OLF – EQF Disclaimer

The Big Disclaimer

If you disagree with any of the following, then you are explicitly forbidden from using any EQF resource, including “Our Love Frontier”. I do not wish to associate with people, who do not understand the following. – Steve Diamond

Some issues discussed here, are of a controversial and taboo nature.

By using [reading, viewing, listening to and posting on] these resources, you agree that at no point in time have you been encouraged or assisted, in the commission of an illegal act of any type.

You assert personal understanding, and agree, that neither Steve Diamond nor the EQ. Foundation, nor any of it’s subsidiaries, are engaged in any illegal activity.

You assert personal understanding, and agree, that the scope of the EQ. Foundations mission, and that of all of it’s subsidiaries, does not include encouragement of criminal activity, nor assistance in the commission of criminal activity.

By accessing this website [blog, etc.], you agree that you have accessed this content solely of your own will and determination, and that you wish to have access to the content on this website [blog, etc.].

You further agree, that you possess the psychological ability of self determination…and that you are exercising this ability, by remaining on this website [blog, etc.]…

In addition, you agree that you have the ability to distinguish between discussion of controversial issues [along with expression of personal opinion], and an active campaign to cause criminal activity. You agree the actions of Steve Diamond and the EQ. Foundation [and all of it’s subsidiaries], are of the former and not the latter.

If you lack the ability to distinguish between criminal activity, and the discussion of acts which may be illegal in some places…It is highly advised that you leave this website [blog, etc.].

These resources are not intended for those unwilling, or unprepared, to discuss controversial or taboo issues, with a high level of integrity and a cool head.