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Last Update: Thursday, April 27th, 2017

The following collection of links is provided as a resource to those wishing to further their education and understanding on the subject matter of child love, and related issues. All linked sites are previewed by the EQF, prior to posting.

While we make no guarantee as to the nature and quality of every single web site posted here, the EQF has striven foremost to collect and make available, links of the highest quality, focusing mostly on scholarly content.

The sites linked here do not contain any illegal content, by the standards of any sane country. Still, one should use their own discretion when visiting politically controversial web sites.

Please understand that the EQF does not own the sites linked below, nor does it have any power over the content displayed there. The EQF is not responsible for the content on these web sites.

In the interest of open dialogue and fairness, the scope of this page has broadened to include a wider, more diverse range of viewpoints.

If you would like to submit a link, or discuss anything regarding the sites linked here, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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Scholarly Resources:

Description: A great archive, with much writing relevant to intergenerational love.

Growing Up Sexually
Description: A world atlas and encyclopedia of cross-cultural practices in the sexual enculturation of children – The project ‘Growing Up Sexually’ (January-September 2002) originally was borne out of a literature review financially supported by the Dutch Dr. Mr. Edward Brongersma Foundation, Amsterdam1. It comprises of a two-volume, bimodal overview of cross-cultural material relevant for the study of preadult sexual behaviour curricula and trajectories.

Description: “…a forum for people who are engaged in scholarly discussion about the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults.”

Archive for Sexology
Description: The world’s largest web site on human sexuality

Description: Male Homosexual Attraction to Minors Information Center.

The Origins of Peace and Violence
Description: “Deprivation of Physical Affection as a Main Cause of Depression, Aggression and Drug Abuse.”

Williamapercy.com Wiki
Description: “Thousands of pages – from erudite to scandalous – debunking received ideas about homosexuality, the American South, history, classics, and religions – emphasizing writers who have been censored and condemned.”

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Activists and Activist Groups:

Ethical Treatment for All Youth
Description: Advocating for the humane and just treatment of children and teenagers accused of violating sex laws.

North American Man/Boy Love Association
Description: “…goal is to end the oppression of men and boys who have freely chosen, mutually consensual relationships.”

Description: “The most comprehensive site about sexuality.”

Description: “…defends the civil and human rights of young people in the United States through educating people about youth rights, working with public officials and empowering young people to work on their own behalf.”

Description: “A rational examination of boylove.”

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Blogs, Websites and Publications:

In the spirit of openness, I [Steve Diamond] have opted to begin including links here, to the resources of others who may hold different [maybe even opposed] opinions and views from my own. While I will avoid blatantly self loathing “pedophiles”…I think it is unfair, to treat people with differing viewpoints [ie: anti-contact folks] as though their words are bankrupt of relevance. They have their own path to travel…and not all of them have arrived on the road which I [or you] have. We need to employ patience, understanding, empathy and openness.

Anna Raccoon

Be yourself unless
Description: thoughts of a minor attracted female living in 201X

Description: on writing photography life

Description: “BoyWiki is a place where boylovers can work together to record our history and our culture.”

Boylove News
Description: boys related news

Celibate Pedophiles
Description: The blog of Ethan Edwards

Description: This site hosts articles, essays and other material concerning the philosophy, culture and activities of the global movement to establish liberty, justice, tolerance, social equality and personal responsibility for all non-aggressors, regardless of age.

CLover News
Description: News from the edge

Consenting Adults Humans: rolling truth up the mountain
Description: The Blog of leonard sisyphus mann

CP Explosion
Description: Exploding the lies, myths, doublespeak, and shoddy journalism surrounding child pornography. Advocating for the establishment of a legal, safe, regulated market for child pornography.

Critical Estoppel
Description: “Law, Criminology, Mental Health and Sexuality.”

Defending the pedoerotic
Description: The blog of I*Love*Green*Olives

Echo of Freedom
Description: Podcast of VolodyA! V Anarhist – While not a self identified BoyLover or Girl-Lover himself, VolodyA! has repeatedly expressed support for our communities. His podcast is interesting. It is mostly brief personal expressions, and sharing of information and opinion.

Description: “Non-offending pedophile. Sexually attracted to prepubescent boys. I never have, and never will, touch a child sexually.”

Ethos Magazine
Description: Online BoyLove Magazine


Description: Girl-Love Garden

Famous British Pedophiles

Scientists on Pedophilia, Child Love and Child Sexuality

Heretic TOC
Description: The excellent blog of Tom O’Carroll

Description: Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men’s Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights

Inquisition 21st century
Description: “Resisting the absolutism of our times.”


Just-Well’s Gallery of Persons [Dutch]

Incest, Child Sexuality Ect.

Main Page [Dutch]

Life of a Pedophile
Description: “This blog will be posts relating to my life as an unabashed, self-accepting, and little girl loving pedophile.”

Marthijn Uittenbogaard [Dutch]

Modern BoyLover Magazine
Description: A magazine for boylovers.


Newgon Home Page
Description: Newgon is primarily a wiki, which hosts a collection of activist and informational resources for the acceptance of intergenerational and youthful love.

Newgon Wiki

Uncommon Sense (Newgon.net)
Description: “A community of activists and bloggers, working for the greater social acceptance of intergenerational and youthful love.”

Debate Guide (Newgon.net)
Description: “A growing list of arguments and counter arguments for the sexual emancipation of minors and minor attracted adults.”

Niklas and Friends
Description: A very cute, well done comic book series. It has been popular with many BoyLovers, for years.

Not a Monster
Description: The Blog of Todd Nickerson…Pedophile with a Conscience

Paraphilia Research
Description: The owner of this blog shares and assesses research on paraphilia

Pedophiles about pedophilia
Description: Articles about pedophiles and pedophilia written by pedophiles

Pedofilie | Pedophilia – EnglishNederlands
Description: Opinions by an everyday pedophile

Pensamentos de um Folle (Brazilian)
Description: The blog of Lucas Pazzo Folle

Puerile Psyche
Description: fighting ageism | promoting youth empowerment – “because adultism is puerile.”

Shadow Project
Description: “Under the title Step out of the Shadows we want to start an art project made of contributions of many pedophiles from different countries.”

Šimon Falko
Description: The blog of Šimon Falko

Description: Welcome to the World of Radical & Progressive Paganism, Emergent Spirituality, and the Next Millenium

Description: Enabling the rights, legal entitlements and safety of all, regardless of history

Viamund the Rake
Description: The blog of Viamund the Rake – Canadian BoyLover, author and activist

Virtuous Pedophiles
Description: “…The goals of our organization are to reduce the stigma attached to pedophilia by letting people know that a substantial number of pedophiles do not molest children, and to provide peer support and information about available resources to help pedophiles lead happy, productive lives.”

You Are Your Story: The Every Farthing website
Description: New Stories For Minor Attracted Adults


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Books Free Online:

Several of these are part of the IPCE: Books Reborn project.

Boys on Their Contacts With Men: A Study of sexually Expressed Friendships
– Theo Sandfort (1987)

Censoring Sex Research [preview]

Crime Without Victims

Infant and Child Sexuality: A Sociological Perspective
– Floyd M Martinson (1973)

Loving Boys: Vol. 1 [20 MB PDF]
– Edward Brongersma (1986)

Loving Boys: Vol. 2 [33 MB PDF]
– Edward Brongersma (1986)

Male Intergenerational Intimacy: Historical, Socio-psychological, and Legal Perspectives [preview]
E-Book Version

Negotiating Stigma: Approaches to Intergenerational Sex PDF Link
– Terry Leahy

Paedophiles and Sexual Offences against Children
– Dennis Howitt (1995)

PAEDOPHILIA: A factual report
– Dr. Frits Bernard (1985)

Paedophilia: The Radical Case
– Tom O’Carroll (1980)

Pedophilia Unbound: Theory, Research, Practice

Positive Memories
– T. Rivas, 2013

– John Robin Sharpe (2001)

Sex Without Shame: Encouraging the child’s healthy sexual development
– Alayne Yates M.D. (1978)

The Care of Infants and Young Children
– Floyd M Martinson (1999)

The Child-Lovers
– Glenn D. Wilson & David N. Cox (1983)

The man they called a monster;
Sexual experiences between men and boys

– Paul Wilson (1981)

The Quality of Adolescent Sexual Experiences
– Floyd M Martinson (1974)


Archive for Sexology
– Erwin J. Haeberle, Ph.D., Ed.D.

The Sex Atlas – Title Page

The Development of Sexual Behavior

The Sexually Oppressed

Children And Adolescents [Sexual Activity in Adolescents]

The Sexual Life of Children
– Floyd M. Martinson (1994) – a professor of sociology at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota and member of the Editorial Advisory Board of The Journal of Sex Research.

The Sexual Life of the Child
– Albert Moll (1909)

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Books Available For Purchase:

Censoring Sex Research: The Debate over Male Intergenerational Relations

Made in the USA: Memoir of a Sex Offender

The Sexual Life of Children
– Floyd M Martinson (1994)

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Chat Boards and Support Groups:


Boy Moment

Description: Boys On Your Screen – Discussion of boys in entertainment

Christian BoyLove Forum
Description: A Christian BoyLove Forum


Free Spirits Emergency Alert System
Description: Updates on the status of FreeSpirits services. If something is down, check here.

BoyChatBoyChat’s Alternative URL
Description: “…a boylover bulletin board bbs for boy lovers who need a boy love forum for chat and discussion.”

BoyChat via TOR2WEB
Description: TOR2WEB is a proxy interface, that fetches content with TOR addresses and makes it available on the normal web. Be aware, there is no anonymity provided by this proxy.

BoyChat’s Tor URL:
Description: Copy and paste into the Tor Browser

— If BoyChat goes down due to a denial of service attack, here is how to access BoyChat via TOR.
Description: A brief post [from the “outage” of 2016] explaining how to get TOR and access BoyChat.

Description: This is a forum for people to share their original poems and fictional stories relating to love of boys

El Castillo Azul
Description: Spanish boylove forum

La Garçonnière
Description: French boylove forum

Description: Dutch boylove forum

Description: German boylove forum

Description: [French] … discussion between pedophiles and non-pedophiles

Description: “…a forum for mutual support of males and females, young and old, who are attracted to girls.”

Girl Love Garden
Description: The Girllove Garden’s community.

Description: “JON is a Dutch local support group for people that have the ability to fall in love with children.”

Description: “…a real-time support chat for people who are attracted to children.”


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Link Resources:


GirlChat Links

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Media Productions:


Note: Sometimes these types of service work better with one web browser, than with another…If you’re having trouble with these websites, try another web browser…Google Chrome works good.

Weird Digital Radio
Description: “Weird Radio plays a wide variety of music…Everyday there is at least one live interactive show. We also have interviews with famous authors discussing issues facing each of us.”


A Decent Life: The Dissenting Narrative of Tom O’Carroll
Description: A movie about Tom O’Carroll.

Vile Pervert: The Musical
Description: Explicit nudity occurs briefly.

Vile Pervert: The Sequel
Description: The sequel to Vile Pervert.


Cart O’Graph
Description: “On this channel, I provide information and make rational arguments on the topic of Minor Attraction and Child Sexuality. I also speak with people who are Kind, to show that we are human beings. If possible, I will also engage non MAPs in discussions or debates. This is an informative channel, but I do hope to entertain as well.”

The Juice Box
Description: A podcast by MAPs


Antipedophobe Aktion
Description: “Against the Discrimination of pedophile, lift hydrophilic, ephebophile, gay, bisexual, intersex, zoophilic and transsexuals! For free love, children emancipation and a more tolerant world! Smash capitalism, homophobia and pedophobia! Refugees welcome! No one is illegal! Anarchy for the win!”

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Note: Inclusion of any individual or organization here, does not constitute absolute endorsement of their findings, messages or goals. I include them, because they have established a history of researching “pedophilia” [and/or ephebophilia]. They may be sympathetic to pedosexuals, or not. There may be reluctance in accepting their methodology and/or findings, or not. Some inclusions may be controversial.

I am looking to expand this section, and would greatly appreciate others sharing any relevant websites, to consider for inclusion here. Please help me flesh this section out, with quality links. Thank you!

Dr. Bruce Rind:

Dr. Bruce Rinds work was important, for a number of reasons. One such reason, is that it exposed censorship in this field of research. I believe Dr. Rind is no longer, or rarely, active in this field today.

The RBT Files
Description: Great archive concerning the Rind, Bauserman and Tromovitch research, and all the arguing that followed

MHAMic: Everything you wanted to know about The Rind Controversy
Description: “The Rind Controversy” explained

Wikipedia: Rind et al. controversy
Description: A Wikipedia born assessment of “The Rind Controversy”

Wikipedia: Bruce Rind
Description: The Wikipedia page on Bruce Rind

David L. Riegel:

The SafeHaven Foundation
Description: Project of published author and researcher, David L. Riegel.

Hollida Wakefield, Ralph Underwager – IPT-Forensics.Com:

“The Institute for Psychological Therapies is a private practice of clinical psychology. IPT’s primary work is related to allegations of child sexual abuse, but also deals with cases of sexual harassment, claims of recovered memories of childhood abuse, accusations of rape, allegations of improper sexual contact by professionals, forced and coerced confessions, false confessions, personal injury claims, mitigating factors in sentencing, custody, and medical and psychological malpractice.”

IPT-Forensics Home Page
Description: The Institute for Psychological Therapies

IPT-Forensics Publications
Description: The Institute for Psychological Therapies Publications

Issues In Child Abuse Accusations Journal
Description: a multidisciplinary journal presenting scholarship from disciplines such as law, law enforcement, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, social work, medicine, history, and theology. Its goal is to advance our care for children through pointing to the mistakes of the rush to solve the problem of child abuse, sharing demonstrated facts about the reality of abuse, and discussing new ways for professionals to respond to accusations, victims, perpetrators and those accused.

Dr. James M. Cantor:

Description: The website of Dr. James M. Cantor

University of Toronto – Dr. James M. Cantor
Description: University of Toronto – Dr. James M. Cantor

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Important Articles:

Boylovers and Their Influence on Boys: Distorted Research and Anecdotal Observations
– Edward Brongersma

Description: “The discussion that follows consists mostly of statements of obvious fact and generalized knowledge of a non technical nature, leading to rational, although admittedly simplistic, conclusions.”

Do pedophiles deserve sympathy?
Description: CNN Opinion piece, by Dr. James Cantor (June 21, 2012)

EPA-0284 – Pedophiles and (or) child molesters [Abstract – Subscription required to access full article]
Description: “Only a small part (16.2 %) of sexual offenders against children meet the criteria (DSM-IV-TR) for pedophilia.”

Free speech means the right to obscene speech, too
Description: There’s a big difference between strongly disagreeing with somebody’s opinion and insisting that they are banned from expressing it.

Description: THE IDEA that sexuality is nothing more than one drive, which ensures reproduction, is still widespread, even though anyone who holds an unbiased view realizes that people of all ages respond sexually, and that only a tiny fraction of all sexual conduct is directed towards procreation.

The one who merely opens his eyes and looks, does not recognize reality; he only gets his own preconceptions confirmed. Everyone finds only what he seeks, and seeks what he already knows. The question of what sex is in fact, must be preceded by an explanation as to why we are really so keen to equate sexuality with reproduction, and to deny that children and old people also need sexual gratification.

How Children Learn About Sex: A Cross-Species and Cross-Cultural Analysis [PDF]
Description: Scattered and not widely disseminated evidence from primatology, anthropology, and history of childhood sexuality support the hypothesis that throughout much of human behavioral evolution that human children have learned about sex through observing parental sexuality and then imitating it in sexual rehearsal play with peers. Contemporary theories of psychosexual development have not considered the possibility that young children are predisposed to learn about sex through observational learning and sexual rehearsal play during early childhood, a primate-wide trait that is conserved in humans but suppressed in contemporary contexts.

IPT-Forensics Articles:

Antisexuality and Child Sexual Abuse [also hosted here]

Child Sexual Abuse: The Sources of Anxiety Making and the Negative Effects
Description: Christian moral belief about child sexuality and feminist theory and practice are considered as the primary causes for the anxiety about, and exaggeration of, child sexual abuse.

Issues In Child Abuse Accusations

Problems of Research into Adult/Child Sexual Interaction
– Vern L. Bullough and Bonnie Bullough

The Recovered Memory Movement: A Female Perspective
– Paula M. Tyroler
Description: Expose on “recovered memory therapy”

[Newgon Wiki] Research: Child Pornography
Description: A summary on child pornography research

On Boys and Boylovers
– Jarod Benjamin (1997)

Description: A Study of Sexually Expressed Relationships [PDF].

Pioneer Researcher in Childhood Sexuality
– Floyd M. Martinson (1997)

The male adolescent involved with a pederast becomes an adult
– Ralph H. Tindall, Journal of Homosexuality, (1978)

The Pattern of Sexual Politics: Feminism, Homosexuality and Pedophilia
– Harris Mirkin, J.Homosex, (1999)

The Psychological Measurement of Childhood Sexual Development in Western Societies: Methodological Challenges [Abstract – Subscription required to access]
Description: Children can display sexual behavior or have sexual experiences. Different psychological research methods are available for studying these kinds of behaviors and feelings, such as interviewing or observing children (direct methods), asking adolescents or adults to retrospectively report their childhood memories or using intermediaries to observe children (indirect methods). Each of these methods has its own advantages and limitations. Based on a review of the literature, this work answers three questions: (a) What research methods are generally used to study childhood sexual development? (b) What insight do these methods give into the sexual behaviors or feelings of children? and (c) What are the advantages and limitations of each of these research methods in this research domain? Almost all studies on childhood sexual behavior and feelings use either observational or retrospective methods. In both types of studies, only behavior that is considered to be sexual from an adult perspective is reported. To gain insight into the child’s perspective, one has to rely on methods other than observations or retrospective research, such as interviews with children that match their developmental limitations and competencies.

The Trade in Child Pornography
Description: Article by Jan Schuijer and Benjamin Rossen

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Other Resources:

Age Taboo
Description: “A friendly resource for a group of gay youth who usually get only unhelpful attention.”

Description: “Our goal is unique and unprecedented: to make effective and compassionate mental health care available to individuals who self-identify as minor-attracted and who are seeking assistance in dealing with issues in their lives that are challenging to them. We want to give them hope for productive and fulfilling lives.”

Chilling Effects
Description: Chilling Effects aims to help you understand the protections that the First Amendment and intellectual property laws give to your online activities

EFF: Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Description: EFF Home Page

EFF: Blogger’s Rights
Description: Information on blogger’s rights

EFF: How to Blog Safely
Description: Blogging safely

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Blue Ribbon Campaign
Description: “Help Us Protect Free Speech Online!”

Handbook for Bloggers [PDF]
Description: Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber Dissidents

So Clear Media Productions
Description: “Our purpose is to create a society that is free from sexual abuse of any kind.”

Description: Sex Offender Support & Education Network.

Straight Talk for Boys about Sex with Males
Description: The name says it all

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Social Needs and Mental Health Resources:

Please visit the Social Needs Resources Page, where these links have been consolidated.

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Please visit the EQF Tools Page, where these links have been consolidated.

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Reliable Online Services:

Free Speech Hosting
Description: Article: Best Web Hosts for Controversial Sites (2013)

Nearly Free Speech
Description: “The original home of only pay for what you use hosting.”

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