Do I believe that I have a right to sex with children?

Do I believe that I have a right to sex with children?

First, let me start by stating two of my fundamental principles…that being, that every human being, man, woman, boy or girl, should have absolute right to their own bodily integrity…Nobody has a right to another’s body, which that other refuses to grant.

Second…we do not own each other…we merely abide in the company of each other…All natural interactions and exchanges, must be of a mutual acceptance.

Now, to the original question…

…I believe, there is no human alive who has a “right” to sex…Nobody has a right to demand sex, nor to live with absolute expectation of having sex.

What I do believe all humans have a right too…is the ability to outwardly identify themselves and their sexuality, including while in the company of those who they are attracted towards.

It should never be a crime, nor stigmatized…the mere act of telling somebody, that you like them in a certain way.

Open discussion, explaining yourself and what you like to do…should be looked upon as a simple act of informing, and sharing something about ones self.

I think it is the right of anybody, to float the idea amongst others who they are interested in…that they are interested in them…and to make it known that they represent an open opportunity, should someone else be likewise interested.

I believe, there should not be laws prohibiting the offering of such social invitations…and that there should not be laws, prohibiting the acceptance and realization of such invitations.

It is a private matter amongst those who mutually choose to engage in these relations, not a political one…

How will we go from where we are at today, to the world in which this is possible?….

I cannot give anyone a perfect road map…and I will not offer up a list of demands, or detailed ideas…

Firstly, I cannot dictate how things will be…This is something, which will take a very wide range of people coming together, from all demographics…

…Secondly, I know that if I authored or spoke what I thought would be ideal or preferential, there is currently no end of people willing to nit pick and relentlessly object…No point would ever be good enough, especially if they are only acting as an obstructionist, and they refused to give sincere respect where it is due.

So, I’m not even going to fall into this trap…I’ll just acknowledge, that when groups who are at odds finally decide that they are going to get along and live in peace…they naturally find a way to interact, and iron out their differences…

…And Yes, we can do this, if enough people put their minds and efforts to this end goal

That may seem like a cheap answer…but it is an honest answer, because I don’t see into the future…and I know that however this conflict gets resolved…it wont be in my hands [nor that of those, who’ve deemed themselves my enemies]…and it will be from the cumulative efforts of many, many people…including children, teens, parents, Child-Lovers, Teen-Lovers, people who hold personal and social power, people who don’t…and people of every orientation.

There must be a world and environment, where this type of love can exist and thrive…Otherwise, there will always be this mindless, cruel conflict…and an endless trail of injured lives…In order to move past this…we must all work together, and put our petty differences aside…We must come to understand and respect each other…We must care about each other…We must care about the needs and concerns, of all involved.

If given a real chance…we will find a way, together.

– Steve Diamond