The “Pedophile” Facet

The “Pedophile” Facet

Several of the pages on this blog, explicitly deal with the “pedophile” facet…I’ve decided to create a number of such pages, to briefly lay ground work which addresses certain more immediate concerns, and questions…They exist for the uninitiated…those who do not know me.

As stated elsewhere…I’ve discovered over the years, that certain themes keep coming up, and some people obsessively latch onto them…For example…

A number of times in the past…I’ve been accused of having anal sex, with small boys…

…In reality, I’ve never had anal sex in my entire life, with anyone at all…It is quite literally, not something that I want.

Nobody of sound mind, who holds any familiarity with me, would suggest that I support or promote an adult attempting anal sex on a child [I do not]…Yet, this malicious lie has been made against me, a number of times.

Likely the primary problem here, is that many such people do not take the time to read, view and listen to my content…when my content is largely created, with the idea of being consumed over time…as a larger project, giving a broad picture and perspective.

…So, I put up these sorts of pages to address people like that.

I don’t want this blog to be centered all around “pedophilia”…Yet, I am a pedosexual Child Lover…So relevant and meaningful resources dealing with this, will be linked too…and I will sometimes explicitly discuss life as a pedosexual Child Lover…When it comes right down to it, I cannot realistically separate these issues from the rest of what I do in a project like this one.