Am I a Pedophile?

Am I a Pedophile?

First and foremost, I am no stereotype…Please keep sight of this point.

What I am, is a Pedosexual BoyLover…

“Pedo” means child…”Sexual” refers to sexual orientation…”Boy” means a male human child…and “Lover” is someone who loves…

Using the word “pedophile” [which translates literally, as Child Lover] strictly in the context of defining my sexual orientation, yes…this does describe me accurately…Sometimes, I even use the word myself, though this has generally only been in essays with a more provocative flare, intending to make a stark point.

I actually have a preference for pedosexual…because even though it is my firm opinion that we need to reclaim the word “pedophile” to it’s root meaning [which does not include or even insinuate, anything regarding abuse, violence or threat], I acknowledge that “pedosexual” is probably a bit more dignified, after the historical misuse of the word “pedophile”.

I may use the word “pedophile”, or even more clinical terms like “Minor Attracted Person” [MAP] or “Minor Attracted Adult” [MAA]…but my ideal is Pedosexual BoyLover…because it says every basic thing one needs to know.

I do consider myself to be homosexual, though I recognise that boys in my range of attraction are physically different in many ways from grown men. Homosexuality is not a question of equality in biological physics…but instead, it is a question of being attracted to others of ones own sex…Age and physical development, are not factors [despite the efforts of many gay/lesbian organisations, to argue contrary].

Sexually, I live by very high ethical standards…Ideologically, I will only be with those who will willingly accept me, and to the extent they allow me to love them. I cannot control others, nor do I desire too…and I understand this. I also understand, this world is very dangerous towards people like me, irregardless of my nature and behaviors. As a practical matter, I have lived a life of sexual celibacy, for nearly two decades.

My conscience is clear, as I have never been sexually aggressive with anyone, ever, under any circumstances…Yet in my past, as a boy myself…I have seen first hand, that gentle sexual contact can exist with and amongst children…or humans of any age, really…Humans are never detached from their sexuality…It is a societal myth, to believe otherwise.

I don’t expect anything to change for “me”…nor for most people like me, who are alive today…What I do hope, is to help bring an end to the vile hatred against people who have my sexual orientation [and against sexual minorities, in general], and to help mold a better future…so that as humans, people of all orientations can better understand each other…and get along in peace.

…I don’t want others, to have to endure the same bitter hardships imposed upon the lives of people like myself…nor the consequences of this repression, to continue damaging society.

I do believe, the life and sexuality of a Pedosexual is valid…that it can be validated…that it can be defended…and that it does enrich society for the better…if only allowed the chance.

You need not ever fear me…I don’t bite anyone…and I’m about as mild mannered a human being, as you are ever likely to encounter.

I dare say…the people who curse me, discriminate against me and treat me like sub-human garbage…those people have never seen me for the human being that I am, nor for how I live my life…They do not speak too me, nor of me…They are merely reacting to the preconceived perception they have of me, in their own minds…

Please do not judge me, based upon phantoms which you think you see…

When it comes to Pedosexuals…there is so much deception out there, that most people don’t even know what we are honestly like.

Thank you for your time, and all the best to you…
Steve Diamond