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I’ve stopped updating this page. There will be no further updates of Our Love Frontier Links Page, unless I open new resources elsewhere and link them in the “My Other Websites and Blogs:” section. I may scale this page down, and use it just as a guide to my other resources…and maybe as a site map. I recommend visiting the EQF Community Links page. Most of what you will find here, is also there. – Steve Diamond [April 08, 2016]

Note: I placed an “*” next to web page links which might not be working anymore.
In some cases, this may be a problem with the host and the page might return later.

My Other Websites and Blogs:

Steve Diamond on YouTube

Steve Diamond’s Amazon.com Reviews (RSS)

EQF on Twitter

EQF on BlogCatalogue

The Link List…
Other Sites Worth Your Attention:

Boylove News

BoyMoment.com Note: These boards require a registration, to read and interact.

CLover News

CP Explosion

Critical Estoppel Blog

Defending the pedoerotic

Echo of Freedom

Free Spirits – BoyChat

Free Spirits – BoyChat [for if the domain is down]

Free Spirits – BoyLinks


Heretic TOC

Inquisition 21st century


Newgon – Uncommon Sense

Newgon Wiki

Niklas and Friends

Puerile Psyche

Viamund the Rake

You Are Your Story: The Every Farthing website

YoungCity Note: These boards require a registration, to read and interact.


Growing Up Sexually


Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology


[Newgon Wiki] Research: Child Pornography

The SafeHaven Foundation

The Origins of Peace and Violence


Please visit the Books Free Online and Books Available For Purchase sections of the EQF Community Links page, where these links have been consolidated.

Useful Resources:


Chilling Effects

EFF: Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFF: Blogger’s Rights

EFF: How to Blog Safely

EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers

EFF: The Blue Ribbon Campaign

Free Speech Hosting

Handbook for Bloggers [PDF]

Software Tools:

Please visit the EQF Tools Page, where these links have been consolidated.

*** Links Via Disclaimer ***

Summary – Any link which is noted to be “Linked Via Disclaimer”, is done so to signify that, although I do consider some content on that site to be worth seeing, either I do not know the person/intent behind that site, or I know that the owner of said site, is hostile and aggressive towards Child Lovers and Teen Lovers. I will rarely, if never, post links to the latter, as I consider actively hostile people to be a potential security risk.

It is not an indictment of all sites, to list them this way. I make no implications. I am just not familiar enough with some of them, to personally vouch for them.

If I do link to sites of actively hostile, aggressive people, this point will be clearly noted, next to the relevant link.



*** Links Via Proxy ***

Why are these linked via proxy?


Absolute Zero Unites – A very well run expo blog, which keeps track of terrorist hate groups like “Perverted Justice” “Absolute Zero United”, and various others [including a number of very nasty individuals].

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