What is your fundamental stance?

What is your fundamental stance?

What is your fundamental stance?…What issue are you fighting for?

Child-Lovers, Teen-Lovers and young people, no matter how disenfranchised they may be, should engage the world around them. We should all be willing, and open, towards honest dialogue. We who are marginalized and often demonized, need to seize our own voices…and forge our own identities in this world.

That is it…encouraging others who are in positions like mine, to start talking about the realities of their lives.

…Everything else I do here, is either exploring different issues where sometimes I have no solid answers to offer…or I am offering a personal opinion over something…or I am just being creative…or discussing my own past, or current, life.

I am doing, what I would like to see others in my circumstances doing…offering myself up, as a complex, fully fleshed out human being…surviving under harsh circumstances…reacting to the world around me…trying to offer some sense, in it all.

In summary…Child-Lovers, Teen-Lovers, Children and Teenagers need to speak for themselves, not be represented by stereotypes or be talked over by aggressors.