About Our Love Frontier

About “Our Love Frontier”


This is my [Steve Diamonds’] personal blog, which contains several “sub-blogs” [themed projects, which would be blogs of their own, but I don’t want to juggle so many actual blogs]…and, of course, “Our Love Frontier”, is it’s own blog, also…

Some of these projects are fairly old, and are really archives…A lot of the content, is new also…but, the history behind what appears here, spans many, many years.

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All who are interested in following these projects, please make note of these URLs, as they will be the link to relocating these projects, in the event they move to another host server.

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Enter these URLs, into your favorite “news reader” [RSS] software, and keeping up with the goings on here will be nearly effortless.

On a Personal Note…

…I [Steve Diamond] am a humanist, an agnostic non-theist [atheist], a pedosexual boylover [Child Lover], a music lover, a pragmatist and practitioner of true free thought…amongst other things, but these are core aspects of who I am…and they lay the foundation for how I write, what issues I focus upon…and what life experiences I am coming from and bringing with me.

I welcome diverse perspectives and the bold, open discussion of various issues…some, very taboo.

I also welcome every chance at slaying stereotypes, quelling propaganda and educating the ill informed.

I do not claim, that “my” way of thinking is “the only right way”…but, “my” way does have it’s merits, it’s integrity, it’s decency, it’s humanity and it’s practicality…

Even if only given the most basic of respect and sincere consideration, this should become clear to you.

My way of thought appreciates and values, often what so many people appear to be blind towards…

…things which so many of you out there, no doubt, might think to yourself…”Nobody ever before, explained it like that; or made me see things this way”…or, “Nobody has ever suggested, that I have any right, or business, considering things in this light”…

I celebrate the beauty, in things like Child Love…and simple beauty…and honest truth…and the things which make life worth living…

I also discuss the harsh realities of life…and how they effect myself…and us all…

This is a very personal, dedicated project…A lot of love has been put into it…and I hope this much shines through.

…So, welcome to my online home…I hope you feel right at home, and enjoy your visit every time you return.

I welcome feedback, so long as the comment guidelines are followed…

I also welcome the submission, of content which others feel might be relevant, to the spirit of this project.

Thank you for visiting, and being a part of all this.