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A Brief Summary of The EQ Foundation [Written April 8, 2014]:

“EQ Foundation” stands for The Equality Foundation, and is also referred to as the EQF…It was officially created, during 2007.

I created the EQ Foundation as a vehicle to fight censorship, and as a resource to cater to my own archiving activities. I had hoped that others would see the value in preserving the online voices and culture of people like us, and that those others would join in this endeavor…But, I am not much of an arm twister…and have remained the sole force behind the EQF.

For all intents and purposes, the EQF is my “umbrella branding”…It is the parent identity under which a number of my own endeavors have been produced and published…such as EQ Media, and Our Love Frontier.

The official stance of the EQF, is that all viewpoints must be given equal standing in regards to being expressed, being heard and being understood. It was stressed as all the more important to recognize this, in cases where minorities or individuals were answering serious accusations made against them.

I chose to call the EQF a foundation, because this expressed a dignified sense of class…and for the life of me, I could not imagine anything that would come off as controversial about calling it such.

The EQF has had its own website since 2007, but I intend to allow that account to close when the current funds run out. The EQF has now relocated within the account of Our Love Frontier…I intend to keep the EQF identity alive.

It was hoped that I could eventually find someone I trusted, to pass the EQF along to…when the time came, that I was no longer able to maintain it. I also envisioned a lot more people contributing diverse content to it. This is why I’d hoped, that a fellowship united in preserving the voices and creations of “our people”, would form under the EQF banner.

Today, I am a lot more war torn, fatigued and find trusting new people to be a lot harder…I think, few people share my vision. As such, it is hard to form a new alliance…Plus, I am prone to be “absent” for periods of time. All the same, I still hold out hope that motivated and energetic self starters with a vision for the future, might join in.

– Steve Diamond

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