Why Do You Speak Favorably About It?

Why Do You Speak Favorably About Your Childhood Sexual Experiences?

As far back as I remember…they’ve been trying to define people like us, by only the most depraved and inhuman of potentials…I’ve often thought, if only they could see with their own eyes, hear with their own ears…or even experience the same sensations and sensual allures, as I have…then they would understand…then they would have to understand…

I think, so many people experience a lack of vision when it comes to human sexuality…and worse still, a lack of empathy for the sexuality of young people, as well as any number of sexual minorities…They don’t understand the deep value, which people different from themselves realize…when allowed to just be themselves, sexually…When allowed to embrace and love who they are, sexually.

Not everybody is hindered in this way…Many of us had good, sexual experiences as children…We loved those experiences…If possible, we would go back and relive them…Because of this, we embrace our childhood [and adolescent] sexuality…It is only natural.

In a sense, we have our own language and understanding…For many of us, we speak without shame or apology over our sexuality as kids…and as children…because when we think back upon those experiences, we understand that what we had was not the ugly things, which other people claim them to have been.

Our real experiences transcend, the hateful things which some people say about them…and people cannot steal this from us…We cannot be stripped of it.

– Steve Diamond