An Intentional Choice

An Intentional Choice

Just to be clear…

It is an intentional choice on my part, the manner in which I write…and produce other media.

If you are so obsessed with the negative, with propaganda and with hate spewing speech which regularly gets thrown at Child Lovers and Teen Lovers, that you cannot mentally deal with reading or hearing anything else…then simply go elsewhere…You can find an endless plethora of such content…The internet, and much of the rest of the media is truly a sack of filth, in this regard.

Long ago…and without apology…I decided that I was going to give Child Lovers, Child Loving, Teen Lovers, Child Sexuality and similar issues…a dignified and tasteful [even celebrated, at times] representation.

This is not for any intent, of dawning “rose colored glasses”…nor for “shock value”…

…Instead, it is because so few people have shown the integrity and intelligence…the simple humanity, even…of just discussing who and what we are, without all the malicious, dehumanizing propagandist garbage.

It is not a mere instance of “feeling like it is so”…but it is factually true, that we cannot get true representation of personal character, in most media and on most forums…What we get, is maliciously lied about…almost universally.

We are human beings…Child Lovers and Teen Lovers [and sexually active children and teens, too]…We have our faults, and like most people…we also mostly try to work our way through life, doing the best we can with what we have…and we try, to be as good as we can.

Sure…we have some screwballs…Sure, there have been a few, who I’d not recommend anybody cross paths with…But I am not going to dwell on the negatives…Not when what is so sorely neglected, is the genuine praise deserved by the Child Love and Teen Love community.

…I will sing the praises of this community…even if it happens to seem disproportionate, skewed…or even self biased.

If I don’t have a long enough track record by now, in frank discussion about a plethora of Child/Teen Love social issues [including the negative and very complicated ones] to suit your own tastes…Then I have to sincerely suggest, that you have paid little or no attention towards me, over the years.

My legacy has not been one of denying [or shying away from] socially complicated issues…In fact, I’ve utterly embraced them…The thing is…in more recent years, I’ve embraced positive expression even stronger.

If you have missed much of my older writing…I expect, that I will be reposting a good bit of it here…There is reasonable chance to expect, that you will eventually be able to read the more self reflective and even critical content, right here.

Make no mistake…One of the fundamental reasons why I write like I do, today…is because I’ve become sick to death, of encountering nothing but over the top hyperbole, negativity and noxious venom, wherever “pedophilia” comes up…There is barely even anything objective out there…

…Of all the discussion out there…almost entirely none of it is even real discussion, of the issue itself…of the people, themselves…This world is a desert, lacking in intelligent and educated discourse, on the issue of these forms of human sexuality.

…My goal, is to have one “oasis” of sorts.