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FWF Roster:


Gary Flopper: His cousin Harry might not be gay…but Gary is down right flaming! Graduate of Dogsnorts school of jizzcraft and jizzery, Gary enthusiastically came to the FWF to work his magic in the ring!

Sir Dan Salot: AKA Sir Dance-A-Lot, Dan spent his life auditioning to be a dancer on Solid Gold and Soul Train…He never got hired. Today, Dan dances for the FWF fans!…and wrestles, too!

Link: Don’t ask me how a well known industry icon happened to escape from Nintendo consoles…This is simply beyond comprehension.

Honeythorn Gump: After helping to defeat Darkness, Honeythorn fell through a worm hole…and ended up falling on top of Gary, during an official FWF match. Gary thought he was so cute, he demanded that we keep him.


Commissioner Pat Butts: There are many outstanding charges of sexual harassment against Pat…as he has a tendency to slap people on the ass…Pat swears that everybody “loves it”, and that it’s usually the “deal maker” when signing contracts.

J-Gunn: Known for making offensive tweets, and throwing parties with extremely offensive photo shoots…J-Gunn got fired from Guarding the Galaxy, and ended up here! Don’t cross him, or you might receive a nasty tweet!

Cupid: Plucked from mythology, Cupid has come to dominate the FWF…Strangely, he lost his wings somewhere.

Cyborg Boy: Once a star of the MWF, Cyborg Boy defected! What does the future hold in store for Cyborg Boy?!


Captain Condom: Commissioner Butts found this character wandering around the streets, near his home…So, he covered him with a massive condom, christened him “Captain Condom”…and brought him into the FWF. Wherever did he come from?!

MOM: Former owner of a diner, “MOM’s Kitchen”, MOM won an exotic two week vacation, just to come home and find a great big, massive arena on top of where his diner once was…after being beaten up, and thrown out of said arena, MOM has come to work for the competition…as he plots his revenge.

LOVE: Not much is known about the mysterious duo, LOVE & HATE. They arrived at the FWF, two very large masked men.

HATE: See above.

Stable (Face) – The gAy Team:

Dong Swiff: Dong is manager, and leader of The gAy Team.

Mr. Tee Tee: A member of The gAy Team. I pity the fool, who has to ask why his name is “Tee Tee”…and if you must…bring an umbrella with you…Fool!

StarButt: Ben Adick is a long time member of The gAy Team, and faithful partner of Mr. Tee Tee.

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