have learned to survive my whole life, in the face of all that has tried to slap me down to the ground…

…I am no stereotype.

Stop trying to look at me, through the pinhole of a stereotype…You will never see me for who I honestly am, if you are doing so.

If you ever learn to understand me…you will find, there is no contradiction between my pedophilia and my human rights focus. These are simply two facets of myself, which co-exist…Incites I’ve gained from each, compliment one another.

…You will also find, that I am not “that” kind of pedophile, which you have pictured in your mind.