About Contacting People

About Contacting People

Sometimes, people are inclined to leave their e-mail address in the comments section…and maybe an invitation to contact them.

…Of course, obvious spam goes straight into the trash [unless their is something unique I like about the message, and even then, all contact/URL information is edited out]…but it’s not always clear or easy, deciding what to do with messages from people looking for private contact.

As a rule, “Our Love Frontier” is not a meeting place…yet, I don’t wish to restrict or discourage contact amongst sincere and well meaning people.

Your security is your responsibility, not mine…If you choose to contact someone who leaves a comment here, it is up to you to proceed with caution, and look into whatever that other person is up to.

Be aware, I may allow comments to publish, but this does not imply I am vouching for anything. I may know nothing about the author of said comment. Proceed with care, should you choose to contact anybody from the comment sections of this blog.

Do not presume that I am giving my stamp of approval to anybody, just because I allowed their comment to be published.

I cannot stress any of this enough…

…It is not at all impossible, that people who mean us harm will masquerade as one of our own…This very thing, has been going on for many years.

I cannot separate “all the good” from “all the bad”, because I don’t see and know everything…Therefor, I’m not going to control comments here with an iron fist, when it comes to this issue.