Confirmation Bias?

Confirmation Bias?

Am I out here looking for things which only confirm my personal bias, and what I desire?

First, let me start off by stating from personal experience, and from what I have seen others go through…I know it to be both heinous and inhumane, to target and demonize people in this manner, aimed at an area so personal and normally private. We are targeted and attacked like this all of our lives, whether we ever come out or not…It has a real psychological impact, which is deeply injurious for many. It does make me angry, knowing what this puts individuals through…knowing what enormous things I have gone through, in my own life…and realizing how utterly senseless and counterproductive it was, having this vulgar cruelty thrust upon us.

This extreme, callous reaction to fears surrounding child safety, is implemented by a system and culture that is letting phobia, not honesty and truth, dictate policy.

I take very deep, very personal exception to this state of affairs…

…What is being claimed as “fact”, is extraordinary in nature…What is being visited upon people who are sexually different [or who fall foul of sex prohibition law], is extraordinary in it’s heinous, extreme, invasive and injurious nature…

…The justification for both facts and consequences of this nature, must itself be extraordinary and impeccable. We cannot allow the people who are making these decisions and statements, to do so on an erroneous premise. We must never accept any sort of “business as usual” attitude, from the people involved in these issues. We must never allow them to ignore true facts and reality, just because “that’s the way things are”. We must continue to demand transparency, even handedness and accountability. We must continue to demand, that respect and dignity be given to all who are involved…including, and especially, the accused [their fate is in the balance, and accusations are so frequently false].

Justice is a principle which is supposed to go hand in hand with truth…It is not something, to be used as a weapon against minorities. All facts, and all truth, is vital in justice…All of it must be respected and given concrete standing…otherwise, there never will be justice.

Second…this is a deeply personal fight, yes. There is a tremendous amount of emotion and drive, behind everything I have done and built, in association to these issues. I approach this, as someone who has been stripped of so incredibly much in life, and who has been put through so much psychological and emotional hell…fighting to reclaim and defend my own human dignity, and right to be alive…to be embraced by others, even. It makes no sense to me, that people like myself are targeted unwittingly, and unwillingly held at the center of this massive social uproar.

…It makes me angry, outraged and galvanized…that so many people believe they have a personal right…to treat my life and existence in that way, at their own whim…as if I “deserve” being left adrift, and powerless to change what is going on.

People Are Ignorant:

Fear of pedosexuals [“pedophiles”] is based out of ignorance, and a lack of realized exposure to these types of people.

One of the primary problems here, is suppression of information in a hive minded culture…Another problem, is deeply ingrained social conditioning…Still another, is the resulting social segregation.


…I am not out here, searching for everything that conceivably justifies my existence, nor that “proves” me correct in my world view…

…I am out here searching for things, which are being socially ignored and even suppressed. The world I want to live in, is a just one…and we cannot have that, if we only cherry pick what people, information and things we are going to respect and value.

…This world should not be allowed to forget, all the many people, facts and truths, which it is ignoring…Not when so incredibly much flows from this.

I don’t have a whole lot of personal drive, to air my private laundry in front of the world…I don’t walk around all day talking about, and thinking about, matters associated with sex…And I have not written about it so [relatively] much over the years, for any sexual gratification…I consider my sexual practices and associations a private matter, every bit as much as most people do.

I have been willing to cut myself deeper, and expose myself to the world…because I have come to understand, that an extraordinary social problem like this one, demands an extraordinary personal sacrifice…from all who care about the restoration of balance and justice.

…I also understand, just why this extraordinary social problem needs to end…why this sacrifice is justified.

I keep coming back to certain issues, including ones of taboo sex and demonized minorities…because I am carrying a torch, to perpetually spread light on things which deserve a fair, respectful and just treatment in this world…which they typically are not receiving.

…I share unconventional things, sometimes even of a subversive nature…to make it clear, that some wider understanding of people like us, does exist out there…that we are not alone…that we are not crazy, or unjustified…or without value and dignity…that we do naturally belong in this world, like anyone else.

That is why I have a stronger emphasis on the positive, dignified and constructive, when it comes to discussing issues of taboo sex and demonized minorities…This is what virtually everybody else, is refusing to acknowledge in their own words and actions…I refuse to join them, in this extraordinary social injustice. In fact, I think I am more obliged to emphasize as I do…to infuse more balance and justice, into these social issues…because things are just so horribly out of balance, and divorced from truth.

At the same time…I’ve always acknowledged that people like us sometimes do bad things…that life is complicated, and real concerns and dangers do exist in this world, including as relates to sexuality…

…If you are looking for that…you will find an entirely saturated world of it, unjustly dragging people like us through the mud, without mercy or care for what is true or just…Just open your eyes and ears…It is all around you…You cannot escape it, nor mistake it.

This culture of sex phobia, which is most intensely focused on “pedophiles” and early life sexuality…it cares only for perpetuation of itself, no matter the consequences. It does not care, for the fate of the many [including children and youth] which it destroys in the process of perpetuating itself.

…Unapologetically…I refuse to play any role in supporting this culture of sex phobia, which has delivered a gut wrenching, incalculable legacy of injury, death and devastation.

Instead, I will pursue meaningful alternatives…which seek to allow as many people as humanly possible, to achieve a positive, winning outcome in their lives…And I refuse to exclude children, youth and pedosexuals from this pursuit.

Wherever we begin from a place of exclusion…we have lost the battle, already…

…There is no peace to be had, when no place for peace is allowed…And when people are continually excluded and attacked, actual problems involving them can never be solved.

I may be biased, because of my life experiences…but I am also honest…and I am real.

Like most people…I want the world to acknowledge people like me with accuracy, and according to who we honestly are.

This is why I emphasize those things, which are usually missing in the words and actions of others out there.