Our Symbols and FBI/Media Propaganda

Our Symbols and FBI/Media Propaganda

01) The Actual Bulletin [Use of TOR to access this, is advised]

02) WikiLeaks: FBI pedophile symbols

03) Locally hosted copy of PDF file

In 2007 the FBI made a big to do, over several child love and teen love community symbols…They did this by releasing the buffoonery, of an “intelligence bulletin”…so serious…so spooky…featuring our various community symbols…as if they were some sort of secret, which the FBI was exposing.

In reality…because we’ve been using these symbols out in the open, even having websites explaining their meaning, for many, many years…I cannot name anyone in the BoyLove or Girl-Love community, who did not see this as an incredulous stunt…explicitly intended to shock people.

What the FBI did, was nothing more than a smear…and a pot shot.

If they wanted people to know about our community symbols…then they could have directed people right to us…It’s not as though they didn’t know where we were. But, no…They put out this slanted piece of propaganda, instead. We cannot expect honesty from shysters and fanatics, after all.

What follows…are a few observations I’ve made about this PDF, and the WikiLeaks version [which you’ll have to download from WikiLeaks, if you want to see it]…This page serves as a response from the EQF, regarding this matter.

One apparent indescrepency…


“Pedophiles who sexually abuse children as well as those who produce, distribute, and trade child pornography, are using various types of identification logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences.”



“Pedophiles, to include those who sexually abuse children as well as those who produce, distribute, and trade child pornography, are useing various types of identification logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences. […]”

The difference may seem subtle, but this piece of FBI propaganda does not go quite so far as the Wikileaks writer, in warping the facts.

It is true that the FBI has phrased this in such a way, that it is likely to make readers presume a certain mental conclusion…That conclusion being, that the people using these symbols are “child abusers” and/or actively involved in “child pornography”. At the same time, the FBI gives itself a legal “out”, by using the phrase “[…], to include those who […]”, when discussing the use of our community symbols.

I submit that the FBI is behaving in an unethical and dirty manner, by being misleading and failing to clarify the fundamental meanings behind our community logos.

…They still are not quite as bad as Wikileaks, which blatantly summarizes this in such a way, as to make the reader presume that our community logos are some type of veiled advertisement for trading “child pornography”, or an admission that “some child is being abused”.

Both the FBI and Wikileaks fail to distinguish that these logos are community symbols [to establish an identity and express unity in our social struggle], from the fact that some individuals using our community logos have also gotten caught up into legal trouble.

…But the point is, our community logos are not advertisement for [or invitation to] criminal activity.

The very point that nobody even thinks to clarify that some of us have been using one or more of these logos well in excess of a decade, without engaging in criminal activity…that is just a disgrace, and a “below the belt” attack.

…The CLogo, the BLogo, the GLogo and the LBLogo…

Very simply…these symbols exist to create a community identity, and to express certain attractions and ideals. Many of us also consider these logos, to be symbols of social and political dissent.

Aside from what some outsiders are claiming about these logos…I have yet in all of my years, to encounter anything which claims these logos even make any reference to pornography, or to criminal activity. It has been my experience, that at their natural roots…these symbols represent no position at all, where it comes to “child pornography” or questions of “whether one should engage in sexual activities”.

…On the contrary…These logos are “umbrella” identities, under which a very wide range of people, behaviors and ideas exist.

Just because you may encounter one of these logos, does not mean that anybody is engaged in criminal activity.

I believe the FBI and Wikileaks, are libeling people who use these logos.